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edallen2 Comments
The season is starting brew very nicely.

The midfield have been the main reason for the success so far the season especially Sinnott of the left of a midfield 3; Sinnott (BBM) Johnson (DLP(s)) Dyer (BBM) also when Johnson is away the Jamican squad then Jack Byrne steps into the midfield very nicely and he shows signs of being a good Championship player. The defence has vastly improved since Jordan Baillie has replaced Maksimenko at the heart of the defence alongside Veseli.

Manager of the Month



Those 2 amazing months sees the club climb from 14th to 2nd and hold that position. Being at the Pirelli Stadium for the start of the season has helped the club to build momentum which was lacking this time last season before we moved back once the conversion was completed.

Nico Perrey
Signed on a free transfer. He looks like he could be a decent defender for Championship sides and a good leader once he has gets more experience.

Capital One Cup

4th Round Results

Quarter Final Draw
This is the best run the club has had in the League Cup and to make it to the Semi Final would great plus a top Premier League team, ££££'s.

In Janaury there might be a couple of players leaving but no new faces arriving unless there is an injury crisis. I will be looking for for players, Right Back, Central Defender, Central Midfielder Striker, for next and will try to secure them on precontract signings in their final month of their contract if they are from the English clubs. I hope to able pick up one or two Premier League players which should take us to another level.

Thanks for reading
here is my kit folder

are there any missing or not overwritten the config file with the latest config file for some of the kit packs?

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A who is player transfer listed and not playing while not brought by other clubs. Give him a few games to get form and fitness his value will increase and the chances of him being sold will also increase. Form, fitness, contract, age, reputation, potential etc. will dictate what a club is prepared to pay for the play. Fellaini is not worth over £30m same with Torres is not worth £50m. This is why on my current save I have gone for free signings from the beginning has I will be more likely to make money on them if I decided to sell them.

On Burton Albion save, Adam McGurk is valued at £1.4m but I will only sell if a club is prepared to pay over £2m for him has it is going to cost me the same amout or more to get a decent young replacement.
is it not in your trash can?

if you have the rar file use 7zip to open the archive file then find the config file then extract it to the relevant file.
The more the success the club has, not necessarily winning trophies, for example a good run in the cups also getting exposure in the cups against big clubs. I am currenlty Burton Albion, 1st season i was getting around 3000 and only twice I got above 5,000. Now in the championship i am getting almost a full stadium for every home game which led the board expand the ground to 9,500.

A lot of variables in getting full attendance.Target the cups and have a run in each season also a good season in the league would see an increase attendances.

The playes would not understand AVB's spreadsheet stat based tactics.

Mike Phelan and meulensteen to takeover in the summer.
The biggest mistake was allowing David Gill to retire at the sametime rather than have this season with Woodward getting to know the right contacts to transfer business. Also Glazer's needed to be stern with Fergie about a proper plan about who was going succeed him.

Fergie's intimidation of match officials gave them time and points not afford to other teams.

The next 24hrs will be fun.

Moyes' time at Man Utd was never to going to successful. It is like Roy Hodgson at Liverpool.

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This preseason should help the club in building momentum of the first few games of the new Championship season.

For £250k will get you this....
This is a good result for my team and Rangers have some good players that should do well in the Championship if they were playing in the Championship.

Here the rest of the preseason friendly results
Hopefully the players can continue this form into the first few games to give them a good foundation to build the season on.

Second of three straight away games
I was forced to make a couple changes due suspension of Jordan Baillie and Daniel Johnson not being fit enough to play. QPR have struggled since being relegated from the Premiership.

I have found my best 11 now with John Sinnott replacing Adam Reed. Adam McGurk ended a run of 3 league games without a goal.

I hope to have more friendlies during international breaks to give a boost of confidence and game time to those who need it.

The wins over QPR and Middlesbrough shot the club up 9 places which shows that put if you a run together in the Championship it can take you up the table in with a shout of Playoffs.

Capital One Cup

Frist Round

Second Round
Shocks from Notts County and Sheffield Wednesday.

Third Round

I am hoping that the 2 wins over QPR and Middlesbrough will lead to a run of good results should cement a place in the top half with a possible chance of making the Playoff's

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Hansa Rostock were regelgated from Bundesliga in 2005 and now in 3.Liga. Have struggled like must east german clubs to have success since the unification of Germany on 1990 with the wealthy clubs from the west buying the best talents from the east also had Litmanen (FM Legend) for a brief period in 2005.
I started this save on http://fmfan12.wordpress.com/ which has also past saves I have done FM12 and FM14
Euro 2016

Some surprising results, Germany losing on penalties.



thanks mons, easy as apple pie

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Does this work on FM14.2.0?

patch 14.2 does not affect this fix.
A'm new en understood something I downloaded for Torrents version 6.0, but I now know if the tanbem have to download the 6.1/6.2/6.3 and 6.4
Can someone help me
A'm new en understood something I downloaded for Torrents version 6.0, but I now know if the tanbem have to download the 6.1/6.2/6.3 and 6.4
Can someone help me
A'm new en understood something I downloaded for Torrents version 6.0, but I now know if the tanbem have to download the 6.1/6.2/6.3 and 6.4
Can someone help me

wrong place, try the cutout facepack thread
I used stadium pics before and they never went where the other graphics went.
Last time I used them they went in the Skins folder not Graphics.

Can you please write the exact path where the pictures should be in order to get them to work?
They ain't working...

here is the pathway that i use C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics

I have had no issues using this pathway. see the attachment, currently using scorpio2.4 skin with their background pack.
danny potts was good on my save with burton albion, i had anthony o'connor from blackburn at right back also had paul burns from queen of the south on loan at right midfield. Adam McGurk is great as a complete forward.

Good luck, Burton Albion are a great little club to the game with.

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I did.
Stadium pics don't appear. Skins/Scorpio fmr v4/graphics/backgrounds. Did all the clear cache and all of it.
Can't get it to work.

Thus the point of my post.

The background pack needs to go into the graphics folder where the face, kit and logo packs go. then do clear cache.
Could I get some help please? I downloaded it online through Steam so I don't have the hard copy. I'm on Mac. When I go to Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 14 but I don't see where to go after. My options are editor data(the only file in here is config.xml), games, matches, skins, sounds, and tactics. All those files don't have much in them. Really don't know what to do.

you need to go the mac equivalent to pc programme files on the c drive.
Still the players name have not changed at all. There are pictures of the players, ability. But the names won't change. Champions Cup and EURO Vase, and already became Champions League and Europa League respectively.Can somebody help me please?

is it a cracked/pirate version? if so mons will not help. also this fix is only for club, cups, leagues, stadium and awards names not players.
mine using pirate cd..
still can use this tricks??
cause i tested oredi and nothing changed T_T

mons wont help you since it is a pirate/cracked version.
This fix does work if people the follow the instructions at the top or in the excellent youtube vid. The German National Team on my save has the real players in it instead of the grey fake players that appear at the start due to legal issues.

I think anyone asking for a crack version should be banned.
Hi Tom! (: ; i couldn't play Fm14 without Steklo skin so that we all are waiting for u (:

Some need to keep their fecking nickers untwisted.

BTW it looks fecking epic, good work Mr Dixon. You have some serious skills shame are you are wasted at Crystal Palace.
good things come to those who wait (guinness)
Also, does anyone know anything about Alvaro Vadillo?

cliche quote "one for the future" easily talking around £10m to get him. Too soon for this world cup but 2018 and euro 2016 could see him in the spain squad.
It is probably a bit of both.
I think the best course of action when there is a patch and the fantastic mons has updated the fix between patches is to download the files again and repeat the process that everything will be correct.
like the look, when i downloaded it there were 2 unwanted programmes installed at the sametime without any warning or option not to include them.

and a few expletives.

Everyone should follow this saying "all good things come to those who wait" and "patience is a virtue".

this is skin looks a cracker. I had your FM12 skin on FM12 and it was one of the best ones available.
clear cache, reload skin confirmation boxed ticked and pic cache box ticked after clearing cache in prefences then go the skin menu the skins should be listed.
My parents have windows 8 and this happens quite a bit it. Sometimes it takes a couple page refreshes to get the page up. I think chrome has a few issues with being compatible with windows 8.