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azairvine Comments
In general, I've found that FM doesn't really model the lack of experience in a team very well, so I don't reckon it'll make any difference where you start off, as long as the players' CA is high enough.

Re team settings, I'd probably use the same attributes (or similar) to one in the division you want to start in.

If you leave a player's attribute(s) empty, the game will generate appropriate attributes based on the guy's CA. You can only enter a minus value (-6, -7 etc. in the PA field, not in the attributes section as you seem to be mentioning. The game also weighs different attributes according to CA and playing position (e.g. marking is weighted more strongly for a defender than for a winger, while finishing is more important for a striker than a defender).

Remember also, that just because a player has a high PA doesn't mean he'll achieve it. The level of coaching he receives in his formative years, the quality of the facilities, the amount of exposure to first team football, amount and duration of injuries and mental attributes (among other things) all impact on his ability to reach his potential.

Hope this helps

Thanks mate,

So the simplest way to create a team is to pick a random league, rename a team of choice (as I have to dump a team from a league if I am adding my team anyway don't I?), then either duplicate some young players I know of who are potential future stars, or create new players with as little as PA, position, and CA values?

I want to make it as simple as possible because if I spend a week trying to make a club I'll never actually play any games. But alternatively I don't want to play it heaps, get to season 3 and realise that my entire club is junk and I completely wasted my time. Guess I could sim through a few seasons, but that almost feels like a spoiler for any future play.
Alright, so I'm hoping to create my own custom team with custom players for FM19. What I'm hoping to do is create a club in a lower English tier with a team full of 16-17 year olds who have a variety of PA that will result in a competitive EPL team in x years time. A few questions I have:

* Which league should I start my club in for it to be a competitive challenge for a squad of 16-17 year olds?
* Should I model the team settings off one of the existing teams in the chosen league?
* Is there an easy way to create players off random generation, or by putting in the -8, -9 stat rating into a single PA attribute and let the game randomise the CA and other stats etc? (there are way too many stats to go through filling in each one for 20-30 new players!)

I'm hoping to be able to be competitive and slowly make my way through the leagues up to the EPL, and of course hopefully win it one day. I really want to keep this squad together for the entirety of the journey, but that will probably be unlikely. Either way I want to set it up so that the club will be able to progress both on and off the pitch and keep up with everything financially, without it being sugar-daddy-esque. I also want to players to develop such that some may become world class, a few stars, a solid squad, and maybe a few who just don't quite cut it.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!
Hey guys! I downloaded this update pack but it´s not working!
Can you help me? I´m new in FM world

I *think* you need to remove the "Club & League Changes" file........but don't quote me because I haven't done this for a year!
Oh no! RD has gone MIA!
I've tried and many others have, apparently it's not possible Best you can do is to download the Sortitoutsi file that lets you start in 2017/18

I'll see if I can edit the .fmf file (in the next couple days) to get it to start at 18/19 season - but I'm 99% sure if it was possible the boffins would've done it already. Some n00b like me isn't going to have the golden ticket to make things wonderful, that's for sure!
My premise was anyone going to Liverpool automatically gets better
Hope Shaqiri, TAA, Curtis Jones have all had a little boost along with Allison & Mo! (Sadly) Ox with his injury.

Rhian Brewster #24

In all honesty I can do that stuff myself and shouldn't be lazy!

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I will release today

Cold sweats.....
Hands are shaking....
Trying to hold out for my fix of FM crack.....
Love your work!

Does the current DB have the Nations Cup built into it?

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Hey mate will you post an update soon after the window closes in England? I'm itching to go!!!
there are other updates out there with CA/PA changes (eg PRO) which you could run alongside this update which is the best my miles

I had a google search for pr0 and discovered that he's only doing FM18 database updates. The only one I've found editing the database for FM17 is this one:


Wish it wouldn't be so difficult to start a career with Liverpool in FM17 with the current squad!

One of the mods stated that there was a glitch in the coding that stops anyone setting a start date further than 31st May, 2017.

The closest I can get to making this realistic is to set the start date to the aforementioned date with future-dated transfers (for the Liverpool players) and sim through the entire 17/18 season, but that won't have the correct promotion/relegations. Alternatively I could just start the 17/18 season as the 18/19 season. I can't figure out which one I find less annoying!
This site exists in spite of SI though doesn't it? Because they can't get their s&%^ together and deliver a complete product!

I can understand the perspective of those who wouldn't want the CA/PA's to be amended, but I really think there's a market for it (possibly to run a separate DB that just updated CA/PA and ppl can decide to use the current one by itself, or the two combined).

I see it working like wikipedia, peer managed. While people won't agree on CA/PA values, there would at least be an average across the board that could be deemed acceptable - and ppl always have the choice to make their own local changes.

As for the custom start date, this one is the one I can use:


It states though "Dates after May 31st will not work. This app is designed to let you start at a random point within the real season, not start in the following season." I was wondering if that was by design, or there's a glitch in the coding that makes it impossible to set a start date through to the next season. It would be HUGE for a number of ppl if it was somehow possible.
Thanks for your reply. For some reason I thought the 4power of the crowd sourced live transfer update was in having the most realistic squads as possible. Just as a matter of interest, is it the huge logistical aspect that updating CA/CP would bring the reason why it's not included in the editor data?

While I've got you.....are you able to explain why you can't set a start date in a future season just so I can understand? Is there a way to set a start date manually by editing any of the files? I'm really wanting to start the FM17 career at the start of 18/19 season.

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I wanted to start a career with Liverpool's latest squads, but when I did Alisson's stats seemed rather low! I've tried starting with and without custom start dates, and then I started a career with just the vanilla 17.3.0 database and his stats seem to be the same across all of them.

How do I go about starting a career with current squads and updated CA/CP in FM17 please?
Apparently this forum is only for asking questions......
This looks to be the ducks nuts! Thanks for doing this mate (loving all the "mate"s going on in this thread too haha)

Question about the Live Transfer Update for FM17 - does it use old CP stats for players? I really want to start a career for the 18/19 season with the current Liverpool squad (who wouldn't?!) but the closest I've managed to get to it is to use the Live Transfer Update, and then the Custom Football Manager Start Date to start May 31, 2017.

I had a look at Alisson's stats, and they seem somewhat low. I haven't been able to confirm if they're low - and if they are, whether it's the Transfer Update or the Custom Start Date that's causing the stats to be different.