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GarviLoken Comments
Another stupid question, but it seems like my english leagues got all screwed up. The Conference N&S has 4 groups, and the actual teams seem to be in the conference championship which has 2 groups. Dunno what I did wrong or if this is intentional

Hey Flut,

I love the skin, very nice, clean and crisp.

I was wondering if you could tell me how to change the opacity of all the panels? So that I can get some of the custom backgrounds to show through. Currently, can only see them in the gaps between panels.

Keep up the good work!

Love it Art. Can't wait to see what you do with all the other panels in the game
Gah shame.

Oh well, thanks for the heads up!
Scott, will the player pic size alterations play well with the player overview panel mod? (http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/13216/player-overview-panel-mods)

And would you need to install this one over the top of that one or vice versa?


Hey Hammer - 'scuse the ignorance. Does this change the kits in the 3d match engine to match the kits ss kits? cause the photo talks about the 12-13season

Edit - Ignore this, answered my own question

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Awesome, thanks Hammer/Korvin

Last one before I leave you all in peace - will community uploads like chris's Swiss Super League pack make it to the downloads page on here? I went to download it, but my Anti virus didnt like the website Chris is hosting the file on.


hey guys,

I love the work thats gone into these kits. They make my FM14 look great. Do you know if they will work on FM15 or have they altered the meshes for the players for this year?


Hey Hammer,

Great work as per usual. Just a quick question - will this work with FM15 - someone else raised an issue with regards to the new player models. Does this mean all the skinners would need to redo the templates to fit the new models?


whilst its a highly unlikely scenario, its not implausible. A team like Hull are never going to get many shots off against such a strong team, but the ones they do get off might just sneak in.

I agree that the stats suggest daylight robbery, but its happened in real life before too. given that the rest of your season has gone so well, I think that its one of those upsets that happen from time to time
yeah I have, I copied and pasted with the corrected ID number, but no change. but i didnt realise I would have to add it in two places. When you get back I can pm you the config if you'd like to take a look at it?
Not the amazing work that VP has done, but the individual stadium pics that appear in the facilities page for each team.

My Wembley image is just white seats. I have an image prepared but I cant seem to get it to work. According to the script, the ID no is 765, but when I try to add it to the config it doesn't show.

Anyone got any ideas?
The old superpack fromFM13 still works. you might have to tinker with some individual stadiiums, but on the whole they are all there.
Could depend on the manager that is making the bid i.e an aggressive person might test the waters with a ridiculously low bid just to see what reaction he gets which would help inform him of the sort of price you would be willing to let a player go for.

Another point you might consider is if teams have already secured signings before approaching you. A mid tier club might only have a budget of £30-40m for transfers which would limit their transfer targets to either one big marquee signing, a couple of solid signings, or lots of little ones. I dunno, just a thought

That's almost definitely reading into it waaaaay too much, but if it helps to overlook some of the in game niggles then feel free to use it

I'm playing my way up through from Skrill to League one (currently) so most of my contracts are 1-2 year deals. I'm outgrowing players rather than the other way around so I can't say its affected me yet, though with promotion to the Championship, that might change. But I am about to load up a new game - maybe Arsenal or Newcastle so I can let you know what I find out there
VP, just to say everything working now.....home & away

What did you do to get it to work?

I found an alternative Stadium pack on a different site, but I'd much prefer to keep it within Sortitoutsi (and use these awesome images)
Can't say I've had any issues with it.

All leagues loaded and playable means it takes a day and an age to proceed through the week (only "crashes" if you try to interrupt the process) but other than that it all runs well for me.

What leagues are you running? Not that it matters, it shouldn't really affect your performance, especially not from 8 to 8.1

Looks awesome - how many of the players that far down are the genuine players for the teams? (Just kidding, that would be YEARS of work)

Now all we need is stadium pics, facepacks and kits for all those folks!
Oh sorry, I should clarify, I mean the little full colour image as seen on this page in the "Stadium" tab. Do your images automatically work as background and as images for this? I reused the old Stadium superpack from FM13 so I'm wondering if that's what has caused the glitch

Probably the curse of having some many mods, add-ons and mega packs installed. I;ll remove and reload them one by one, to see if I can find the main offending file.

Just while I'm on here - do the stadium pics show up on the team page (where it shows the manager, captain, vice captain etc) or are they SOLEY for the backgrounds?


I have to say, I'm having the same issue. Steklo_v4 skin and only get the stadium pics on the team and player screen for the team that I manage, none of the other teams seem to show anything shame because the work you've put in looks amazing!
Wonderful work as always Hammer! Nice one!
I'll jump in on the action, these look great Hammer!

Style: SS
Name: Jaensch
Number: 57
Club: FC Bayern Munich
Home OR Away: Home
What year of kits: 2013/14

Please and thanks!
works great but i find myself missing the commentary sometimes!! Is there an easy fix way to put it back in again?
Its not been a bug thats affected me, although I've not set up a new play. I have started a new season and was able talk to the team about my expectations.

With the morale I can sympathise. Pre-Season didnt do much for morale for me (and this i imagine would be compounded by your team talk bug). Play a few games in the league and if you can nab a few wins, or some solid draws against higher teams that should right itself pretty quickly. Mine did too, but only after I started winning games.

I think its due to the fact that over the last two seasons my boys have won A LOT, two champions and FA Trophys so they are used to it by now.

Best of luck!!
Hi folks,

Quick question - my board (Eastleigh FC) has put some super harsh wage limits on any new transfers I think i should be able to get by with just a couple of signings and some loans - got a nice feeder club in Southampton, but I'm just wondering what it could have been down to?

We've just been promoted so we have TV money, and money from the Skrill premier and FA trophy wins, but they have build a 1750 person extension. Has this hit on the finances meant I cant give too much for players, or is it part of the Financial fair play rules?


Im guessing Met Logos is the metal logo pack thats on here, but club name chages v5 has me stumped
Do i need to delete some of the info from the previous fixes? For example I now have Club Name Changes.dbc, Club Name Changes_Met Logos Edit.dbc and Club Name Changes_V5.dbc

Should they all still be there or shall I empty my editor data folder and just put in the latest version?

Cheers guys
Intel is generally better as most developers use it to make the game.

In order to get the best speed, you need an SSD drive. They are more expensive but they are normally between 5 and 10 times faster at loading up. So starting FM, loading databases, probably even processing matches will go by quicker because the CPU can get the information from the SSD drive quicker.
In answer to the question. Stick him in. All my Strikers/Wingers/CMs returning from injury have banged one in. Just to remind me how much I needed them while their shin bone slowly knitted itself back together....
Interesting formation you've picked for the boys. I've found that simple is best for the lower league teams, but I'd love to be proved wrong. You've definitely got numbers in the middle of the park though, no denying that.