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false n1ne Comments
Nice idea.

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Hey guys,

Can anyone tell me how can I remove boxes of player's profile? I mean these boxes in attributes section so they look normal like in default skin?
Hello there,

It's been a while since I was the last time logged in here. My old email is long time gone (so obviously I can't log in and confirm email update), but I'd like to change it to new that I use currently. Is there an option to change it now? It's OK if there's not, I'm just asking because having updated email is somehow comfortable to get some notifications etc.


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Absolutely awesome work boys, I'm going to check this out. Cheers.
Looks great. I'll give it a try.
Monopoly = loosing quality, FM15 = wasting money.. Maybe SI should stop releasing game for 1-2 years and create something new. fresh, Innovative, more realistic.

Firstly I was blaming people for supporting such a bad game. But Iindeed I cannot expect anything more because it is the only existing football manager symulator. Damn.

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File is infected..
Game makers should recognize fan's expectations. SI obviously lost this skill. FM is going good only because there is no other game like this. And this is only one reason why FM is still popular. Basing on polish fans FM sites I can tell you this popularity is decreasing every year. I used to play FMs and earlier CMs since the beggining. And watch now. Last FM i played was 12 (I player only few seasons). If fans like my are leaving the game it obviously mean something is wrong.

I gave you an example how to improve game. Even if its not my job. Tactic should be more detailed, scouting should give you option to set scouting budget, allow you to select area to watch (like north brasill, south-west argentina, City A or City B etc).

In training section there should be option to set training programs to every day in week, including time of day. There should be alot of categories of training like 3vs 3 on small goals, 5 vs 5 on big goals, monkey in the middle (or how you call this game in english) etc.

I have much more 'ideas', problem is they aren't my. They are just innovations from previous FM's/CM's.

So i f you thing this game is 'good', and worth to buy, well I wish you to play finally a good FM/CM.

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SI can't do that, Football Manager is their only income stream, so taking a year off to start from scratch is utterly unrealistic.

What do you want it to be then? SI are damned if they do, damned if they don't now. They're the only football management game in town, so they have to cater for all sorts of markets that want things that are sometimes contradictory.

At first they attempted to placate the 'It must be super realistic at all times!' crowd, which led to lots of micromanagement in things like training and press conferences. This led to the people who don't have the time or the inclination to deal with that sort of intricate game complaining that it was too fiddly (and also a barrier to new players),which in turn led to FMC.

Basically, it's never going to be perfect, it's attempting to simulate something that even the most brilliant scientists in the world can't do, human behaviour (granted, it's a sub-set of that behaviour, but the point still stands).

You've touched one of the most important problems. SI Games is only one who's making managers simulators so there is nobody to set the standards on high level. Doesn't matter if game is good or not, it's only thing we have.. thats's true. But it doesn't mean that everything is good.

I know it's impossible to make perfect game. But ffs, it's possible to make FM much better. And please don't tell me anything about game realism. Simulators should realistic as much as possible. FM is far away from that. Often game appears to be annoying. Match engine is pretty bad. Injury system is terrible. Scouting is just poor. There is not many things you can do with this... tactic and training are very primitive.

Why training can't look like the one in CM 03/04 or somes like that? You can set different training option to everyday in week, morning, midday, afternoon.
It's just an example. What I mean is SI could make training more interesting. And should.

All you can do in tactic section is set formation, set attitude of the team and set generalized instructions for the team. Actually everything in this case is generalized as hard as possible. Not to mention the fact that players sometimes are not realizing the assumptions for some reasons. We need more details to set. We need something more.

I could say much more but it's pointless. There is no other way than playing FM... well except quit the game definetly what I did in FM 12, 13 and soon 14. But if you thing this game is good... well perhaps you should check old CM's and FM's and see what's missing in new FM. You will find what's good. Otherwise go and spend your money on game which is unplayable. And wait until July to patch the game enough to play more or less normally.

I hope people will wake up finally and stop buying this game. Maybe this will force SI to improve the game. Or create something new. Something better.

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It's not worth to buy this game, same situation with FM 12,13 and 14. Tones of BUG's, highly unrealistic match engine, alot of new liitle addons, mostly completely useless, schematic motivation talks which are boring after 2-3 seasons (not the mention about using it in FM12-15 so for 3 years).

To be honest, and this is my personal opinion, I have right to say it, SI should stop releasing FM for 1-2 years and create completely new manager from the beginning. New game code, new innovations, new ideas, improved tactic system and of course training. Scouting should be more interesting too.

You know what? Tacitc, training and scouting could be and SHOULD BE something absolutely special in FM. It could be incredibly great fun. But NOPE, it is what it is. If you think it's worth to buy it, THEN GO AND DO IT. Game makers will never have conclusion to make something better. Cuz everybody are buying their game. Even if its Sh**y. I'm mad.

FM is a deadman.

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Great software. I really like it, it makes my FM runs incredibly fast. No sure why it isn't working for some, but it's working for me good.
Well, 15 is out so perhaps someone could make a megapack of ESS logos for FM14? Annoying to download one by one don't you think?... so if somebody has already downloaded all of them, just put it into rar and upload on sendspace or other mediafires..
Great backgrounds.
R u going to release new update? I know FM15 is already out but... you could make another update anyway I gonna play FM14 until FM15 will be patched.
Thanks man. Good work.
LEL. 4GB. Wheres the torrent bro?

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As always wonderful work. Thanks.
Nice work.

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Well previous comment I edited is out of date. Panels works but I'd like to see orange color in attributes panel, not the red one I have now. Doesn't matter what skin I use, always the red color

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I was waiting for this one. Thnx mate.
Premium accounts rules in here are very funny i suggest you to be careful. Don't be stupid, don't pay only to download one logo megapack... there is a lot of megapacks in network, try them.
R u going to make dark version of this skin?
Awesome work. poeple look much better now, definitely. One of Must Have addons in my opinion.
My favorite update. Good job. But i wish Jackson Martinez and Ellaquin Mangala to be increased. They're much better in real than in FM.. especially Jackson, seriously.
I can't wait for release
Alright mate, I solved my problems-> go to Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data and delete Sports interactive folder. Then run the game and set preferences once again and everything is ok. And ofcorse unpack title bar of rar file. Good work with skin Flut.

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You should take a look on this.


(link http://zapodaj.net/f6c5b609b290a.jpg.html )

Here bug while clicking buttons.


( http://zapodaj.net/deed9d0959d5a.jpg.html )

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Two words. Great Job.
Oh that's great. No problem then, I'll wait for new version. I hope it will be uploaded not on crocko, dep or rapidshare. You know i don't need accounts in there so why need to create one for single logo megapack ight cu later;]
Any chance for torrent file or even other mirrors than crocko or deposit? No accounts in there so cant download all files. Have to wait several hours.

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