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lembergman Comments
@ArnDaddy I will see what I can do next week, not earlier .. But you have to pack all the photos in one archive. You should find a photo with shorts and socks. And from the back view
@lembergman is it mate possible that you make some Czech teams? I can Sent you pict

Send me a try next week
You are right, thanks!

But now, how I can add ivf file to rabcp mod? I want to add original ivf from polish league to this addon.

How to code Video Adboards
if you can do it, drop me the code and archive with the files. if not difficult for you. I’m playing in Poland right now.

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GKS Katowice A
@rabcp where are orignal video ads made by SI ?

in my mind C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data
you need Football Manager 2020 Resource Archiver

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and even if they were going to make some stadiums in the Czech Third League it would be unreal

just write what you need. name, ID, what team. this is not a problem
i have a question. what is the logo on Milinkovic-Savic shirt?
https://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.18/720b76f5c3b3a7657685dbfa963bab0d.jpeg https://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.18/12c596cb9a71c17aa1e0b5921f437b70.jpeg
@jrdra the quality is not very good, but maybe
https://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.17/8e7857b03aac13a25e702ad85d65dfd5.jpeg https://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.17/675827f60b1757a27475d01f1e176d31.jpeg
@bolid74 Thank you for your opinion. I will try even better...
https://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/84be243db1ad2a0df30592e806a5e372.png https://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/17d71476e9ac7d1cd761086318de40d5.png
This is really hard work. Respect to all kitmakers. Well, here are a couple more attempts.
https://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/f345da94ae197b5164244fba1b954321.png https://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/05a302fd9fbb63669ee18c8f3cff772b.png https://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/caa7c3b4a48dc29c0fa6f8919d0da827.png https://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/985442d49ee88c0358f41d4075d287d7.png
@bolid74 @M6
first try, what do you say?
https://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/cd14c60745f5e7f6b84393c7793204ed.png https://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2020.02.16/e1583efc91cce333509442f5fb0c60c2.png

torrent attach. enjoy
Hello. Help make 3D kit for Widzew Lodz.
All pictures are in the archive.

send to me you facepack in rar or zip.

https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/01/31/5622039964b4abc34d9e107965b6c884.png https://i4.imageban.ru/out/2020/01/31/a68622a5bf527d6513b4d8977e3451b3.png https://i5.imageban.ru/out/2020/01/31/e3420c1158860712f542ce3b3b1ffe2a.png

Copy with replacement in the main pack. 667 players and 27 staff.
amazing work! big respect!

Copy with replacement in the main pack. 463 players and 15 staff

quote name='Mohamed Elnaggar' user_id='1285286' id='509545' timestamp='1577276526']
please show how to install as It is not working with me.
Holland - Eredivisie (Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, AZ are already made)
Where are these kits?

Copy with replacement in the main pack. 345 players and 19 staff.
https://i1.imageban.ru/out/2019/12/09/65459f52329578e02d4bbf0742d46b57.png https://i6.imageban.ru/out/2019/12/09/6be0cb10432581965c51598ff06f766b.png https://i2.imageban.ru/out/2019/12/09/982f3d77462d5895fddaf8d63b9471d1.png

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NEW UPDATE 13.1.2020 [FacePack]OPZ ELITE3 2020

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Can somebody put original kits from FM20?

Hello, mate! 3D kits from FM20 https://yadi.sk/d/nt8YSrJrtWYjSA
Guys, please make me a logo like on a T-shirt
Your text to link here...
Your text to link here...
Your text to link here...

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gays, please send to me original BIDSTACK_CHANNEL file. Thanks.
Can you provide a screenshot from a match within FM19 as everything looks to be in the correct place

I have the same problems.
Version of the game 19,3,4. FM19 Adboard Patch - V1.1
no club config
https://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2019.04.14/4ce7330f22623b92257140a3ce8ec20e.jpg https://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2019.04.14/4eea5843ba564f6e6a3dad909955e91d.jpg
Style: SS kits
Name: Lembergman
Number: 11
Club: West Ham
Home: H
What year of kits: 18-19