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daherlihy Comments
Moved the previous conversation to this thread, since it's FM20 we're talking about. I'm afraid it does work if done correctly, even for new careers, so there must be something else which should be done from your end.

Can you upload the file containing the changes you've made and a screenshot of the folder it's placed in? This will help me spot what the issue could be.

Sorry I'm only replying to this now - managed to get it working properly, must have been my own mistake.

Works fine on FMT on Android in case anyone's wondering
Sure, read the last section of this page for guidance on how to do this

Had a look at this and tested it but doesn't work unfortuantely, even for new careers (in FM20 by the way).

Anything else you can think of?
Colours yes but not designs, no.

Great - can you let me in on how I do this?
You say it's possible for club names, etc. to be updated in save games using these file - so would it also possible using these files to change kit colours/designs?

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<< removed - self resolved - it does work on FM Touch >>

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Is there any chance that this shortlist could be exported into a downloadable file for importing into the game?

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I don't think it can be done on iOS devices (unless jailbroken)

I'm on Android tablet and trying to get logos and adboards updated while removing the licensed kits from the game, here's the most helpful link I could find: http://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/15476/fmc15-tablet-and-graphics


Generic Championship, Airdrieonians, Ayr United, Dunfermline, Greenock Morton, Stranraer, Scottish League Cup, Petrofac Training Cup

Where can I download this from seperately?
Is it too late for me to submit an update to the competitions XML file for the Rep of Ireland Cup, League Cup and 1st Division? I've also created adboards relating to each of these competitions as well as the Premier League
He has a guide on the site in how to edit and add them to the game, always make a backup before edits

I followed the guidelines but to no avail, not sure if there's code in the Steklo skin code that blocks it? As it happens, I also tried inserting the code and files from the instant result skin
The best FM skin, has to be said. Always has been.

Suggestion - I really like the match titlebars and scoreboards that Michael Murray has, where the club/team crest is incorporated into both alongside the team name. Could be something be done like this?


Thanks for this, although I was just posting it to ensure it is included in the upcoming release

As I've already notified NunoKopio, if there's anyway I can help out please let me know as I'm a freelance graphic designer, Photoshop is mothertongue!
New crest for club ID 1394649450 (Galway, being renamed as Galway United)

Post a bug report on the SI Games forum then, I've had the same issue. I've just been installing things to old fashioned way.

Same as - I've downloaded the skin for old-school install, am keeping an eye out for another skin I've subscribed to. Once I see it appear, then I get rid of it and resubscribe to yours on the Steam workshop for the automatic updates
Once you subscribe to something, open FM up and on the Main Menu click Downloads, then, click Steam Workshop in top right of box. You can now download from there.

Thanks mate, I just wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly.

As it happens I've done as you advised but nothings happening or downloading for me. I've several other subscriptions which aren't downloading either

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I see the skin is available on Steam also and I've subscribed to it, but it doesn't seem to be downloading to my Skins folder. Any advice?
What / where is the most recent version of these logos?
Best skin at the moment for FM 15, great job!

Not sure if anyone else notices or experiences this, but I have 2 autobiographies showing by default when I open the player profile. Obviously this can be changed, but would be nice to have it set by default to 2 different things
^ read the instructions at the top here.

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In the next Scorpio installment will hopefully be the new scoreboard.



Presumably thats the competition logo in the scoreboard (in this case the FIFA logo for a friendly)?
Anyone who wants the instant result button, just copy the files from this skin and you have the best of both.

I posted in that thread asking if the file in question would work with any skin - I presume you're verifying that it works with this thread at least?
Is there any XML file in this that can be extracted and put into other skins for the same outcome?
The skin I`m using is `Alavanja 14 Ultimate`, should I change it back to the default `football manager` in order to solve the ad board problem??

No the skin has nothing to do with the adboards, but resetting the skin cache should refresh all graphics (including the adboards)
I chose the club adboard .xml, & followed every step, but the ad board in Arsenal Emirate Stadium haven`t changed.... Any brother know why?

^ I'd suggest clearing the skin cache.

As a matter of interest, what skin is that?
there is an xml already in the folder which i believe creates a list of all the boots that are present in that folder. So you can have as many boots as you want or if you wanted to keep the default ones you could still add them with whatever file name you wanted.

So you're referring to the XML file already in the folder, and it will generate some sort of directory for the DDS files to work in the game?
^ by the way, I just selected 13/14 of your boots, renamed them with the same file names from the the directory and moved them in (overwriting the default ones) ... works like a charm - the boots look great

But still curious about just moving all 21 boot as per your instructions when there's no XML directly referring to them
Will ALL 21 boots be loaded into the game immediately? Considering there is only 14 boots visible in the default directory ...