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#558720 FM2020 Licensing and Real Name Fix File v2.3 for FM20.4.1 [released on 28/04/2020]
4 years ago
2 months ago
Where did you put the editor data files, though?

I had the same problem as @derkrzychu. I've applied these fix many times in previous versions, so I guess I got cocky and didn't read the instructions properly. On Epic install, there's an "editor data" folder in the "database\db\20xx" folders too, so I copied the files there. If I'd read the instructions, I would've noticed they're supposed to go in the user data folder.

It's really annoying since I'm playing in Spain and now there's Hispalis and Atletico Pamplona etc. but maybe I'll manage. I already played like a month in-game and hired all the staff, so I ain't starting again, hahah. So for future reference, for whoever's having the problem particularly in an Epic Games installation:
READ THE INSTRUCTIONS even if you've done this before and know what you're doing.