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NCJesster Comments
Okay, I have no idea why some of the images are not showing up. When I check the preview everything looks fine, but when I submit it they don't work. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

End of the Preseason - Start of the 2020-21 Season
The pre-season is over and along the way we received the obligatory promotion odds. I have to say that this gives me no pressure at all!
The board is pretty clear on what they want as well...
The finances are continuing to improve...
The board is also very happy but with how I am doing

Match Results
I have to admit that I was not too happy with the Loxwood results. I could put it down to the fact that I was still tweaking the squad and rotating players to get as much information about the players as possible. I could also put it down to the game just doing its thing to me. We had 18 shots on goal, 10 on target and couldn't score. They had 3 shots and yes, 2 goals. I was not happy and did not give them their day of rest after the match. I guess it worked because we won the next 2 matches.

Thoughts and Observations
I am really excited about this upcoming season. We are going to keep making money, we are going to get information on the new stadium and the upgrades to the training grounds and the youth facilities will be finished. So we are going to be making progress and that is what I want. The team has been massively upgraded. I felt bad to let some of the guys go and to replace others, but progress is progress as they say. I do have a couple of players that are still in the starting 11 from last season, but overall this is a much better squad.
I left the new contract for the GK to the new Director of Football and it was a disaster, so he will not be allowed to do that anymore. I did sign some players that shocked even me, but I am really happy to bring these guys in. The staff has also seen a massive upgrade, not only in quality, but size as well. The ironic thing is my Assistant Manager is refusing to sign a contract with us, but he is still with us. So he is working for free, don't really get that one.

Things are still going great, as you can see. Lets hope all of this continues, especially considering that my squad as players from League 2 sides!

Thanks for following along! Jesse

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Interesting read this, impressive how much progress has been made in a short amount of time

Thanks. I think having deep pockets helps all of this. I appreciate you reading along!
2020 Offseason
I had not originally planned to do an update until after we had finished all of the friendlies. But as you are going to see, this has been a very active couple of months. As expected I spent quite a bit of time scouting new players. I also did something that I have never done before, I decided to hire a DoF. I felt that with the growth we are going to be dealing with over the next few seasons that I would need all of the help I could get.
So with no further ado, here we go.

All of my players had been sent on holiday because the FA Vase final was not going to be until the middle of May, but then it got rescheduled to a week later. But more on that later...
As I am going thru page after page of players who don't want to play for us, I get this out of the blue...
Needless to say I am shocked. I was planning on doing this, but much later. I checked the proposed seating and it says 110,000 capacity! WOW!
I get everyone back and we start training for the upcoming cup match and things go pretty well when we get this result.
I was concerned a little because of all of the changes I had made to the squad. But after I put my new striker in, he tore it open during the second half and we were able to lift a trophy that no one, including me, gave us even an outside chance of winning.
It was really nice to see this pop up in the Inbox as well
A nice way to end the season, but then again, we hear from the TaxMan….has to get his cut.
I really cannot complain, we cleared over $20 million in my first season.

I was figuring that now all I would have to do is wait on the information on the new stadium and try to upgrade the team. Then this pops up in the old InBox…
Luckily, it was all over fairly quickly, I think I was in a transfer ban for only 3 days. Also, there was no discussion of me being replaced and then I get this beauty...
It is quickly followed by this little nugget...

So I decide to get pushy and ask for the board to consider moving from semi-professional to professional. They agree and tell me it is going to go through May 2021. I was hoping for a little bit sooner, but that was going to be okay.

I was very proud of myself. I had made some big signings but just because I had a transfer budget I didn't see any reason to waste it. Then I messed up. I signed a new striker and midfielder, but in my haste to save money, I changed the transfer date to the end of the season, not realizing that it moved it to April 2021. So at least I have something to look forward to.

I really wanted to try to upgrade the facilities as well so I asked the board to consider some upgrades.
Part one taken care of, lets see what else we can get?
And not long after that I get this coming through...
Only about 9 months ahead of schedule, but I am not going to complain! I also tried to get them to send me on another coaching course, but I guess I went to the well one too many times.

Thoughts and Observations
It is 1 July 2020 and the club looks vastly different than it did a year earlier. Once again the staff went through some major upgrades as well as an increase in size. We also saw the scouting area increased to all of England. It was really nice to be able to purchase a scouting package. I am looking to add a new GK and striker, but it is not a big issue if I don't since I think the guys I have work well for the level I am at. But I am also trying to get good relationships with some of the agents as well as other managers so I hope they pay off later in my career.
I guess it is a good sign when I am already one of their favored personnel at Tooting.

Life in FM has been good for Tooting Bec Rec. I hope that has been for you as well.
Thanks for reading along!

End of 2019-20 Season

Finances in April 2020
Still doing great here! Now we are over $5 million in the bank. The true test is going to be next season. I requested that we move to semi-professional and it was approved. Initially the board said that we wouldn't make the final transition until 25 May 2020 but luckily it was approved in April, right after the end of the season. I guess the next thing is looking at improving the training ground and the youth network. My youth intake was not worth writing home about, so that will need to be addressed. Also, they increased the number of scouts that we can have to 2 and I can now have a coach for the Under 18 squad. Slowly but surely...

Match Results
The run continued! It was a pucker factor of 12 out of 10 going down to the end. We do have one match left, the FA Vase final in Wembley. It will be interesting to see how we do with attendance there. We averaged 95% attendance as well.

League Table and Cup Results
This battle for the league went right down to the final match. I really thought it wouldn't be an issue because of big lead I had in goal difference, I think it was 25, but then Jersey went on a tear at the end, won a match 9-1, and they erased my goal difference lead. But as you can see, we were able to hold them off by winning the last match. Even though the board wasn't interested in the Division One Cup or the FA Vase, they are very happy with how we have done. We were able to win the Division One Cup against Jersey in the 117th minute with a great header from a corner. The team that gave us the biggest challenge all season was Jersey and they are being promoted with us. So I think we will definitely start a rivalry with them. The FA Vase final isn't until May 17th, so hopefully we can lift that trophy as well!

Best 11 for Season
Sadly, we have already started to lose players. Raymond was the first to go, Linton was not far behind. I have lost 4 of my starting 11 so far. But I am hoping that now that I can offer them a salary I will be able to keep some of my better players and improve it even more.

Season Review
This was a great first season! We have won the league and the Division Cup as well as getting to the final of the FA Vase. I think that having the amount of money coming in that I had helped as well. Now, to see if we can do it again!

2020-21 Club Vision
I did request one change, they wanted us to play attacking football as well. Even though that is what I did over the past season, I wanted to have some flexibility. I will keep trying to play possession football because I think that suits my personal mentality so I kept that one.

Tentative 2020-21 Budgets
I was speechless when I saw this. I am going to have to re-think my plans for scouting this year. I am not even sure where this compares to other clubs, but a wage budget of $189K per month is crazy for a club at our level! I think this will allow me to bring in a much better level of player!

Player Profile
I scouted Bevis when we were still an Amateur team. I begged, borrowed and promised to get him to sign an Amateur contract with us, and he did! He played in our last match and ended up with a 7.70 rating. He is a player that I can build around. I have some others that I want to try to get in, but I think he is a great start.

Thoughts and Observations
My first thought is to try to win the FA Vase in May, I think we have a good shot at winning it, but who knows with this game. Secondly, and even more importantly, I need to make some major signings to try to improve the squad. As you can see, the expectation is for us to keep working towards promotion. They want us to finish in the top 2 next season and be promoted by 2021-22. The only promotion avenue is to win the Combined Counties Premier league so we are going to have to make a huge jump in the level of our playing. But I think it is possible.

Thanks for reading and seeing how we are progress...
January 2020

Wet, wash, rinse and repeat. The bank balance continues to grow. Which I am not going to complain about! This looks great and I cannot see any reason for that to change.

Match Results
What a month! 8 matches and all of them were victories. I was really concerned about the Jersey Bulls rematch. It never is a good thing when there are not that many highlights during a match. We were getting shots on goal but couldn't find the back of the net until Harvey Moss became the super-sub and scored on a header less than 30 seconds after I subbed him in. On top of that, winning the Quarter and Semi-final matches for the Division Cup to face...you guessed it...Jersey in the cup finals! At least it is not until March!

League Table and Competition Results
Our victory over Jersey (I still cant believe we pulled that one of, it was the only game I had been picked as the underdog all season) has put us on top of the table by 2 points. So basically we cant lose again or we lose the league title. I think, if my math is correct, we will be okay if we have a draw because of goal difference, but I don't want it to be that close. The results of making the 5th Round of the FA Vase and the final of the Division Cup have been a nice surprise. These were not expected but I am really pleased with it. Next month is a lot better, only 5 matches, so hopefully we can keep our run going.

Thoughts and Observations
Everything about this has been going very well. We have had great results, the squad has been improved, the coaching staff has been upgraded and the bank account is growing! I am going to look into going professional in February since our season ends at the beginning of April. So hopefully that goes well.

My next update will be at the end of the season. Hopefully I will be able to report that not only have we won the league and promotion, but also the FA Vase and The Division One Cup are now residing in Tooting!

Thanks for reading and following along!
I am going to make a minor change in the way I am doing this. I am going to shift to posting the updates every 3 months during the season. I will post an update at the end of the season no matter when it occurs. I think it will keep it from becoming "work" for me. Well, one minor change to this. Because of the re-scheduled match and the cup runs we are on, we have 8 matches in January, so I think that deserves its own section. Also, looks like my season ends in April, so I will just take everything until then.

I do hope that people are enjoying this. I know it is different because I am not having to earn the money the normal way, but I am really interested to see how this all ends up.

Anyway, I hope that every one has a great day!

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December 2019

I feel like a broken record. But as you can see, we are still growing that bank account. Not a bad month, looks like it will continue as well. The crazy thing is that we only had 1 home match this month and were still able to make over $500K.

Match Results
This was a pretty slow month for us. Our last match was called off due to a water-logged pitch. The results were good, so no complaints. Results are what we wanted.

League Table and Competition Results
We are still chasing Jersey. If they stumble we will be ready, as long as we don't stumble ourselves. The true test will be in January when we play them away. Hopefully we have improved enough to get some revenge for the 1-1 draw to start the season.

Thoughts and Observations
This is going to be an exercise in patience. How long can I stick with this? The more I play the more I enjoy and I am curious to see how we do as the bank account gets bigger. It will be interesting to see once we are able to move to a bigger stadium if the Merchandising profit keeps up or if it will all plateau out. Either way, it is pretty awesome to see how many we get into the seats every match.

Anyway, once again, thanks for riding along with me!
November 2019
This money train keeps rolling along. I did see an unexplained drop at the end of September and October though. Even though we had over $2 million at the end of the month we dropped about $700K on the first day of the next month. So far, I haven't seen that yet this month so I really hope that was a fluke. It would cause some issues with my plans going forward. But so far so good!

Match Results
This was a great month, but I just about threw my laptop at the wall during the Alfold match. Even though the game really tried to FM me, we somehow were able to get the win. We had 41 shots on goal, with 18 on target and 5 clear cut chances, but we only scored 1 goal, the other was an own goal. Granted, it was deflected off of one of their players from a free kick, but I think that match made my blood pressure go up 40 points. This is much further than we were expected to go and I know that we should just play subs at this point, but I really have a feeling that we have a shot to win this, hell, why not go for it?

League Table and Competition Results
We are holding on to second with a pretty tight grip. Jersey is on a terrific run and I was thinking it was going to go down to the wire, but then they dropped 2 points along the way. So they are vulnerable and that gives me hope, as long as I don't trip along the way myself.

New Coaching Staff
Anyone who has played at this level know the challenges of getting a competent coaching, scouting and medical staff. I thought I would try to get some upgrades and little did I know that I would be able to upgrade across the board. Everyone was replaced with the exception of player/coach Elliot Hodgett-Young. I don't want to go over all of the changes, but here are a couple of examples, the physios went from a rating of 6 and 5 to a pair of 12s. The scouts went from JPA of 4 and JPP of 5 to 9 and 8 respectfully. So I am very pleased to make these upgrades.

New Assistant Coach
I do have to show you the new Asst Coach, Roy Aitken. He joins Tooting after a 6 year absence from football and brings a wealth of experience to the club. His previous job was the general manager and assistant coach in the UAE. He also was an assistant coach at Birmingham, Aston Villa and Aberdeen. In addition to that he was a coach with the Scottish national team with head coach experience at Aberdeen as well as the reserves head coach at Leeds and the interim at Aston Villa. I have no idea why he would want to join us, but there you go, a big improvement, now the trick will be to hang on to him.

Thoughts and Observations
I had been basically signing anyone that I thought might help the squad. The beauty of Amateur contracts is they can be changed at will. I released 2 players because they were never going to make it past the U-18 squad. I also released the Asst Coach/striker because he was starting to complain about playing time and I found Roy. The player/scout was also released because he was not a player I used and I was able to upgrade his scout position. I also released a 21 year old that was constantly complaining about playing time. I was also able to sign a player that is also on the Chinese national team. His previous experience was with Chelsea and Crystal Palace. So either a HUGE drop for him or a HUGE pickup for us, I prefer it was the latter! But now I am hoping to stabilize the squad and let them settle into a good playing rhythm. I also need to make up my mind about asking to move from Amateur status. I am thinking to request it with about 4-6 weeks left in the season so I can try to keep the really good staff I have. But since this part is all new to me I will be curious to see how it all goes.

Thanks for reading along and here's to hoping this train doesn't run off of the tracks!

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Sounds good. I am really interested in how things go for you. I think the Everton match today shows what this team is capable of, but I hope that you can right the ship much quicker than we have seen so far in real life. How sad is that, I am talking about a team in the top 10 being a wreck.

Anyway, good luck, I will be definitely following along.
How dare them not hire you??? I would have given you an awesome recommendation, I mean, just look at what you have done here!

I am sure that finishing 8th will be nerve wracking, but here is to hoping that you do better than that. Getting that win against Motherwell is not a bad way to start though. Good luck moving forward!
Congratulations on pulling this off. It is really interesting to read your thoughts on team cohesion. I may have to reconsider my approach to signing players like I have been in light of this revelation. So are you going to stay now that you have gotten them to the Premier?

Really enjoying your success
Really nice start to the season. I really like the conversational way you present this. What kind of contract is Marquis on? Any concerns about being able to hang on to him in January if his form continues like this?

Keep rocking and rolling!
I am sorry to see this won't pan out for you. Would love to see Arsenal have some success again
October 2019

We continue to make money, so I think it will just be a matter of time before we decide to go up from amateur status. No other big changes or shocks.

Match Results
So far so good on the running through the league again. Also, our FA Vase run continues. One thing I am finding is an increase in injuries, it might be due to the fact that we are playing 3 matches in 9 days and it is catching up with us. I think squad rotation is going to become a big part of things moving forward. I just am lacking in depth at certain positions. Something we will have to work on. But I am liking the results!

League Table and Competition Results
I think catching Jersey is going to be tough. They don't seem to have struggled at all. I am feeling a lot better about that draw I had against them in the first match of the season. But then again, stranger things have happened.

Interesting Signing
I was debating about sharing this with you sine I am still not sure how well this will turn out. But this guy looks really promising. He has come on as a sub in 3 matches and scored 4 goals. The challenge at this level is keeping anyone, players or coaches, but I hope he sticks around for a few years.

Thoughts and Observations
The only issue I see is the injuries. I think that can be addressed by doing a couple of things, squad rotation and moving up from amateur. I think when I move up I will be able to hire a better physio and once the players start coming off of amateur contracts the training load will be reduced as well, if that makes sense.

Otherwise, things are going great!
Please make comments, suggestions, ideas, or what information you would like to see.

Thanks again for reading along,
September 2019

This pretty much speaks for itself. One minor change, I switched from English Pounds to US Dollars. It is just easier for me to type the "$" sign. What is so crazy, the vast majority of this comes from "Merchandising". So far this season we have made over $2 million, just from that. The biggest expense, VAT, over $400,000. One of my concerns when I decide to turn professional is keeping a strong revenue stream. But if this is what it is going to be, I think we will be okay.

Match Results
It was bound to happen, we had been walking all over everyone so I knew it was just a matter of time before we lost one. I seriously thought it would be the Westfield match. We were hitting everything except the back of the net. But we were able to hold on to the victory. When we gave 1 up to Cove, I figured it was just a fluke. But I will be honest, it was a beautiful through ball that split my center backs and their striker made it look easy. But that Dorking match, I just had a bad feeling with it, before it even started. Turns out I had a right to be. We gave up the first goal from a corner with 39 seconds gone in the match. We were able to draw level, but then, in the 93rd minute, another floater from a corner ended it. So now we have to get back on our winning ways.

League Table and Competition Results
All things considered, we are doing very well. The media had us predicted to finish 8th. I know it is still early in the season, but if we can keep this up, going 9-1-1 in 11 matches, I will take that. The board wanted us to reach the second round of the Buildbase FA Vase and we have exceeded that. I currently have an "A" so I guess they are pleased with everything.

Looking Forward
As I said earlier, it appears that I will have a sustainable revenue stream to support taking the side up from amateur status. I don't want to rush that. But if it looks like we are going to get promoted, I don't want to wait too long. I am currently only 1 of 3 Amateur sides in the league. I haven't checked to see if there are any in the league we would be promoted to.

So that is where I am at right now. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions about how best to move from amateur status.
Anyway, thanks for reading along!
Yea, this one is fun!
August 2019

Club Finances
As you can see, we had a great month. Our biggest expense is taxes. VAT has been over 260,000 so far this year. But even with that, we are doing very well.

Match Results
We had quite a busy month, but also a very successful one. After the first match I thought maybe I had given myself too much credit. But then we woke up and took the league by storm. I almost messed up with the Buildbase FA Cup match. Most of the starters were very tired so I decided to give some of my guys from the Under-23 squad get a run out. Well, we missed a penalty, had 2 goals disallowed for offsides (yes, we were both times) but then pulled it out in the 89th minute with a beautiful strike. Also, the attendance is crazy. We take 2,000 supporters with us to every away match. We also sold out all of the available season tickets for the year.

League Table
Not a bad start to the season, even though I do say so myself. I figure having me actively looking after the squad helps. I also have almost a complete U-23 squad now and almost a full U-18 as well.

Thoughts and observations
I think things are going great! I cannot complain at all and I guess if it aint broke, don't fix it! I still want to improve the training grounds as well as try to get another coach. But all things considered, the hours I spent today working on this squad looks like it is paying off.

Thanks for reading along! I am not sure what things you might like to see, but let me know and I will try to make it happen.
Lastly, for right now, how did we do in the pre-season? The friendlies are over and the starting first team is set along with the coaches. It is time to get serious now!

The Results

Starting Bank Balances

The matches didn't start so well. It took us 4 matches to actually find the back of the net. I changed from a counter-attacking 4-4-2 to a tiki-taka 4-2-3-1 and I saw a HUGE improvement. I was trying out different players in the last 2 matches so once again, scoring became an issue. I do have a 21 year old striker, Japhet Mata, who scored a hat trick in the first half of the March Town match and he is going to be my starter moving forward.

As you also can see, we average over 3,000 supporters per home match. It is going to be vital to continue this moving forward and the best way to do that, is as we all know, keep winning. Also, shockingly, we made almost 470,000 in merchandising, in just 1 month!

My plan going forward is to post updates on a monthly basis to start with. As we progress I may adjust that, but that is the plan going forward.

I cannot thank you enough for reading and following along. I hope that you ask questions, take part. I am really excited to see how this goes.
Also, since I am getting ready to start the season I will share my staff with you. We are all on Amateur contracts so I am going to be constantly scouting for replacement players as well as staff. I do not have any very exciting players at this point since they are all cast-offs from other clubs, but I think it is something for me to start the season with.

2019 First Team Staff

2019 Recruiting Staff

2019 Medical Staff

I have not filled the DoF position and I doubt I will at this point. At this level I don't think that hiring one would be beneficial to the organization. I do have an U-23 Head Coach, an U-18 Head Coach and an U-18 Assistant Coach.

I will try to increase the number of coaches for the first team just to try to help the players develop. But who knows how the board will respond?

Thanks for being a part of this!
I have made it through the 2019 friendlies so I thought I would bring you up to speed with everything.

The Club Overview

The Facilities

Starting 2019 Finances

As you can see this will turn into a money-making machine. I am not sure where the actual 2 Billion is at, but maybe one day I will be able to access it. I am planning on staying an Amateur organization for at least 1 season, possibly even 2 so I can build up money. I also want to improve the training facilities and the youth recruitment system. But I am not sure how much this will cost so I will probably wait until at least after 1 season.

I did ask them if I could work on a coaching badge and they turned me down because they are afraid I will leave the club. So I guess I will have to ask again later

Thanks for reading along!
Remember seeing this on Twitter the other day, haven't they got like a £1b in the bank?

They are worth 2 billion. I am not sure how. They are now the 19th richest team in the world.

Thanks for reading along!
So let me set this all up for you.
The club is Tooting Bec Rec located in London. The information I will share about the club is based on the information in FM 20, since that is where the game will be played.

Before I share the information about the club, let me tell you about the manager I created. I am Jess Gamer and I am 20 (wouldn’t that be nice again) and I am from Huntingdon, England. I also have a second nationality of Northern Irish. I know none of this makes sense since I am a 55 year old American, but the reasons are too long to explain here. So just bear with me on this one. So I am 20 years old, I have no coaching badges and I am just a Sunday League player. I figured this all fits since I wanted a club at the lowest levels of the database. Another big difference is that I took the job here, I wasn’t offered it. This is a big change for me, but I thought it would take years before I could even try to get hired here.

So who is Tooting Bec as they are called in the game? They are an amateur club that plays in the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Division One (say that 3 times as fast as you can!). They were founded in 2004 and the team personality is Fairly Loyal. The owner loves the club, season tickets cost 40 pounds and the club is worth 2 BILLION pounds, yes, you read that correctly, 2 Billion.

The club plays at Imperial Field in Morden (London) and the stadium holds 3,500 supporters with 612 seated. As of 20 July 2020 the club has sold 3,128 season tickets.

Since I have actually been playing the game for a few weeks (in game) I will wait until I finish the pre-season friendlies before I share some screen shots with you. To give you an example of how crazy this is, the attendance for our 2 home friendlies was 3330 and 3337. I have been trying to hire staff and bring in real players instead of the ghost players. I have 2 club visions that are impacting what I do, I cannot sign any player over 30 years of age and I have to sign players under 23 for the first team.

I plan on showing the staff I was able to hire plus my squad once the friendlies are over. I will also share the club finances so you can see those as well. Let me know what else you would like to see and I will try to share it.

Thanks for joining me in this adventure! I have been talking to the actual club on Twitter (which is actually pretty cool) and they told me they have only sacked 1 manager in 16 years and don’t want me to be the second! I appreciate the support!
Thanks! Jesse

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December 2019 Review


I guess one of the advantages of playing at this level is how matches are cancelled due to a water logged pitch. I had that happen twice this month so we only had to play 4 matches. The Broughty Athletic match was pretty easy as the guys played well and we controlled every aspect of the match. One MAJOR problem was we suffered our first major injury. Gerry Maguire, the 17 year old who really controlled the midfield for us got injured. He tore a back muscle and is going to be out for 3-4 months. We really missed him the rest of the month and I have been trying to find someone to take over for him. I had a bad feeling about the East Craigie match, especially after the pundits said they were no match for us and they were expecting a basketball score. We played the whole match in a fog. Thank goodness to a mental mistake by them in stoppage time or we would have ended up with a draw. Too make it worse, they went down to 10 men in the 29th minute due a player being sent off. I tore into them after the match and they responded well as we earned an easy win against Fauldhouse. The one bad spot of that match was Gregor Murdoch being sent off in the 60th minute. He had gotten a yellow card in the 59th minute and I was getting ready to sub him off when he made the bonehead tackle which sent him to the showers early. The Rosyth was one where we decided it would be more fun to take meaningless shots on goal instead of actually trying to win the match. Scully did give us the winner, but we had 17 shots on goal. This is something we will need to keep an eye on moving forward. Overall, I am very happy, hell, why wouldn't I be since we have not lost a match all season. January is going to be interesting as we have 7 matches scheduled, unless our pitch gets waterlogged again!

League Table and Competitions


Everything is looking great. We are technically in second, but we are only back by 1 point and we have 2 matches in hand so I think we will be able to re-take the top spot. The competitions are also going as planned. I really need to win those though so I can make a dent in the negative bank balance.

Player Insight


Jonny Jamesion, my starting GK. I was really concerned about this position. Every report I had said I needed to upgrade here. I have a youngster that is supposed to join on 1 Jan, but I am really considering cancelling that transfer. I am really pleased with Jameison. He is also cheaper than the youngster and the youngster demanded that I promise him "Frist Team". I don't need someone else in the squad demanding to start.


As you can see, he has done a great job for us. I know my initial thought was to keep bringing players in on loan, but he was willing to sign for a low wage and I wanted to latch onto someone that I need to make an immediate impact.

Random Thoughts

I really don't have any thing to be concerned about except for the basic stuff of getting some more money into the club. I really need to win all of those cups to be honest, if we can do that I am pretty sure that my current 4% approval of financial control will improve. That is the only area I am below 50% on. Yea, when they are "devastated" over money that is not a good thing! Thanks for the advice on the tactic adjustments on the yellow cards. I have seen a massive decrease and ironically, the opposition has had a dramatic increase. We actually played 2 matches against 10 men. The issue I had with that is we didn't seem to be able to take advantage of it. So overall, we press forward and hope to continue this awesome run we have going.

Thanks for reading along, this is more fun than I thought it would be. Lets rock and roll some more!

Thanks guys! Yea, I am happy with how things are going. I appreciate the ideas about the fouls. I am going to see if I can adjust that then. I think I am going to stick to the monthly write ups for December and January. Because of cancelled matches, I only have 4 scheduled for December and I am almost done with those, but January, I am up to 6 matches now. After that there are only 2-3 a month so I will do one for February and March then finish up with a single one for April.

Thanks again for following along!
Congrats on that first season. Great results there. I will be following along with this. Good luck
Nice! As an Arsenal fan I am liking this. But that Man U match was unbelievable!
November 2019 Review


What a month! We started the month from hell with a nice solid win. The Sectional Cup Group Stage was a great win for us. The team played very solid and even though we did give up a goal, it was more of a freebie after we had a 0-3 lead. Pumpherston was another match that we lost our focus on and gave up 2 goals after we had a nice 4-0 lead. The Lochore Welfare match was awful! The pundits said we were going to win that one easily. We played like we were already in the locker room while the match was being played. I ripped into them after the match and we held a practice the next day. I know we were going to have anther match in 3 days, but that was totally unacceptable We then faced East Cragie in a home match in the Region Sectional Cup and that match didn't start to well as Gregor Murdoch was sent off in the 20th minute for his second yellow card. I was just getting ready to tell him to take it easy and he made a stupid challenge. I moved us to a 4-3-2 and hoped for the best. They delivered and then some as we garnered the 5-0 win. Four days later we faced Whitburn who was sitting third in the table. The side rose to the occasion and strolled to a 1-3 victory. I did start to see a pattern that was concerning to me as we started to commit quite a few fouls. I tried to tweak the tactic to get them to back off a little, but that didn't seem to do the trick. That pattern continued the rest of the month as we ended up with double digit fouls. The East End match was full of fouls, we ended up with 15 and 5 yellow cards. I am glad we won, but I am really starting to get concerned about that issue. We finished the month with another match against East Craigie. My assistant manager told me we needed to go "defensive" for some reason. I listened to him and we were not taking any shots on goal, at all. So I changed to "positive" at about 15 minutes in the match and things turned around very quickly. That was a full month. We did suffer a couple of minor injuries but overall we fared pretty well on that front, except for one big loss for us. Midfielder Gerry Maguire suffered a torn back muscle and is out for 2-4 months. I realized that I didn't have any backup depth in midfield so I am trying to sign someone to fill in. I am also going to probably stop a signing I made. I signed a keeper that is 16 to take affect in the January transfer window, but I may cancel it since I seem to have been able to bring a guy in that is doing pretty well. December is going to be another rough one, we have 6 matches in 17 days, OUCH!

League Table and Competitions


We are still doing great. I cannot really complain. We had the 1 draw. I think we are up to 14 games unbeaten in the league since last season. Kirkcaldy YMCA is keeping close, but we do have a game in hand so I need to make sure I keep the gap in case we stumble anywhere.

Player Insight


Paul Sludden isn't one of my best players when you look at his attributes, but when you see what he has done on the pitch, he has become a very important part of the success in November. I have been playing him up top in a 4-4-2 as a Pressing Forward. Ironically, I have Connor Scully playing in the same role, just one as support and the other as attack. They have been working great together. The long ball from the back has been awesome for us. I am pleased with him and hope he continues to play this way.


Yea, he is doing great for us. Even though my scout is awful, by using long term trials, I have been able to find players like him that are doing great for us, even though we are losing guys to other teams.

Random Thoughts

I really don't have a lot to add to this. I will say that the massive increase in fouls has become an issue for concern, so I will continue to monitor that. The financial issues are still a concern and I really need to win every thing I can to try to fix that situation. The board are very happy with everything except that issue. I am hovering around 8% approval on the financial front. If I can get that under control, I am hoping to have a long career here.

A couple of questions, anyone have any suggestions on how to decrease the number of fouls? I have guys that are getting close to suspensions from too many bookings. Also, these posts seem kind of long to me. Should I break them into shorter ones? Am I including too much information? Suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

Thanks for reading and following along, I am enjoying this ride!

October 2019 Review


This was a month for a gut check. The Lochgelly match was a well played match. I was very pleased with them. I was also glad for the win in the Stoneyburn match. That actually could have been worse. We seemed to play flat and took great pleasure in just kicking it right into the feet of the defenders in the box. I lost count of the corners in this match. I think the GK for them had springs on his feet, was bouncing all over the place to block shots from one corner of the goal to the other. I don't even know what to say about the first Girvan match. I was so frustrated at the end of it. I did listen to my assistant didn't chew them out for the crappy play. I guess it worked out though because the Replay went well for us. I have to figure out how to keep them motivated and focused though. The second half of that match was a major letdown when we let them get 2 back to make the match look closer than it actually was. I know this unbeaten streak is going to end soon. We have gotten really lucky with some of our matches. November is going to be tough, 7 matches. The worst is going to be in the middle of the month, matches on 13th, 16th, and 20th. I think that is when it is going to hit us. I try to keep training levels low so I am hoping they don't get too tired during that time.

League Table


The great start continues. I am hoping we can build a big enough lead that when we do stumble, we don't lost that lead we have. We have also gotten into the start of the cup ties for the season. No pressure there, want me to win 3 of them and reach the quarter finals on the other. Let's just enjoy this run while it lasts!

Player Insight


Kris Benzie plays Attacking left Winger for me. Ironically he is playing out of position. MacDonald is playing on the right and seems to be the Mystery Man because of how well he plays, in spite of his ratings. But anyway, back to Benzie. He is a great compliment to MacDonald. I can move him to the right, where he is a natural so his versatility is huge for us. He also does a great job setting up whoever I have playing as a striker. He is one of the guys I signed as we started our run last season and he has proven to be a great find for us.


His match ratings speak for themselves. I am hoping he stays around to help us with the expectations we have for the season. So far I haven't seen anyone expressing any interest in him. But I am sure that will change.

Random Thoughts


Before I get started with my thoughts got the update on Brexit, doesn't look too bad for us. This is starting to get even more stressful. Ironically because we are winning. But I need to get some more funds into the club. We are losing about 1,000 per month. The winning streaks are keeping me in the good graces of the board. As of Nov 1, their approval of my handing of the finances is only 8%. I may try to get a senior affiliate again as soon as they give me the option again. I have been checking the prize monies for the cups and if we can meet expectations then we will get 22K in prize money. That will make a dent in the 48K negative balance we have. If we can win the Macron Scottish Junior Cup, and that is a big if, we would get 20K for just that cup. The loser of the final gets 10K so that would be massive for us. There is a part of me that wants to lose so we can get that monkey off of our back. I think I need to try to win all of these cups to help with the money though. I guess this is sort of rambling and disjointed, but I am checking the finances every week and also trying to watch the team morale.

Anyway, thanks for reading along! I am spending way too much time at school thinking about this save, my students are even curious about it! It has been a great run so far and I cant wait to see how November goes. Thanks again...Lets Rock and Roll!

Thanks for following along guys. Yea, I think we are the side to beat, but that also seems to put a big target on us. I am proud of how they have been playing.
September 2019 Review


I am pleased that we are still winning, but I am not pleased with the results. We even had to come from behind to win the Craigmark match. All of the sudden we have stopped taking shots on goal, well legitimate ones. The crosses have gotten weak and all of the sudden we are stopping with the ball to give the defenders a chance to catch up and get in front of any shots. I put us on "very attacking" to try to get back into the Craigmark match and nothing really changed. I am getting really frustrated with the lack of desire on the team.

In October we go from 3 matches per month to four. However November is going to be really interesting as we have 7 matches scheduled. I hope we can keep the injuries down to a bare minimum

League Table


We have increased our lead at the top of the table. I am happy with that since we are expected to win the league. I can't complain about the table, at all.

Player Insight

Here is one of our most important players in the mid-field. Sadly, he had to step up because at the start of September I lost my playmaker in the middle, signed away. I figure he will be the next one to go, but for now he is pulling the strings for me.



Random Thoughts

I have to say that I am pleased that we are winning, but I am concerned what has happened to our chances. After signing Daniel Park he has decided to stop taking any shots on goal. I want to light a fire under his backside! I cannot figure out why they have gotten so disinterested. I am trying to figure out why they have lost all of their aggression. I am wondering if it is the lost of the midfielder. He was doing a lot of setup work for us. The team dynamics seem to play a huge part in the way the side plays, or at least to me. We need to get out of this shooting slump or we are going to pay for it with a loss. I am also starting to deal with the complaining players. I will probably just start cutting the worst complainers, I don't have the luxury of dealing with prima donnas.

I have also brought in quite a few keepers. That is one of our big weaknesses. I had one play the last match. I may end up signing 1 or 2 to improve us in front of goal.

Anyway, next month is going to be interesting! Thanks for reading along....Let's Rock n Roll!!

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