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AlexYNWA92 Comments
Best sources for Napoli or Serie A players? I really want to do a Napoli facepack for myself. Callejon really needs a update but i can't find a good picture. I have tried gettyimages and google already
@AlexYNWA92 , your cuts still need a bit of refinement. For the time being, it's best if you post your work in the learn to cutout thread so that we can guide you on where your work needs improvement. This way, you can know where you need to tweak your technique, while any cuts uploaded as completed are of the required standard

Okey thank you will check that out Looks okay in game for me but I know I have a lot to learn still

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Please remove this if you guys can
Reject this please
Fuck me im drunk...
Fuck i uploaded the wrong pic...
I appreciate your enthusiasm but this website is not intended as a personal cut-out service, but to improve the megapack.

a) we don't consider newer images as automatic improvements, and
b) cutting such requests would mean that cutters' valuable time is being diverted from more pressing requests,
the decision was taken long ago that these kind of requests are not considered improvements.

That said, if somebody cut them, I would assess them on their own merits and decide whether they are better cuts than the ones presently in the megapack.

Finally, there's really no need to ask for payment. You can do it all yourself for free using the programs, tools and guidelines in this thread. You'd be surprised how easily and quickly you can cut images yourself

I did the cuts myself and it went alright i think. Will stick to transparent picks only because that was not so hard
@AlexYNWA92 Since these sources are already precut, you can use an online image editor like picresize.com to crop them for use in your game. However the images will probably be smaller than the 250px current cutouts and might have snow/white edges

Thank you will do that in Photoshop
Please don't reject this. I know that some of you don't think it's an improvement. Therefore i will pay someone thru Paypal that is willing to help me with these players to be cut-out. We can discuss price in pm. I really need these players for my new save with Leipzig. Thank you everyone for your hard work on this site.
I'm sorry but in all 3 cases, the source requested is actually smaller than the existing megapack cut which is of a better quality.

Please try and understand what constitutes an improvement. These kind of sources are the precise reason why the bottom two guidelines are included when making a request:

Just because a source image is more recent than that in the MP does not automatically mean it's an improvement. It's better to have a slightly older image in the MP if it is of better quality.
Ask yourself, is it really an improvement to the existing MP image? If it's the same face and hairstyle with just this season's new kit, it's probably just an alternative.

Okey didn't know that the picture was to small. Regarding to the other things, everything is opinion based and i respect your opinion. I think all 3 are a improvement. And Nkunku that also was from the Bundesliga website. He looks very good in game i think with the new cut. I really want the Leipzig players cut-out from the Bundesliga website, so i can pay someone thru paypal if they want to help me.


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@ABBFH Can you please make this one also, he wasn't in your Bournemouth pack. Btw i love you, AWESOME work!!
@mons @HRiddick Can you please reject this one, as someone has done him in a wolves teampack
I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there's very little wrong with the existing cuts to be honest. They may be a year old, but they're still of a very good quality and most of the players haven't really changed their appearance anyway. There's little value added in cutting these at this stage...
Can someone at least please make Nkunku (85140301) and Matheus Cunha (19334410? I think they are a big improvement
@AlexYNWA92 All sources from the Bundesliga website are too small for improvements I'm afraid so these requests are likely to be rejected, best to stay patient for better quality sources when FM20 is released
That sucks :/ i really wanted this pictures for my new save with them. I suck at editing but will try to make it work if nobody else can
We're not an instant cutting service. If a request has been made, just be patient and wait for it to be cut. At most, you'll have to wait 7-10 days for it as that seems to be current turnaround time. It could be a bit more or it could be a lot less, either way please don't re-request.
Oh okey my bad. Sorry won't happen again. Love you guys work <3

Yes Iknow but i haven't got a response for it thats why i requested again
Already been working on this most of today using the getty images pics.
Awesome, just realised that the pictures i sent was blurry. Sorry for that, I saved them from twitter and not from getty images directly
Please make Dortmund kits, thank you everyone for your work <3
What about Joe Gomez, Shaqiri, James Milner and Salah (his world cup picture is bad angle) ?? Other then that i love the pack. Keep up the great work.
I think they are improvements thats why i send my request in, people have different opinions.
and when you download the zip file the background is clear
This was the best pictures i could find for Real Madrid from this season player pictures. Hope there will be better pictures coming out soon with Isco new hair because i have been waiting mostly on an update picture for him.

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