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Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Season 3 !!


The Goals For The New Season !


Pre-Season and Summer Transfer Window


Dinamo Buc. played 3 friendly game and 1 game for the Romanian Super Cup.The team won 2 of the 3 friendly games and also managed to beat AFC Astra with 3:1 for the Super Cup before the start of the season.


Transfers: IN and OUT


The champions was very active on the transfer window signing 6 new players.The most important was a quality goalkeeper for the games in the Champions or Europa League this season so Dinamo found their keeper in the face of
Koen Casteels from Wolfsburg for 1.4M.The Red Dogs also signed with 2 new central defenders and 2 new left back's also they got a new central midfielder ( former player and captain of FC Steaua,then he played for Ludogorets and Rostov) Andrei Prepelita.The chairman said that the team is ready for the long season with those players and that he is happy from the progress of the team for the last seasons.


Dinamo Buc. sold a lot of players in the Summer Transfer Window.First they sold Andrei Marc and Miha Mevlja that was the reason also for the new central defenders in the team.The other big outgoing transfer was Marcel Essombe the striker left the club for Universidad de Chile for 1.1M.Jose Peris was the next player who left the champions after only 1 season at the club.


Liga 1


Good start for the champions after 7 victories 2 defeats and 1 draw from the first 10 games.The Red Dogs won against AFC Astra in the league again this time with 2:1 and also Chiajna with the huge 4:0 at home.The defeats were against the newly promoted CFR Cluj and ACS Poli.


The league table is really interesting after the first 10 games.The newly promoted CFR Cluj is at the top of the table with 24 points.Second is Dinamo Buc third is AFC Astra ( even that they started really bad) and fourth is "biggest club in Romania" FC Steaua.FC Voluntari is again at the bottom with only 6 points from 10 games but they always manage to win points in the last league games so we can expect again interesting relegation battle.


Champions League


Starting from the Third Qualification Round was not a problem for the Romanian champions Dinamo Buc. after beating Qarabag Agdam with 2:0 in the 1st leg and with 4:1 at home in the 2nd leg.The draw was really bad in the next round - play-offs...Dinamo Buc. was one game from qualifying for the group stage of the Champions League but after dramatic 3:3 at home and even more dramatic 3:2 defeat away The Red Dogs were out from the Champions League and ready for the Europa League group stage.Jose Alvaro apologized to the fans for the defeat and said that they will try to do something in the Europa League this season and hopefully next season they will qualify for the group stage of the Champions League.


Europa League


Dinamo Buc. got Inter Milano,Braga and Rijeka in the group stage.Jose Alvaro said that the team is happy from the draw not because they are easy or something like that but actually that the teams are really good and the fans will be watching really good games.The goal was the 2nd place from the word of the chairman and Jose Alvaro also confirmed that Dinamo Buc. will try to win the 2nd place and qualify for the next round.

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Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! End of Season 2 !


Liga 1


In the last 10 games Dinamo Buc. won 5 of them lost 4 and got 1 draw and with that they've won the league title for the first time since 2007.Jose Alvaro said that he is very happy for the players and that they will continue like this in the next seasons,but now they must be ready for the cup finals where they will face Astra in the Romanian League Cup and agaisnt Botosani in the Romanian Cup.


Champions Group

With 20 victories 10 defeats and only 6 draws Dinamo Buc. won the league with 41 points in the end.The former champions AFC Astra finished 2nd ,FC Steaua on the 3rd place and on the 4th was Chiajna.The 1st and 2nd will play in the Champions League qualifications as for the 3rd and 4th they will play in the Europa League qualifications.


Relegation Group

Rapid Buc. and Olimpia SM got relegated in the end of the season.Ceahlaul will play releagation play-off against the 2nd in the Liga 2.



Romanian League Cup


Perfect campaign in the Romanian League Cup for Dinamo Buc. till the end where they lost to AFC Astra in the extra time with 3-4.The Red Dogs lost the final and the chance to retain the trophy which they won last season for the 1st time.The players weren't that disappointing in the end because they fight till the end ( and also the league title was the main goal and they achieved it ) so now the next game was against Botosani for the Romanian Cup where Jose Alvaro promised to the fans that Dinamo will win.

Romanian Cup


What a campaign in the Romanian Cup this season for Dinamo Buc.They managed to win the torunament with 5 victories ( yeah very difficult with extra times,penalties etc...) and with only 1 draw.In the final game The Red Dogs won without any problem with 2:0 and did the double ( with the cup and the league ).This was the last game for Dinamo in this season.Jose Alvaro was asked what are the plans now for the next season ? The answer was very simple to win everything possible next season and to play good games in the Champions League.



Season Review and Awards




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Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! 2x03 !


Winter Break and Transfers.


Bad,bad,bad Dinamo Buc. in the winter break friendly games.The team was smashed from all the teams and managed to beat only Levski Sofia.Finishing 2:2 with Trnava was also disappointing result for the manager of the Red Dogs.The chairman of the club said that the team is not in the perfect mood because there are some players that are leaving also that the club is signing with new players because the plans for the european tournaments for the next season.Jose Alvaro also said that the players at the club are not focused and they are thinking for transfers in bigger clubs and that's the reason for those results.Can Dinamo Buc. keep their key players for the next season is the question and also are we going to see new faces in the club ??



Dinamo Buc. did 2 outgoing transfers and sold their young star striker and the experienced midfielder Paul Anton.Moldoveanu was sold to Real Madrid for 3.8M while Anton left Bucuresti for only 1.3M to Monterrey.The transfer of the striker was really shocking for the fans of the Red Dogs because he was the hope for the league title,but in the end Dinamo Buc got really good money for him and now the club will be searching for a class striker to help the team.



Dinamo Buc. signed with 4 new players 2 of them from Ludogorets Razgrad but Wanderson can't play because he can't get a work permit in Romania which is a big problem because he was expected to lead the team.The 2nd player from Ludogorets is Abel Anicet who will replace Paul Anton in the central midfield.Cheick Diarra unveiled as the new STAR striker of the club and Dinamo paid 1.4 for him to AJ Auxerre .Pierre Webo can also play in the striker role but also as a winger and he was bought from Osmanlispor for only 47k which was a really good deal.


Liga 1


Dinamo Buc. finished the first part of the league with only 2 victories from 6 games 3 draws and 1 defeat which wasn't so good for Jose Alvaro and he commented that the winter break is the problem of the league and for the results ... ( the long break ).Dinamo managed to beat in the Bucurest derby against Rapid Buc. and Pandurii at home and lost against FC Steaua in the biggest derby in Romania after collapsing from 2:0 to lose with 3:2 in the last minutes.


In the second part of the league Dinamo Buc will play in the Champions Group where the team will fight for the title against the other 5 teams.Jose Alvaro said that this year is even more difficult because FC Steaua is back and they will also fight for the title.The most interesting team in the group this season is FC Viitorul.The current champions are also here AFC Astra and they will give everything to retain the trophy.


Champions Group


Relegation Group

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Good luck with the new team @r96Skinner !!
Another great season..... Well Done @Dan . Good luck for the next season in the Champions League. !
Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! 2x02 !


Liga 1


Dinamo Bucuresti is again on form after winning 7 from 10 games losing only 2 ( the derby game against AFC Astra and ACS Poli ).Jose Alvaro said that he is pleased with the way the team is playing and he promised that he will try everything this season to win the league.Dinamo have 6 more games from the first part of the league before the winter break and the start of the second part of the league ( champions group and relegation group ).


Dinamo is at the 2nd place with 20 played games.Chiajna is on the first with 2 games more from Dinamo but only with 2 points ahead.The fight for the title will be really interesting and as you can see AFC Astra ( the current champions ) are not doing very well this season.FC Steaua still can't find the way to the top and they are so close to finish again in the relegation group as the last season which is bad because even that they are our fierce rivals it's sad to watch a big clubs to struggle like this.

Romanian Cup


The last season Dinamo was eliminated in the Seventh Round of the tournament.Jose Alvaro was promised then that Dinamo will try to win it this season and right now the team reached the Semi-Finals where they will face the relegated last season team of Petrolul.The best game and the most important was the Quarter-Final against Pandurii where The Red Dogs did again a great match(show) and they won it from 2:0 with 3:2 in the end.


Romanian League Cup


In the Romanian League Cup Dinamo is close to retain the trophy from the last season as they are in the Semi-Finals where they will play with the newly promoted team of Olimpia SM.Jose Alvaro said that the game will be difficult and that they will be ready for it on 100%.Dinamo Buc. eliminated FC Voluntari and the leader in the league right now Chiajna with the minimal 1:0 to reach the Semi-Finals.



Easy Champions League group.Good luck for the next games in the tournament.
Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! 2x01 !


Liga 1


Starting the season with a defeat against CS U Craiova was a really disappointing way to star the season but Dinamo Buc. got 2 wins in a row after that ( the 2nd one against the current champions AFC Astra with 5-2) so the team again will fight for the league title after 6 victories from 10 games.Dinamo got 3 defeats from those 10 games against Craiova,Chiajna and FC Viitorul.In the last game The Red Dogs managed to beat FC Botosani with 3:0 at home.


It's always nice beating the champions...and beating them like this is even better.If Dinamo Buc.plays like this every game the league is sure in the trophy cabinet of the club in the end of the season,but there is still a long season to be played so we will have to wait till the end.


The league table after the 10 games is close to the league table from the last season.Chiajna is again 1st...but there is the surprise ASA Tirgu Mures(last season in a relegation battle ) now they are 2nd.Dinamo Buc.is on the 3rd place.The big club of Romania FC Steaua Bucuresti is having again a bad season ( atleast for now ) and they are at the 10th place.The newly promoted teams Ceahlaul and Olimpia SM are at the bottom fighting for the 3 points in every game and keeping the elite status.
Well done for the good season.It's really interesting mate keep it going...also it's interesting for me because i don't know much about those leagues....in Indonesia ( Asia etc... ) . !!
@r96Skinner Yeah,we were unlucky in the 2nd part of the league and we deserved losing the league...about the suspension im not sure but i think its only for this season.
@Dan We were different team in the 2nd part of the season...i hope we can win it this season...the suspension is only for this season i think but .. im not sure at 100%.

Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Season 2 !!


Pre-Season-Friendlies !


Dinamo Buc. played 4 friendly games at the training camp in Austria where the team won 2 lost 1 and finished as draw against CSKA Sofia.The defeat came agaisnt the Bulgarian Champions ( and the best team on the Balkans right now ) Ludogorest Razgrad.Interesting was that the victories were against much more stronger teams Leverkusen and RBL.

Jose Alvaro promised in the end of the last season that Dinamo Buc. will win the league and the domestic cup this season,also he said that there will be only 1 new player because the squad is strong enough for now and that these players can win everything in Romania.

Transfers-Summer Transfer Window



Jose Peris signed for 3 years and will play like a left wing back.The spanish player said that he is very happy and will give his 100% for the team.Peris finished the interview saying that in the end of the season he will be celebrating with the league trophy.



Cerniauskas was sold to Palermo for 1M and now the goalkeeper will try to make a name in Italy with the colors of Palermo.The other player that left the club is Collins Fai.He also will play in Italy and will be helping to the defence ( left back ) of Torino in the next seasons.


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What a season again....Well done on winning the Premier League for the first time.( if i'm not wrong ) unlucky at the Semi-Finals of the Champions League.Good Luck for the next season @Dan !!!
Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! End Of The Season !


Liga 1


Sad...sad ending to the season.In the 2nd part of the league we were like a team from the relegation group.Losing 6 games from 10 and winning only 3 wasn't enough and we lost our first place ... and the lead from 4 points.AFC Astra is the new champion and will play in the Champions League the next season ...We will have to wait for the next season( and if we win it this time we will play in the Chamions League too .)


Champions Group


Relegation Group


Even that we qualified for the Europa League we won't be playing in the tournament because the suspension that the team has.

Romanian League Cup


Dinamo Buc.won the Romanian League Cup...after the disappointing end in the league Dinamo saved the season after winning the Romanian League Cup against ASA Tirgu Mures with 3:2 after extra time.Jose Alvaro was pleased with the trophy but still disappointed because the league ....!


Season Review and Awards




Jose Alvaro signed for another 2 year with Dinamo Buc.and promised that the next season Dinamo will win the league and will play in the Champions League !

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What a career !!! Keep it up @Dan ! Expecting Premier league trophy soon
Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Episode 7.


Winter Break-Training Camp.


Dinamo Buc. was in Turkey(Antalya) for their training camp.The Red Dogs played 5 friendly games at the training fields of Titanic Delux Hotel.Also Jose Alvaro said that Dinamo is working on some transfers for new players ( goalkeeper,winger and central midfielder ) When he was asked if there will be players that will leave the club he said that the team will try to keep the key players and will look to loan out some of the young players.


Dinamo won 3 lost 1 and got 1 draw in the friendly games against good teams.Jose Alvaro said that the wins in friendly games are important because they give confidence to the players and shows that the team is playing always for the win.Dinamo will be back in Romania after 1 more week at Turkey where they will face FC Voluntari in the first official game after the break.




Dinamo Buc. signed with 5 new players.Jose Alvaro said on the press conference that he expect a lot from the new players.One of them is Mihail Alexandrov from Ludogorets Razgrad.The bulgarian winger signed 3 year contract with Dinamo Buc. and said that he is ready to play in the Champions League with them.The other quality signing is Mehdi Bourabia from another Bulgarian club Cherno More.The french player will help at the central midfield position where Dinamo is having problems.For that position Dinamo also got one of the key players of Chiajna Florin Purece who wanted to leave Chiajna.Dinamo Buc. got a really good player for a small fee.The last transfer was Jan Mudra left back in the last days of the Transfer Window.The left back will help a lot to the team and also Jose Alvaro will have a good choices in that role.



The team sold a lot of young players for a good price.Players like Patrick Petre and Andrei Tircoveanu left The Red Dogs and they will continue their carriers at better leagues.One of the key players Bogdan Gavrila was loaned out to CS U Craiova where he will get more time to play because the new transfers he was benched at Dinamo Buc.

Liga 1


Dinamo Buc. finished the first part of the league with 2 victories and a draw in the end against CFR Cluj (again).The team won against FC Voluntari after the training camp and then got a late victory against Pandurii(the game was 1:1 at the 80th minute ).In the last game CFR Cluj won a point again against Dinamo Buc.


Dinamo Buc. will lead the champions group and will try to secure the league title in the 2nd part of the league.

It's not good when the champion can't even qualify for the champions play-off group and will play in the relegation group.


Champions Group


Relegation Group

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Unlucky..losing on penalties the semi-final....Good luck for the next games !!
Thanks @r96Skinner.I think we can win the league this season and fight to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Thanks @Dan If we keep playing like this in every game we will win the league 100% but still we have games to play.

Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Episode 6.


Liga 1


Dinamo Buc. played their last 3 games before the winter break.The Red Dogs lost the first game with 4:1 got a draw against FC Steaua and managed to beat Chiajna in the last game with 0:1.The defeat was disappointing because Dinamo was on the run 11 games without a defeat but AFC Astra won at home with 4:1 and that was the end of the run for Dinamo Buc.In the derby against the current champions FC Steaua ( they are 9th at the moment ) Dinamo got only a point after a mistake of their goalkeeper and Hamroun scored for the final 1:1.The important game was against Chiajna as they were closest to the top but Dinamo Buc. won with 1:0 in a boring game on counter-attacks.The important in that game was the victory not the way Dinamo played said the chariman of the club.He also said that he is happy with Jose Alvaro and soon they can start the talks about new contract.


Dinamo will enter to the winter break as the leader in the Romanian League.The team will play 5 friendly games at the training camp in Turkey-Antalya.Jose Alvaro was interviewed at the airport before the flight and said that Dinamo will start learning how to train how to be ready for the big games in camps like this one ( like the other teams,Ludogorets,Crvena Zvezda,Besiktas,Fenerbahce...etc. ) because the goals are big.Dinamo will be back in Romania for their first game after the break against FC Voluntari.They will play 3 more games before the 2nd part of the league.


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Thanks @Dan , after playing with Ludogorets in Bulgaria it was time for something new and interesting so i picked Dinamo Buc. : D

Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Episode 5.


Liga 1


Dinamo Buc. won the first big derby in this season against FC Steaua.The game was more like battle than a football game but with the goal of Cosmin Matei in the 2nd minute Dinamo got the 3 points.Important victory for them and for the new manager of The Red Dogs Jose Alvaro.In the interview after the game he said that he is very happy with the way the team played and with all the players.The star Dorin Rotariu also said that the games against FC Steaua are different and important so the team did everything for the fans and won the game.Cosmin Matei also said that he is so happy but that the goal that he scored is because of his teammates.


Dinamo Buc. can't be stopped.The team did the impossible and managed to win after being down after 60 minutes but then something happened.Dinamo Buc. scored 4 goals to win in the end with 4:3.....The fans stayed 1 hour after the end of the game to sing and celebrate with the players.The question now is is there anyone that can stop Dinamo Buc. when they are in form ?


Dinamo won 4 games from their last 5 only ACS Poli managed to get a draw against The Red Dogs,after that Dinamo can't be stopped.Dinamo Buc. will play last 6 games before the end of the first part of the league.The first 3 games are very important said the manager of Dinamo Buc. because they can decide the title.After the 6 games the the teams will be divided in 2 parts 1st 7 teams in the first part will fight for the title and the other will be in a relegation battle.


Dinamo Buc. is at the top with 40 points 5 points clear and with 1 game to play.Chiajna is 2nd and in the 3rd position is CS U Craiova.FC Steaua are close to the 1st 7 teams but they have still 7 games to play ( one against Dinamo Buc. ) That means that Romania can/will have a new champion.FC Voluntari is still at the bottom with Petrolul and FC Botosani.CFR Cluj are doing fine for now even that they started with -6 points.




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Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Episode 4.


Liga 1


Another crazy game this time against low flying CFR Cluj.The guests were ahead with 2 goals but Dinamo managed to score 3 to turn the things before the half time.In the second half Cluj scored only once for the final 3:3.The two teams got a point from that crazy game but Dinamo was the disappointed team.


After the draw against Cluj,Dinamo won 2 points from their next 2 games, after 1:1 with Pandurii and same result against CS U Craiova ( the team that is overachieving this season ) Jose Alvaro wasn't pleased with the team and especially with Dorin Rotariu ( his new role is forward ( from winger ) ).Dinamo did some changes for the away game against FC Viitroul and they managed to win in the final minutes after a goal from C.Matei.Câinii roșii (The Red Dogs) got the victory against Botosani too after a really good game.



The derbies were again re-arranged.....because international call-ups.


After 15 games Dinamo (27 points) is in the 2nd place with 1 game less from the leader Chiajna ( 29 points ).FC Steaua is at 7th place and the chamions are with 21 points.At the bottom Cluj,Petrolul and FC Voluntarii ( maybe Botosani too ) are in relegation battle where i think that FC Voluntarii will lose the fight and will get relegate ( but it's still too soon to say that ).

Romanian Cup


Dinamo Buc. is out from the tournament in the Seventh Round after the defeat against AFC Astra.Dinamo Buc.eliminated FC Afumati with 5:0 but the draw wasn't too good for them and they are out for this season.Jose Alvaro said that this is actually good because Dinamo will focus in the league and in the Romanian League Cup now.What can we expect from Dinamo in the league ? We will have to wait to see that.... !

Romanian League Cup


In the Romanian League Cup Dinamo Buc. will face FC Botosani in the semi-finals after eliminating CS U Craiova on penalties and Pandurii after extra time.Dinamo's chairman said that he is disappointed that the team is out from the Romanian Cup but for sure Dinamo will win the Romanian League Cup.Jose Alvaro commented the draw and said that FC Botosani are a good side ( they eliminated the current champion FC Steaua in the Quarter-Finals ) and that Dinamo will give 100 % to beat them.There will be home and away game for Dinamo and tha fans promised that they will travel to watch their team in the away game.

It's a really interesting story @r96Skinner .Good luck in the next games !!
Thanks @DNZY !!

Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Episode 3.





Nedelcearu will continue his career in Manchester United after the transfer from Dinamo Bucuresti for 4.2m ( the transfer sum can increase to 5m.The 19 years old center back signed 3 years contract with the Red Devils.

Liga 1


Dinamo Bucuresti won the 3 of the 5 games and with 10 games played the team is doing really well this season.With the new manager Dinamo Bucuresti is scoring more goals and is playing attractive attacking football,and with the young star Dorin Rotariu the team can fight for the title for sure.The team won 3 points against Botosani,CSMS Iasi and FC Voluntari.The only disappointing result from those 5 games was the defeat against Chiajna ( they cameback from 1:0 to win with 1:2 in the end ) it was disappointing because it was a home game and Dinamo had the advantage but in the end they lost the game.As for the derby game against FC Steaua the game was re-arranged because FC Steaua managed to qualify for the Champions League,so the game will be played in October.



Romanian League Cup


Dinamo Bucuresti will play in the next round of the Romanian League Cup after beating CS U Craiova on penalties.In an interesting game after 2:2 in the FT and ET Dinamo Buc.won on penalties without a miss.The team qualified for the Quarter-Finals where they will face maybe the easiest team possible in the quarter-finals Pandurii.Jose Alvaro commented the draw and said that the media is wrong saying that Pandurii is easy draw and that Dinamo will prepare for the game like for any other game.The goals are high for Dinamo this season so the team will fight in every game for the victory.

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Fantastic season.Unlucky in the final of Europa League but still this was a good season ! Good luck for the next one @Dan !!
@r96Skinner Thanks mate ! Romanian league is really interesting as a fan of Ludogorets Razgrad ( Bulgaria ) i decided that it will be interesting to start in Romania with Dinamo : )

Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti ! Episode 2.




We have really good players like Palic,Serban,Shalaj but our star ( key player ) is Dorin Rotariu .The young winger has something really special and so far we refused 5 offers from Seria A teams ( Inter,Roma,AC Milan,Lazio )


Dorin Rotariu

The interesting is that the team is really young.The oldest one is only 29 years old ( our left back Ghomsi ).The teams budget is really bad and we can't afford any transfers this transfer window so we will try to keep our important players.

Formation-First 11 !!


This is our First 11 ( only our main striker is injured ) and for now Gnohere will be our man in the attack,but the important players are Rotariu and Shalaj.If they are playing the team will get points for sure.The team is looking for a new goalkeeper for the next season so in the winter transfer window MAYBE we will sell one of our key players.

Liga 1


What a way to start the season.Dinamo Bucuresti got the point after coming back from 0:2 for 2:2 in the end with the goals of Rotariu.The young star managed to save Dinamo from a defeat in the first game of the season with 2 beautiful goals ( the last one in the 90+2 ).Jose Alvaro said that Rotariu is the key for the league title and that the club will do anything to keep him here,also that he is happy for the result and that the draw is the true result here.In the other hand the manager of Astra said that this is undeserved point for Dinamo and that the luck helped them.


After the draw with Astra Dinamo got another draw against CS U Craiova ( red card for Craiova ) and that was really disappointing result for Câinii roșii (The Red Dogs).For the 2nd home game Dinamo showed different face and got the first 3 points against FC Viitorul with 2:0 then a first defeat against ACS Poli with 1:0 and 2nd victory against a really good team which is ASA Tirgu Mures ( they were so close to win the league in season 2014/2015).The next 4 games are against FC Botosani,Petrolul,CSMS Iasi and the biggest derby and first for the season against FC Steaua.The 5th game will be for the Romanian League Cup but the opponent is still unknown.


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Romania-Dinamo Bucuresti !!



Jose Alvaro was appointed as the new manager of Dinamo Bucuresti.The new manager said that his goal is to bring the best years of Dinamo back by winning the league and achieving somethings in the european tournaments in the long term.The chariman also commented the appointment of the new manager and said that he is the right choice but there are some things that he must do for the club like signing young players so the club can sell them to the big clubs after some time.Jose Alvaro also promised that the team will not play boring football and will start to play more attractive attacking football.Only the time will show how Dinamo will do this year !!


Founded in 1948, Dinamo has spent its entire history in Liga I, the top league of Romanian football.
The team's traditional home colours are white and red. The current crest is a modified version of the one adopted in the 1998. Dinamo Bucharest's home ground is the 15,032-seater Dinamo Stadium in Bucharest's city centre, where it has played since 1951.
The club's biggest rivals are Steaua București, and matches between the two teams are commonly referred to as "The Eternal Derby".

Dinamo is also 18th time winner of the league but the last time was in season 2006–07 so it's time for Dinamo to win it again,also the team has won 13 time the Romanian Cup and 2 times the SuperCup last time was in 2012.

Pre-Season !


The pre-season for Dinamo was in Austria where the team arranged 5 friendly games.After 1 week of training it was time for the first friendly game where the team got the first victory against Stefanesti,the next games were draws against Novi Pazar and Frydek-Mistek and the last friendly from the first part of the pre-season was against Szazhalombatta and Dinamo won 5:1 ( the best game yet ).The second part of the pre-season was a friendly torunament where Dinamo lost against Bohemians1905 with 2:3 ( we were so close to comeback after 0:3 but in the end Bohemians deserved the victory ) so we qualified for the third place game where we played with Dortmund and lost it with 3:0,finishing 4th ( from 4 teams ).


Dinamo will stay one more week in Austria and after that the team will fly for Romania and for the first league game ( derby in the start ) against AFC Astra Giurgiu.This will be also the first official game for the new manager Jose Alvaro.It will be interesting to see the "new Dinamo Bucuresti " !!

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Starting from Turkey !

Looking for a club took long enough but in the end i found my first job and applied for the job.I got a chance for an interview and actually i got the job.My career is starting in Turkey,Ankara the capital of Turkey.I searched in the internet and learned that there are 2 big clubs in Ankara and they are Osmanlispor and Genclerbirligi..so it's time for Ankara Demirspor to show that they deserve a place in the top division.





Ankara,formerly known as Ancyra and Angora, is the capital of the Republic of Turkey. With a population of 4,587,558 in the urban center (2014) and 5,150,072 in its province (2015),it is Turkey's second largest city after Istanbul.Ankara is a very old city with various Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman archaeological sites. The historical center of town is a rocky hill rising 150 m (500 ft) over the left bank of the Ankara Çayı, a tributary of the Sakarya River, the classical Sangarius. The hill remains crowned by the ruins of the old citadel. Although few of its outworks have survived, there are well-preserved examples of Roman and Ottoman architecture throughout the city, the most remarkable being the 20 bc Temple of Augustus and Rome that boasts the Monumentum Ancyranum, the inscription recording the Res Gestae Divi Augusti.

The Club

Ankara Demirspor is a Turkish football club which plays in TFF Third League. They were one of First League's founder members in 1958. They played 13 seasons in this league and relegated to Second League in 1971 and never returned.

Ankara Demirspor is one of the 38 Demirspor clubs in Turkey that are founded by the employees of the Turkish Railways (TCDD), similar to the Lokomotiv sports clubs of Eastern Europe.Most Demirspor clubs have jersey colours identical to Ankara Demirspor, and bear the TCDD symbol on their logo. Ankara Demirspor and Adana Demirspor are the only Demirspor club that compete in the Turkish Professional Football League System, and Ankara Demirspor is the only one that is still affiliated with TCDD.




The best player of the club is the 22 year old Furkan Tusik who can help a lot for achieving the goals of the club,but also it won't be easy for Ankara Demirspor to keep him at the club.


The team is at the bottom of the table with 6 points from 13 games in the league.It's time for a change and as i said the goal is a promotion in the end of the season.The club needs a new goalkeeper and a striker but the transfer budget is low and the only option is to look for players in the reserves.



First Games


The first official game for me as the manager of Ankara Demirspor will be against Tarsus I.Y. The team is with 7 defeats in a row and will be really hard to change that from the first game but everyone in the club will try to do it.The first home game will be against the 4th in the table Gumushanespor.

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Chapecoense - Episode 3


Santa Catarina State-Second Stage and Final.


After finishing at 4th place in the first stage Chapecoense finished 1st in the second.The team qualified for the final after 3 victories and 3 draws with 12 points.Jose Alvaro was pleased with the team and he said that they will win the final for sure if they continue to play like this.Danilo and Barbio were the players that helped a lot in the second stage ( Danilo with the saves and Barbio with the goals) .Chapecoense will start the league next week 3 days after the final game in Santa Catarina.


The final game in Santa Catarina was actually really interesting Chapecoense won the first leg away from home with 2:0 and everyone was sure that the final is over and that Chape is the new champion,but in the second leg Figueirense showed that they are not ready to lose and they were ahead with 2 goals after the first half.In the second half Chape started the game with a lot of attacks and Figueirense wasn't able to handle them.In the end Chapecoesne won the final and also the second leg after a comeback from 0:2 to 3:2.The new champions of Santa Catarina State - Chapecoense were really happy and they promised to show the same face in the league games next week.Interesting fact is that the first game will be again against Figueirense ( 3 games in a row against them for Chape ) .



Copa Do Brasil 2016


After 2 legs in the first round of Copa Do Brasil Chapecoense managed to eliminate CR Brasil with 4:0.The first leg away from home for Chape finished 0:1 undeserved victory ( those were the words of Jose Alvaro ) but in the second leg after the final in Santa Catarina Chape played with 11 different players from the final and they won with 3:0.In the end Chapecoense will play in the next round and they will continue their hunt for the trophy this season.


Chapecoense will face Luverdense EC in the Second Round of Copa Do Brasil.Jose Alvaro said that Chapeocense will show the same respect to them as in any other game but that they will play for the victory in the both legs.
As you know this season Chapecoense promised to battle for every trophy and for now they won the first one Santa Catarina State it's time for Copa Do Brasil and the league which will be the difficult part of the job.

Chapecoense-League Squad !



Chapecoense - Episode 2


The Team

The club have so many players on loan from other clubs so that's a problem for the future...for now the team's first eleven looks like this....


The best goalkeeper in the team is in the first eleven as the fans are expecting a lot from Danilo... ! Ananias and Barbio are doing a lot in the attack of the team from the wings and Tulio De Melo is our target man !
For the next season Chapecoense will try to reduce the players on loan and to buy some good players to help the team to achieve the goals that the board and the manager Jose Alvaro set.
Also Jose Alvaro said that he will use a lot the young players that are playing in the Reserves currently.That means that Chape can be only happy for the future.

Start of The Season - Santa Catarina State First Stage


Chapecoense finished the first stage of Santa Catarina State with 4 victories 2 defeats and 3 draws.The team won against Metropolitano,Criciuma,Hermann Aichinger and against Brusque in the last game.The defeats came against Joinville and Avai ( the team that looks the most dangerous in the group ).Chapecoense finished in the 4th place and qualified for the second stage where they will play with the other 3 teams ( Avai 1st,Figueirense 2nd and Joinville 3rd ) .


Second Stage


The team can only be proud with the result and with that huge 7-0 victory in the first stage against Hermann Aichinger.

Copa Do Brasil 2016


The team will face CR Brasil in the First Round of the tournament.Jose Alvaro commented the draw and said that the draw is good and Chape will play at 100% to achieve the victory because Copa Do Brasil is one of the goals for the season.


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Chapecoense - Season 1 !


The Club

Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, commonly known as Chapecoense and whose acronym was ACF, is a Brazilian football club, based in the city of Chapecó in the state of Santa Catarina.

Besides football the club also has activities in futsal, in which it has been state champion twice. The club was founded in 1973 with the goal of restoring football in the city of Chapecó, and won their first state title in 1977. In all, the club has won five state championships to date, the last in 2016. A relatively small club, they entered Brazil's top division, Série A, for the first time in 2014. The club's home matches are played at Arena Condá.


The team is playing really good football in the last years after winning promotions in 2009,2012,2013 and 2014 ! The goal is only one to achieve everything possible in Brazil with Chapecoense.I don't know much about Brazil League but i'm sure that i can achieve everything with Chape - were the words of the new manager of the club Jose Alvaro Rodriguez.

Also Chapecoense showed the kits for the new season !


Arena Condá

The Pre-Season


The team is really poor only with 72k for transfers,so with the little that the team had they managed to arrange 2 friendly games against Atletico Goianiense and Camioneros.Chape managed to get 2:2 in the first game and a victory with 2:0 in the second game with the new manager.When Jose Alvaro was asked to comment the game he said that he still tries to pick the best 11 but that the team is ready for the official games.As you know the first game are in the Santa Catarina State and then the games at First Division will start.



The next part will be uploaded later.I hope that you will like and will follow the story

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Good luck mate! I had the same idea, I'm just contemplating whether to start with the team as is on FM17 and win it or wait for the data update with a depleted squad, which unfortunately is the truth in this scenario

Thank you mate ! Later tonight i'll start the story ! It's sad what happened with that team ... when they were so close to achieve something great ..... I hope that everyone will like and follow that story ! #ForcaChape !!

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