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boomzdaydevice Comments
Hi! I got a question. so... I found some pictures for the kits for lower leagues, that are not in original database. Should i put it here or in a different thread?


This thread is only for fantasy kits, any real kit requests need to go in to the official thread
Haha, that'll do it. No idea why the config files for those 2 folders didnt copy across but sorted now. Cheers dude
I recently built a new pc, installed FM and transferred across my graphics from my old PC, but no matter what skin I try to use, not multiple reloads and clearing of the cache, I cannot get the stadium nor the trophies grahpics to display, they worked on all skins on the old PC and I copied everything directly into the correct folders, anybody got any suggestions?
Good evening,

Can I please have some fantasy kits for Sestao River?

Manufacturer Kappa(the symbol please not the brandname),

Home Kit
Black with pinstripe Green details (very thin green stripes) like Inter's
Away Kit
Army Khaki (not camo) and Green details Like the photo I've sent.

Between Kappa Symbol and Team's logo I desire the Basque Flag (discreet please)
For Sponsor the same as the Sestao kit I sent

hello guys,
Can i ask for kits for polish team Hutnik Krakow?


manufacture: Under Armor

Sponsor: Kross
of course without white background

Home Kit: light blue, you can pick any template
away kit: yellow, any template with white collar



I hope you can help me as I am a few seasons into my Rangers save (amazing how much you can accomplish during isolation lol) and need some new kits to keep it interesting.

Kit Manufacturer - Kappa

Home - Template Leeds United 19/20 home - 32Red sponsor in white - Main colour being Rangers blue with white trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs. Kappa logos and Rangers badge in white and if you could even remove the stars that would be fantastic.


Away - Template Leeds United 19/20 third - 32Red sponsor in white - Main colour can be the same Sky Blue as Leeds shirt, yellow colour on the bottom change to red to go with the solid white and blue colours as per Leeds shirt. Kappa logos same as Leeds shirt and Rangers badge in same colour as Kappa without stars again if possible.


Third - Template Leeds United 19/20 away - 32Red sponsor in white - Main colour the same Black/Grey colour as Leeds shirt, instead of the leeds pink trim on the sleeves and collar if you can use a red like Rangers kit past/present, Kappa logos in white along with Rangers badge without stars again if possible.


Hi, could somebody please do FC Rouen kits for me, please ?

Kit Manufacturer : Le Coq Sportif
Sponsor : Toyota
Colours :
- Home = red & white
- Away = sky blue & white
- Third = Burgundy
Logo : https://www.zupimages.net/up/20/10/qo7h.png

You'll need to add them to an config file pointing the kit images to Buxton's unique ID
Hey guys,

Im having trouble getting these made, will anyone help me?

Team: Buxton
Kit Type: SS
Collar: Round Neck
Kit Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: home - Buxton Water
Colours: Home - blue with white sleeve trim and white collar and a white diagonal stripe (top left to bottom right)
Away - white with blue sleeve trim and blue collar and a blue diagonal stripe (top left to bottom right)


thank you in advance, much appreciated

Wasn't able to download your attachments so had to search for the logos manually, when I did that I seen that Buxton water have updated their logo so I made varients using both so there are a few to pick from here;

Nice one! Was just about to have a go at these myself
Hi can I get some fantasy kits please.
Team: Juventus
Kit Manufacturer: Puma
Sponsor: Sony minidisk
Home - black and white stripes
Away - yellow with blue trim
Third - blue with white trim


Far from my best work I'm afraid but I hope these will do;


Couldn't bring myself to accept that home jersey so remade an alternative I personally think is much better but I'll leave both so you can use whichever you prefer

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Gentlemen please read the title of this thread, real kits, current or retro can be requested else. This thread is for fantasy kit requests only.
Can I get kits for my red bull Belfast team please?

Home: Nike
White with red trim

Away: Nike
Yellow/Gold with Blue trim

Third: Nike
Black with Silver/White Trim

Sponsor is red bull



I'll get it on to this for you when I find where Ive left my photoshop disc, just built a new pc and no idea where the disc is :-\
Could somebody make me kits eith this logo.
Any manufacturer/sponsor
Home kit-blue,sky/light blue (one half blua and the other sky blue)
Away kit-grey, white same as the home

Hi, could you create for me a set of kits for Mansfield Town please ?

Kit Manufacturer : Joma
Sponsor : Netflix
Colours :
- Home = yellow and blue
- Away = sky blue and gold
- Third = red and white
Logo : https://www.zupimages.net/up/20/10/p7ua.png

Can I get kits for my red bull Belfast team please?

Home: Nike
White with red trim

Away: Nike
Yellow/Gold with Blue trim

Third: Nike
Black with Silver/White Trim

Sponsor is red bull


You still looking these lad?
Would anyone be able to make this for me without the championship badges on the sleeves? Thanks in advance

I just made fantasy kits for coventry a few days back, not what you asked for but if you're welcome to use these if you like;
Hi, I am currently in my 4th season with Sunderland AFC on FM19 and enjoying it but one thing that bugs me is having to use the same kits every season unlike real life. One of my favourite ever kits is the Atletico Madrid home and iconic yellow away kit from the 13/14 season. So I was wondering if its possible for someone else to edit those kits to have the Sunderland badge on instead of Atletico and make it show up in game too on the 3D engine. If someone could do this for me or point me in the right direction I would be so grateful, I don't even know if this is possible but any help would be great, thanks.


and just because I personally prefer the following year's Atleti kit

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I was wondering if anyone could do me some sponsorless versions of Swansea's current kits in some different brands' templates? So a white home kit, the blue striped away kit, and the yellow third kit in something like Nike, Adidas, or Puma's current templates?

@boomzdaydevice as a Liverpool fan it pains me to say it but those Everton kits look spectacular mate, really well done

Aye I'm a red too lol but I made these for Pro Evo and liked them enough to reproduce them for FM

If someone has the time, could you please look into making these Palermo kits?

The fine details are unnecessary as I'd imagine that would take far too long.

Thanks in advance.

Not exactly what you asked for but figured I'd whip up some quick ones in this year's Kappa style
Everton fantasy kits if anyone wants to use them


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Will you be uploading your Serie A templates Bolid?
New Manchester United kits I made if anyone wants them;


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Excellent work, thanks!

Awesome timing, just started a new game with Milan last night. Have I missed posting of the home and away kits?
I´d like to request a kit made from the new Barcelona away kit as a template, made as a third kit for my Genoa side and with a yellow Kappa logo instead of the Nike logo. No arm sponsors. The cuff that is blue on Barca kit should be red in the Genoa kit and vice versa. Instead of the Catalan stripes in the neck, maybe it´s possible to do the Genoa flag instead?

Kit reference:


Sponsor logo:

Genoa flag:

Yellow color: #ffd41c
Red color: #9d002c
Blue color: #00244b

Thanks in advance!

Have you already got a Home & Away jersey for these?

I was wondering if someone could make me the follow kits

Kit Template -


Please remove the lines at the bottom of either side of the Kit

Kit Design -

Home - Black and white stripes, with the black stripe in the middle and black trim.

Away - Red (colour code 244, 0, 0) with white sleeves and white trim (Sorry I didn't provide a different template for the away and third kits, I couldn't find one with the same collar as the template provided)

Third - White with black trim.

Badge -


Sponsor -

Could you make this logo white for away away and black for third.

Thanks in advance!