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boomzdaydevice Comments
Thank you very much my friend. Very cool designs!!!!

However, could the home kit stripes be horizontally instead of vertically please??

Thanks in advance and sorry for bother! But still, both designs are amazing!!!!

I'm sorry mate I was thinking of the Betis jersey instead of the Sporting one
Just wondering if I'd be able to get a couple of kits made

Club: ASEC Mimosas
Manufacturer : Nike
Sponsor : Sifca
Logo : Club logo

Home : This template in yellow, with the sleeves being black, and the sponsor logo [just the writing, the thing underneath stays the same] being in black also.

Away : This template in a black, with the graphic on the sleeve being yellow, and the sponsor logo [just the writing, the thing underneath stays the same] being in yellow also.

Your help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance,


Tried leaving the thing below the sponsor as it was but you couldn't see it on the yellow jersey
Hi, could I request Warta Poznań home and away shirt?
Here's the logo of the club https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/6wPnw31ersgjvZKe1YK5Z6RhTHGzpo-p1E8-lX_hgQXuPIldur9s4OXMrY6jh1oZFND1QIh6w9KrupiggNigpzGChqevmWoKRQGvmalZ9LU

Away shirt: Green (similiar to the Panathinaikos jersey, but without greek flag - https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51WcnP1R-0L._AC_UX385_.jpg
Manufacture: Kappa
Sponsor: your choice

Home shirt: White with elements of green (similiar to away shirt, but the main colour is white and everything else is green)
Manufacture: Kappa
Sponsor: your choice (but the same sponsor as in away shirt)

Hello guys,

Could anyone help me by doing some fantasy kits for my save with a portuguese 4th string team please?

Team name: Sport Club Lusitânia

Home kit: White and Green stripes horizontally (very similar to Sporting Club Portugal home kit).

Away kit: it must be black but please feel free to use your imagination.

Sponsor: preferably MSC Cruises (such as Napoli sponsorship) but it can be any other you think is best suited for both kits.

Kit brand: Umbro

Badge: https://www.google.com/search?q=sport+club+lusit%C3%A2nia+logo&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=ALeKk00YKqXvxEUuPK9U1RiZD9SLtAONMQ:1593704802227&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjt6_OE9a7qAhWj2eAKHaoBAiMQ_AUoAXoECAwQAw&biw=1366&bih=654#imgrc=4QQUU30kBZ2M7M&imgdii=6BBpll-25aI6kM

Please feel free to add your personnal touch as you like it to the kits!
Thank you very much guys!

Oh, I didn't think it mattered. I'm on FM20. Oh well, thanks anyway,

Sorry the games use different templates, my 3D kits wouldnt work for you
Any chance I could get the 3D versions of these? Thanks.

That'll depend on which game you are playing because I still play FM19
Nice one, I've a soft spot for Donny
Could anyone help me out? Planning to do a big road to glory with this team in the lower leagues.

They look amazing, thanks a lot!
Would you however be able to make the blue on the home and away shirt a little bit darker?
If not, no problem at all.


Don't have time to remake it so hope that'll do for you
Could someone create me some Girondins de Bordeaux kits based on the designs below?
I really like kits 1 and 4 so I wouldn't want to change the design of those.
But as a third kit, I would like to have the same design as kit number 4, but in different colors.
More specifically: white => dark grey, navy => fading purple/pink (similar to the other kit I included, but just the 'V' instead of the whole shirt).
I hope this makes any sense to you.

Sponsor: Canal+ or Société Générale (just pick the one you thinks looks best, but I would like the sponsor to be the same on all three kits)
Of course you can change the color of the sponsor logo to match the colors of the kit.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, I started a custom league with RC Paris Colombes but I can't find any kits online, could be possible create a fantasy kit from these 3 concept kits I found on twitter: https://twitter.com/Saintetixx/status/1157302349007921153?s=20

Thx in advance


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Thanks for the badge options really appreciate them!
I prefer the style of badge which is same as Red Bull Salzburg and New York Red Bulls.

If you could create the kits for me I would like to have:
white home
dark blue away
and if possible third kit red with the Red Bull kit sponsorship with the same design as Red Bull Salzburg Europa League/UCL kit
and as personal addition I would like to have the sleeve sponsorship by VK.
If you could create 3D kit the short and sock color is up to you (maybe same as other RB sides)

Thanks for your help!

sorry I f'd up with the answer before that's why I have my comment twice on the thread

I have no plans to make that particular Malmo kit, but I guess very similar kits will be used in English leagues in many variations.

You can have this psd while you wait for others: Milan 20/21

Thanks Bolid!
How is this? Not really touched photoshop in 7 years so I'm a bit rusty lol


Made a few options for it myself based on different styles;

If you do want SS kits made with either of these just let me know the colours you want for each

Magnificent Bolid, will you be making the similar template Puma are using for next year? I posted a few images of the Malmo kit of that design, same as this on the sleeves with a slightly different collar and a little detail on the collar bone
Looking for a Puma template. Have anyone done it? https://imgur.com/a/qeCqqwK

I'm hoping to get this template as well, here are a few more photos if that helps


Team : Newcastle United
Sponsor : Asus
Design : Adidas

Home : Black and white stripes with a little bit of gold
Away : White and sky blue
Third : Green

Thanks in advance !

Hi, could somebody possible do Real Betis concept kits for me, please ?

Kit Manufacturer : Kappa (The “M&rdquo
Sponsor : Rakuten
Colours :
- Home = Green and white thick stripes w/ Black trim (Black Sponsor and logo)
- Away = White w/ Green trim (Green sponsor and logo)
- Third = Black w/ Gold trim (gold sponsor, logo and crest)
-Alternative = Green w/ white trim (White sponsor and logo)

Thank you.

I posted this in the official thread but just noticed this thread.

I am looking for a Home and Away kit for Inter de Madrid in the 3rd Division in Spain. Inspired by the Roma kit or Chelsea third kit with the new style Nike logo.

Many thanks.

Could I get some custom Dagenham and Redbridge kits please?

Home - Red and Blue. Not sure if there are any templates which lend themselves to this scheme, but feel free to get as inventive as you like. Maybe quarters or a predominantly Red shirt with Blue collar/detailing/trim.

Away - Gold with Black trim. Again open to designs!

Third - Macclesfield 2019/20 away kit - https://www.mtfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/09.08.19-201920-away-kit-now-on-sale/

Brand - Nike

Sponsor - https://images.app.goo.gl/sHwvae2qqTdngwx76

Badge - https://images.app.goo.gl/i6YYJZxSNYJQeDY8A

Thank you!

Deportivo kits if anyone wants them
A lot of people asking for the new MLS style adidas kits @bolid74, Don't suppose you happen to have a template whipped up for them?
Hi, could somebody possible do AC Milan concept kits for me, please ?

Kit Manufacturer : Nike (Retro logo if Possible)
Sponsor : Fly Emirates
Colours :
- Home = Red & Black thick stripes w/ White trim (white Sponsor and logo)
- Away = White w/ Red trim (Red sponsor and logo)
- Third = Black w/ Gold trim (gold sponsor and logo)

Could you please add the Serie "A" Scudetto in the center of the chest on all kits

Thank you.



anyone able to recreate these using the SS09 kit style with the Sky as sponsor? Thanks

Should anyone find some time, I'd much appreciate a third kit for my Sunderland save!

Badge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Logo_Sunderland.svg
Kit manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Children_with_Cancer_UK%27s_logo.png
Colours: Light blue and white


Could somebody please create the following Villarreal home kit in the 'SS kits' style?

Villarreal home

There's also a blue away kit (these designs are from 2016) which I'd love changed to the green (attached) 19/20 colours in the same design.

If anybody wanted to go the extra mile and replicate for the light blue 19/20 third kit as well, I would be very grateful indeed!

Thanks very much