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spaskecar Comments
This is surely the best tactic my team made so far in FM2019. According to the results, it is almost unbeatable. It is tested with Mainz in Bundesliga and Everton in Premier League... So you should be able to win the title with clubs like these two in one of the strongest leagues in the world.

About the tactic, it is asymmetric 4123. The players will be all over the pitch, football you play will be beautiful to watch, with many short passes and a lot of goals. I recommend you to get some creative players with technique and there should be no problems with it. It is so called total soccer tactic so your players will go in both ways, up and down. You won`t concede a lot of goals with it, as your players will be very aggressive in defense. The only thing that may make you a problem is getting a lot of red cards, but that wasn`t the problem we had so far with this tactic.

You can check out this tactic, how it works, whole detailed analyses of it here in the video. I hope you will make your opponents cry for real with this tactic and win many, many matches


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I would also like to know the answer on the previous question
Lately, when it was still Beta there I posted one tactic that worked nicely in FM19... This one is much better according to the result it gave. It just happened after hours and hours of playing the FM19... We tried many things in 4-5-1 system and we finally got it.
This tactic is tested with Sporting and you can see that only 1 match was lost with it, and that is maybe because of some of the other things, not because of the tactic.
Although it is possession tactic you will see fast football, modern type of football we all like to watch.
Important players are WB`s as they need to be fast and quality in both ways, attack or defense. With creative passers in midfield, you shouldn`t have problems creating chances too.
More information you can get in the video where Nik tried to tell you all about this tactic. You can see how the chances are made with this tactic.

I hope you will win a lot of games with it, tell me how it works for you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXBiyC4Apbo

I don`t find it too much important, but I always take recommended by the club strength

You are welcome, sorry for my mistake again
how can I download it?

I cannot upload it here, but its in the description of the video

Sorry I thought that I cannot I can xD

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We tried a lot to make another tactic that will work. After Nik did it many times in FM18, we have to admit it wasn`t that easy in FM19… Some things have been changed now. But we think we made it, at least for this Beta version it works.

The tactic is 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2 if you want to call it that way, I don`t mind. The main thing we wanted to do in this tactic is to make the passing tactic that will make football look much better on the eye. So with it there will be a lot of short passes, also with the inverted wingers if they are good at crossing it will make things easy in the attack. With the defense also you shouldn`t have any problems, they only thing I recommend is fast CB`s. So have a fun with the new FM and I hope you will make a lot of great results with this tactics. You can check some actions and how this tactic works in the video. Cya soon with the new FM19 tactic 


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It was a while since the last tactic I have posted and now I will present you something new me, and my team made. This is 3-2-2-1-2 tactic or 3-5-2 as some of you like to say. The main thing in it is passing and beautiful football as in all the tactics I have posted so far. Your team will play "from leg to leg" football, there will be a lot of short passes and you will be able to almost fully control the game. Something I recommend for this tactic is to choose good fast CB`s with good tackling as they are the most important part of your defense if you use this tactic. It is standard mentality tactic and something most of FM lovers don`t use and the first standard tactic I posted on this forum, so I hope you will love it and it will bring you a lot of victories There is detailed description of this tactic in the video below, with a download link if you want to use it right away. Maybe you won`t use this tactic but will inspire you to make your own, even better. Cheers!
I would just recommend you to choose a counter-attacking approach when you play against stronger opponents Maybe you should have 2 tactics in combination, I would suggest you https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/39744/3-4-3-counter-tactic-nikfm this one for that kinda matches, when you play on result
Bravo Kim Jong!
Now something different. For about time I didn`t see that people use Counter tactics in FM18, or FM at all and the reason why they don`t do that is simple - it is hell to make it and get results.
This is 3-4-3 tactic, it is Counter, it is tested and it works!
I recommend this tactic for lower leagues and smaller clubs that aren`t favorites but they wanna go higher on the table. It`s not possession tactic as I posted so far on this forum. This tactic is fast and you will make great results against stronger opponents and a lot of chances during those matches. The key is to concede fewer goals but to be dangerous for the opponent`s net.
Everything is fully explained in the video and I hope it will bring you a lot of wins and that you will win titles in lower leagues and go to the top league where you will be tough to beat!

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Sorry if I'm being thick, but where is the download link please?

Here you go bro

I just posted it as Pep Guardiola tactic, Try it and tell me if it works Greetings
Pep Guardiola is really amazing in this season and after I watched a lot of matches I tried to replicate his invincible tactic. I have to admit that after the patch I had to work a lot for it, but it pays off This tactic is modern, as I said, tried to make it look like real Man City plays. The key is to have a lot of possession but to be efficient.
The main concept is to have great wing backs, that will go up and down all the time, almost every player goes in both ways, so it is for real TOTAL FOOTBALL. CM`s are really important for this tactic, because of their vision and they have to be creative and with good technique.
I tried to explain everything in this tactic in this video, but also if you have some questions, I`ll be there to answer. I hope you will like it, make a lot of wins (I know I did ) and continue playing the best game in the world - FM! Enjoy peeps
If you want to download the tactic, you have the link in the description


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Very nice. It works very good, sometimes i concede goals on counters over wings, but its tactic
Yeah. I've seen and trid that tactic, but it is not so good like this one. And also my player's suit better this (AM Left and Right).

Heh, ok bro, I`ll post a new tactic, more like this one soon I hope you will like it and it will work for you
Probably because of the recent patch bro, you can check out the other tactic I posted, it works almost perfectly after the patch
As You can see, this game is quite different after the patch, so It wasn`t that easy to make a tactic that works. The tactics that worked before the patch are still good, but those who were almost unbeatable aren`t like that now.
After hours and hours of the work, I have made this tactic. It is 3-5-2 Attacking tactic that will make You almost unbeatable again.
The Main focus is on short passes, but the possession isn`t the most important, the result is!
A lot of players will come into the box and a lot of players will play in both ways of course. This tactic also has a new role Regista who will dictate the tempo and if Your Regista is good, you have done almost 50% of the work with this tactic.
I hope You will score a lot of goals, win almost all matches and enjoy this tactic. Here you go the video with the all instructions how to make. You can also download it, if you don`t want to listen how every position works, which is fully explained in this video. ENJOY!
Same here, in second half my team becomes very weak. In the first we dominate and score. Any hints how to resolve that?
This is something new, almost unbeatable tactic, for every club. This tactic is total soccer tactic. That means your players will go both ways, the opponent 16m line will be crowded, also your goal will be defended by numerous players. It is modern, fast, direct passing tactic. Also your player will look very fluid on the pitch but compact and very good in defense. For those who like to play with 3 cbs, my opinion is that this is the best way to do it.
Of course, you try it and then tell me how`s it going. I want your opinion.

I played the whole season with and my team is on the first place of the table, almost without defeat. There is no unbeatable tactic for real, but this one is close to it.
I tried to give you an intro, there is a video which explains everything in it, with the results, and roles, also a link in description if you don`t wanna copy from video.
Enjoy bros!

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Very nice bro, useful for everyone. Keep up the good work.
Its not going good for me im playing with Partizan, its good tactic but not great

Maybe you should play with Red Star he he
How is it going for you?

I would ask the same question
I would suggest you to play a bit deeper in defense and maybe more direct passing and higher tempo. The tactic is created to play against stronger opponents, possession football and should give you OK results against them. Maybe you should choose your CB`s better (they need to be fast for it).
I', struggling with Belenenses with this tactic. How do you play against stronger teams? What tweaks do you make then? Thx

It is complicated on some way... Depends on your players. This tactic is mainly for the teams with fast players with good technique and passing. So try to adapt your tactic to your players on some way. I can`t tell you how exactly, because I don`t see your team right now
Sorry for waiting. I thought that the video showed whole tactic and It was enough. About views you can see that I earned 0$ from my videos so far xD I only love FM and that`s the reason why I make those And also if I just put this tactic nobody will understand how would It work completely, without video.

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Can you put a link for download ?

It`s in description
This is tactic I`ve made, It`s almost unbeatable. I have played many,many matches and maybe lost only 2-3 of them. Here you can see how to set it up, you can see that i didn`t lose after 25 matches. Tactic I recommend when you aim top of the league. Offensive, fast, modern. Enjoy