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3 years ago
Challenge accepted. I am not going to sign anyone in my game then. Also I already done this challenge a couple years ago and totally dominated it about 25 years in. I won the world cup and the Champs league in the same year. Problem with NT is silly Italy...
4 years ago
I haven't seen a file yet with the update. Also for Cymro am I the only idiot to try the challenge or has someone already done it? The challenge of only using players from your youth and not able to sign anyone? Or is it just able to sign people ou...
4 years ago
There is a new record for FM2016 Highest Transfer Fee Received with Being sold since club is matching release fee
4 years ago
By Ipswich Knights | On 06 November 2015 - 06:09 AM GMTAdditional proof of excellence, (just in case you might think it was too easy). Win Serie A with a completely Home Grown side. (Nobody has ever done this). Win the Champions League with a complete...