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I am of the same opinion as @Dan . Great deal with Marcos.
Pre season did well and the first win in the bundesliga against bayern! Oh yeah
And it seems that the victories are there to stay! It will not be an easy task but you will get it! Third place is now so good.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

Nicely done so far, good to see the goals being spread across the team.
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Great start to life back in the top tier man!
Thanks for catching up @SrWerGaming, I think of you as my Bundesliga guru, you seem to know a lot about it and I intend to use your info wisely

I thought the same @r96Skinner, last year it was mainly Cordoba and Schaub but it's more evenly spread this season.

@Dan, I just hope we can continue our form.


October 2020




4 games played this month, 3 in the Bundesliga and 1 in the German Cup. We started off with a defeat to lowly Freiburg who showed how to finish clinically. They had 1 shot on target and it went in. A bitter pill to swallow that's for sure. We were back on track in the next game though when we defeated Frankfurt 3-0. We were comfortable throughout and Cordoboa, Zinchenko and Schaub grabbed our goals. Our third league game ended in a 0-0 thriller. Not much happened and a draw was probably a fair result.

The last game of the month saw us progress easily into the 3rd round of the German Cup. Zinchenko rounded off a fine month with the winning goal in the 81st minute. Who we will play is yet to be determined, but I'm hoping for a Bundesliga II team.



We've dropped 3 places but that's not a surprise after a month that gave us everything. We're now 6 points off the top, but is the title really achievable in our first season back? Probably not but we will still give it a go whilst we can.

Next Post / November 2020
I'd say anywhere in the top 10 come the end of the season would be classed as a very, very successful season! Kepe up coming dude.
@Dan I would tend to agree. Maybe challenging for a European spot?


November 2020




Wow, what an uneventful month of football. 3 0-0 draws and 1 win. I often don't give my defence enough credit, but they've been fantastic and part of the reason as to why we have settled so quickly in the Bundesliga. We held firm against Bayer 04 who lead the league and I'm pretty happy to get something against them. The only win of the month came against Holsten Kiel who took the lead early on but we hit back with goals from Simon Zoller and Christian Clemmens to take the 3 points. An unbeaten month!



it's 6th position for us at the end of November. We fall to 7 points off the lead but I'm not aiming there now. Time consolidate our position in the top half of the table and try and challenge for Europe! Bayer 04 lead the pack with Hamburger down at the other end.



I've somehow managed to gain an untouchable rating from the board. I must be doing something right!

Next Post / December 2020
Like you said not the most eventful month of football but a great draw against a strong Leverkusen team and to be fair it was an unbeaten month! You're doing fantastic in your first season back in the top flight.
@Brick Tamland, thank you for taking the time to read! Sometimes those boring months are just what you need to consolidate your position!


December 2020




We played 5 games this month and maybe our balloon has been popped. We haven't won now for 6 games and ended the month on a 2 game losing streak. Granted one of those games was against the might of Bayern Munich. We're equal in head to heads now and equal on late goals scored against us. We gained a credible draw against Borrussia Dortmund, but the other 2 draws should've ended with 3 points coming our way so I'm disappointed with this month.

We need to get back to winning ways and pretty quickly.



We've dropped all the way down to 9th position now, which to be honest isn't too bad for a team that's just come up. I've just set my eyes higher than this and I honestly think we're better than where we are.

Next Post / January 2020
Hey! Good job! What tactics did you use and what roles etcetera did you deploy? I am playing with Koln, early first season. Tried to develop a 4231 tactic with very little success. Schaub was useless for me, was initially deployed behind the striker but now he isn't even on the bench. I failed miserably.
Need to try and find a win to stop that form somewhere soon! However you're still inside the top 10 as I said you'd finish, if you hit a winning run, european qualification certainly isn't out the question.
Your winter form seems to be matching mine on every save of late! As Dan said, you just need that win to get things back on the right track
Well, this month did not go as expected but we have to be honest, a lot of hard games there. You'll be able to find the right shape next month, I believe.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

@Tak!, I play 4-3-2-1, i'll post a photo of my tactic in a future post Schaub is best played as an advanced playmaker though, seemed to score lots for me in that role!

@Dan, that win is important, hoping to go on a little run once we get that first win. I'm hoping we can also manage to sneak into European Qualification if we can.

@KEZ_7 Winter form is a killer. Plenty of time to put things right though. Thanks for catching up!

@SrWerGaming, most games are hard in this league. Need reinforcements in the Summer once we have some more transfer budget added. That's why finishing as high as possible is key!


January 2020




This month started off with a goal bonanza, unfortunately, we were on the wrong side to a 4-3 scoreline against Hertha BSC. Goals were going in quick and fast and it could've gone either way to be honest. Just our luck at the moment!

WE GOT OUR WIN! A 3-1 win against Hamburger who can't get a win for anything so it was an ideal time to play then. Risse was the star of the show and grabbed 2 goals on our way to victory.

It was straight back down to earth as we lost to a strong RB Leipzig team who are going well in the league at the moment.



21 games into the season and we're in 9th position! Still in with a good shout of a finish in European Qualification. I'm pretty happy with where we are to be honest in our first season back in the Bundesliga.

Next Post / February 2020

February 2020




A 2-2 against Borussia Monchengladbach kick started us this month. Cordoba adding 2 to his tally for the season.

It was the German Cup up next and the matchup against the mighty FC Bayern. We grabbed our 2nd victory against them this season, although we needed extra time to do so. Cordoba grabbed the winner late on! What a win for the boys.

We were bought back down to earth with a bump as we returned to league action as we lost 1-0 agasint FC Schalke 04! Not a good performance and we missed the chance to capitalise on the big win against Bayern.

A brilliant game against SC Freiburg which provided back and forth action for both teams. We prevailed and grabbed a lovely 3-2 victory to ensure the 3 points returned with us.

I really wanted us to pick up a win against Frankfurt as I thought it was a winnable game. Obviously not as we lumboured to a 0-0 draw in a really boring game to round off the month.

Not a bad month anyway for the boys with a great win in the German Cup setting up a Qtr Final matchup against Werder Bremen.



We still sit in 9th position but the European places are moving slowly away from us. We need to pick up some good form in the back end of the season to keep our hopes alive. I'll be focusing on this and also the German Cup!

Next Post / March 2020
Reminds me of my game so far, be great for a couple of months then slowly decline and fall down the table with no actual explanation as to why it happened. Though you do have time to turn it around.
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I think it happens to most teams at some point @VP. . Can't sustain a good run forever can you? Let's hope it's just a blip and form comes both our ways! Thanks for reading!


March 2020




A lovely match-up in the Qtr Finals of the German Cup was up first against a struggling Werder Bremen, and made our quality show in a nice 2-0 victory. This was enough to see us progress to the Semi Finals where we will now face Hertha BSC for a chance to play in the Final.

It was Werder Bremen up again, this time in the league. Our quality shone through once more and we came out with a 2-0 again. Both games went pretty much the same way and we dominated from start to finish in both. A much needed boost to our confidence.

Back down to Earth we came once more though, as we lost to Hannover 96 in a pretty good match. We lost it in the 87th minute though after being 2-0 up. Disappointing to lose this one after being in the lead.

I thought we would end the month with a loss too as the might of Bayer 04 came to town. We showed we had what it takes to compete in the league however as we came away with the 3 points and a 2-0 victory courtesy of our full backs scoring for us. Hector and Bader. It will be a struggle to keep both this Summer after both drew interest from top teams last Summer.



We still sit in 9th position with 2 months to go on the season. We're closing on those Europa League places though and I'm confident we can still nick one just about. Can you imagine, European Football in Cologne once again.

Next Post / April 2020

April 2020




A frustrating start to the month as we drew 1-1 against Holsten Kiel who we should really be beating. Clemmens grabbed our goal but they hit back late on to deny us a win to start off.

Stuttgart visited next and we dispatched them in style A lovely 2-0 win gave us 3 points and a big win against a team above us.

It was the German Cup Semi Final next and we nicked a 1-0 win to progress to the final with Zinchenko scoring a winner! Our first final in my tenure and we face the current holders RB Leipzig!

A defeat on the final match of the month against FC Nurenburg annoyed me. Not because we lost as they are a good team, but we didn't play well at all. Very disappointing and not a good way to end the month.



We've dropped 1 place and we're now in 10th. The European places look a distance away with only 3 games remaining in the league. We need a perfect month and things to go our way. A top half finish would please me though, and we can build on it next season.

Next Post / May 2020

May 2020




Heading into the final month with an outside shot of qualifying for a Euro Cup place is a pretty exciting way to end a season. It was 2nd place Borussia Dortmund up first and we gained a credible 2-2 draw against them. I was really really pleased with the performance.

A disappointing draw against Hoffenheim who were also battling for a European place. We really need to win this game to keep our chances alive, but we failed to get the 3 points and our hopes were over. A 1-1 draw wasn't good enough.

We ended the season on a high though, with a brilliant 1-0 win against Wolfsburg who have performed well this season. Really pleased to end the season with a win!

German Cup Final Day was upon us and what an occasion to end the season for us. RB Leipzig are no mugs and we performed excellently against them. We had a goal disallowed in the first half for a dubious offside decision and VAR brought it back. The match ultimately went to penalties and we missed the crucial 6th penalty which meant Leipzig have won it twice in two years. A brilliant achievement to reach the final anyway.



A cruel place to finish for us. One place below the European places which is so disappointing. However, what a first season in the Bundesliga as we finish in the top half. I really can't complain at that and it gives us a brilliant building platform so we can kick on next season.




My Under 19s team came runners-up in the Youth Cup Final meaning that we have some promising players coming through. I can't wait to get more of them involved and I think we will have a few next seasons. I've invested heavily into the Youth Facilities so that we can have these quality players coming through year upon year.



My team performed brilliantly on the return to the Bundesliga but a few players stood out with their average rating. Leading the way was Jonas Hector who came in with a 7.20. In second place was Louis Schaub who was outstanding once again.

Goalwise, we spread them around the whole team this year. Jhon Cordoba grabbed 10 and led the charts for the 2nd season in a row. I'm hoping he can kick on next year and grab 20+. Olexandr Zinchenko was 2nd in the ranks scoring 9 and Christian Clemmens was in 3rd with 8.

Assists was won by the same man as last season. Louis Schaub had a total of 8. Christian Clemmens had an impressive 7 to finish in 2nd place.


Once again, Louis Schaub won the Fans Player of the Year. Jonas Hector was in close 2nd and Matthias Bader in 3rd.

Next Post / 3rd Season
It was a shame that you did not get a place in European competitions but even so for the first year in the bundesliga, very good. That you now have some money to bring good players to the team. Keep going, my friend.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

@SrWerGaming It was a shame that we couldn't quite get over the line and gain one more place. I'm confident that we can make the extra step this season and really push for a higher finish.


Preseason 2021/2022



Moi Gomez - CM - Sporting Guijon - £4.4m
An exciting attacking midfielder who should provide straight competition for a place in the first team from the off. He possesses great technique and can hit a long shot or two.


Brijan Ibrahimi - ST - Brescia - £10.75m
I'm really pleased to get this one over the line. A wonder kid in the making. He's come in to be competition for Jhon Cordoba and could start straight away. Bargain too!


Luiz Filipe - CB - Lazio - £16.5m
Will be my starting CB from the start. He's great in the air and has great potential. I'm looking at him to be a leader in this squad. Pretty hefty outlay but I think he's worth it.



Tomas Ostrak - West Ham - Free
Nebiyou Perry - FC Augsburg - Free
Dominick Dressler - Brondby IF - £1.4m
Simon Terrodde - FC Magdeburg - £500k
Thomas Kessler - FC Magdeburg - £86k



A pretty hefty schedule in terms of friendlies. We toured around England as we did last year and had a variety of results. A really good performance against Manchester United amongst them. The main thing was to get minutes under our belt and get the new lads settled into the team. Luiz Felipe was on international duty at the Olympics so hasn't joined us yet which is a shame.

Next Post / August 2021
Absolute heartbreak at the end of last season to miss out on the top 7 by just a few points and then to lose the cup final on penalties! New signings look very promising though, I reckon your squad should easily be good enough to be pushing for top 6 or maybe even top 4 this time round.
@lolmappo definitely hurt a bit to come one place off the European spot, and then to lose on the final day in the Cup Final on pens. I feel like this season will be better and who knows, we may even challenge further up! Thanks for catching up!


August 2020




To kick start the new season we had a matchup in the German Cup. Non league Neckarelz were the visitors to the RheinEnergie Stadion. We ran out comfortable winners with new boys Ibrahimi and Gomez opening their accounts with the club. Onto the 2nd round we go.

In the league we lost to a late goal against Borrussia Monchengladbach. Not the greatest of starts to the league campaign!

We then played new boys Mainz who didn't challenge us. We were excellent and dominated throughout. Gulbrandsen and Ibrahimi were the scorers which means all 3 of my striking options have already scored this season. Let's hope that continues.



We sit in 9th after the first 2 games in the league. You can't really tell what will happen but at least we are in the top half to start things off.

Next Post / September 2020
I said anything inside the top 10 was a successful season so great to see you finish up in 8th and reach the cup final, that's a very positive return to the top flight.
Despite the rough end to last season, it was still a very promising campaign. Hopefully you can build on it!
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@tongey I think you made good hirings in the market, hopefully they can show the money invested.

Special attention to Brijan Ibrahimi who seems to be a beast.

A good pre-season and two good victories to start, it's a pity you lost the first game of the championship. Let this be the year to reach the European competitions and who knows, even more. Good lcik for this season Mate!
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