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I once again embark on my mission to win every trophy possible on the game. It's not going to happen and I have no set route I want to complete it in. Let the journey start.


Champions Playoff Result

First Leg (Home)


We managed to grab the win in the home leg. We needed to make sure we won this game due to the home advantage and that's exactly what we did. Marcio Benitez scampered through their defence in the 6th minute and slotted it home to give us the lead. We were under pressure for the last 20 minutes but we held on and took the lead into the 2nd leg away from home.

Second Leg (Away)


WE HELD ON! A boring 0-0 draw was enough to win us the league and crown us champions! What a boring way to do it, but I'll take it. There was literally no action and that's exactly what we needed. An unspectacular way to win the trophy but one that I will take every day.


That's 2/4 in Uruguay completed, so only the Intermedio and the Super Cup to win. Hopefully, we can tick them off this season, and then I can move onwards.

Next Post: Pre Season 2023

Last seasons success is still ringing in my ears and I'm excited to see if we can replicate it. The main bit of news is that we haven't had to go through the qualifying stages for the Copa Libertadores which is really pleasing. We get a cool £1.3m for being in the group stages which helps boost the coffers. I've had issues keeping all my players happy as I've got a set first team which has done well for me, so others aren't as happy. I'll look to address that this season. The aims this season are:

- To win the Intermedio
- To win the Super Cup


Nicolas Claveria // CM // Universidad de Chile // Free
Nicolas comes in as Renzo Perez leaves a hole in the midfield. He's a strong player who I'm hoping can slot straight into the team alongside Maximilliano Lemos or Gaston Diaz. That's a strong three players in there anyway.

Martin Rios // GK // Once Caldas // £180k
Martin came highly recommended from my Chief Scout and he had a minimum fee release clause of £180k. I thought I should use this and put in a bid to match that. He's a hell of a keeper and has all the attributes needed to become a legend at the club. He's only a youngster and I'm hoping he can be a future leader for us.


Renzo Perez // Uraguay Montevideo // Free (End of Contract)


4 pre-season friendlies as we have a shorter preseason than usual due to the Super Cup. 4 wins out of 4 is always a good sign. A big win against CEC who play their football in the Brazillian first division is always good and I'm really happy to say we can play against bigger teams.



We were drawn against Defensor Sporting once against in the Super Cup. They won the Intermedio last season and us the league so that's why we play them. It's another trophy I need to tick off the list so I put a strong team out. It's also a good chance to give the fans some enjoyment. We managed to grab a win on penalties after a 1-1 draw. Nahuel Alfonso continued his scoring for the club with the only goal for us. I know it's not a big trophy to win but I'm pleased to add it to my collection and get it out of the way.



As I said above, we have been awarded a straight path to the Copa Libertadores Group Stage and have been drawn in the group as a South American giant. Boca Juniors (Argentina), Bolivar (Bolivia), and Cerro Porteno (Paraguay), are all in the same group as us. It's a tough as but I believe in the boys and maybe we can cause an upset.


Next Post: Mid Season 2023
Just getting caught up mate and Some South American leagues are pretty confusing at the best of times but well done on grabbing the title! With that you should get some better players in and be able to compete in the Copa Libertadores, Boca are going to your biggest threat in the group, get a result against them and you never know what could happen. Good luck!
Like matt, I've just caught up, great to see you've now got 3/4 for the trophies in Uruguay, making some great process.
Don't venture much outside of Europe, so this is a good read! Very ambitious objective.. keep up the good work
Just caught up on this mate, fantastic season last season winning the league, a brilliant achievement.

A couple of good signings and a strong pre season there will definitely boost the morale even more going into the new season while confidence would already have been high after winning the league last season.

Unfortunate to draw Boca Juniors in your group, you couldn't really have asked for anyone harder really but I'm confident you'll give a good account of yourselves against them and do well against the other teams in your group!
@bigmattb28, thanks for catching up! Getting in the same group as Boca is a killer, but should bring in some much-needed cash in gate receipts. I hope we can grab results against the other two teams and maybe grab a 2nd placed finish to qualify.

@Dan, 3/4 completed, 1 to go, and it's the cup that nearly cost me the league title last season due to my horrendous form in it. Fingers crossed we can tick it off this time around.

@HvonBerenreute, Thank you for reading up. I've never managed in South America before so it's definitely a challenge. Loving it so far.

@bricktamland, Cheers for catching up! I'm really enjoying this save and hopefully we can tick off the final trophy in Uraguay this season!

The Opening Stage is over and the Group Stages for the Copa Libertadores have concluded. I'm still really enjoying my time here in Uraguay but I'm hoping to tick off the last remaining cup competition quickly and move on to my next challenge.



Another year, another new contract which of course I offered. A little bit more money and a little bit more time.




Coming from a ridiculously successful season last time around, I knew it would be hard to emulate our league form when you add in the added games from the Copa Libertadores. We've still alright and I'm not to disheartened with our form. We've managed to grab more wins than losses. The disappointing thing is that we didn't manage to beat any team in the top 5. We really need to beat those teams to challenge for the title.

Through the first 15 games, we managed: 8 WINS, 1 DRAW and 6 LOSSES. The aim is to have more wins than losses so that's always good. Onto the next 15 games to maybe put ourselves in with a chance of the league title again.



[i]We sit in 6th place at the halfway stage. A fair gap of 10 points is between us and top spot but it's not impossible for us to close it so we will keep on fighting to do just that.



Our first time taking part in the continental competition and we've done brilliantly so far. As expected we succumbed to 2 defeats against the mighty Boca Juniors but managed to pick up vital wins against the other two teams. 2 wins against Boliviar and 1 against Cerro Porteno meant that we had done just enough to qualify for the next round. I'm ecstatic with this and who knows what may happen in the next round...




1. Gaston Diaz - 6
2. Julio Pirez, Nahul Alfonso, Santiago Ramirez, Jose Alberti - 3
3. Leandro Onetto - 2

1. Jose Alberti - 7
2. Nahul Alfonso, Maximilliano Lemos - 3
3. Leandro Onetto, Ismael Gularte, Joaquin Zeballos, Gaston Diaz, Nicolas Claveria, Rodrigo Urena - 1

1. Jose Alberti - 7.13
2. Rodridgo Urena - 7.07
3. Maximilliano Lemos - 7.00

Next Post: Intermedio Update
Good showing to qualify from the Copa group bro, gonna be tough progressing from here but I reckon you can do it!
@bigmattb28, cheers mate, really pleased to have qualified from what seemed a tough group with the mighty Boca. Let's see what happens, like you said it's a tough job from here on in.



Uruguayan Intermido


The final trophy I need to win to complete Uraguay. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be although we performed excellently, but were just pipped to the top spot in our group by 1 measly goal. We performed really well and managed 4 WINS and 3 DRAWS. Not losing in this competition is good for us after we've had some poor form in it recently. It was just one goal that stopped us from progressing to the final. If it wasn't for the Copa Libertadores, I'd probably resign and move on in my quest and just come back to Uraguay at a later date, but I'm looking forward to the challenge in the continental competition.


Next Post: End of Season 2023



After qualifying from the group stage which came as a big shock to most, we were handed a tough draw against Brazillian Champions. FLA. We performed outstandingly well and I'm a little bit gutted we didn't take some of our chances. The results could have been so different and we could have won this tie if we had. To go out by 1 goal is heartbreaking but also proves how far we've come in a short space of time. I'll definitely be back to win this competition sooner rather than later.



[i]So, I've taken the decision to step down from my post in charge of Juventud de Las Piedres. I didn't take the decision lightly but I feel my time in charge is over after being knocked out of the Copa Libertadores. It's time to find a new country to manage in, and maybe a new continent but I'll be back to take the final trophy here in the future. During my 4 years in charge of the club, I won the Uraguayan Second Professional Division, the Uraguayn First Division and the Uraguayan Super Cup.

Time for the next challenge.

Next Post: The Next Job


It's not been long that I've been out of the management game, and I've landed myself another job. This time it's on the other side of the world as I move to Asia to kick start things here. I've landed in China and I've just been hired as the manager of Meizhou Kejia who play in the 2nd Division in China.


Club Overview


Meizhou Kejia are a professional Chinese team playing in the Chinese National First Division. They have only recently been founded in 2013 so I've taken charge in their 10th season in existence. In these 10 years, they've managed to win 4 trophies: the Chinese National Second Divsion and the massive Chinese National Second Division Southern Group on a whopping 3 times.

The average ticket price for a game is £3 so really cheap, let's hope I can give them good value for this. The club has one fierce rival in Tiehan because of their locality to us.

The team play their home games at the Wuhua Peoples Stadium which holds a capacity of 15,000 which is all seated! I love the name of the stadium, and can hear the fans Wuhuing already!
Training Facilities: Great
Youth Facilities: Good


The Season so Far...



It's been a very decent campaign for the lads, and they've done really well to date. There is only 3 games left in the season so I'm hoping to win those 3 and see what I've got at my disposal. Apparently, the club narrowly missed out on the top 2 last year so they must have a decent squad available. The main thing is that there is lots of green on the fixture list and not as much red. Promising signs.

League Table


The club sits in 3rd position and unfortunately, they can't go any higher this time round as Shenxin and Tianjin have secured the top two which also comes with promotion. If we can stay in 3rd, I rank us as one of the favourites to go up next season!

The Squad


There is some definite quality for the level we are at. I'm in desperate need of a goalkeeper and couple probably do with strengthening all around the squad to be honest just so we have options. Here are my best players anyway...

John Mary is the main man at the club. The Nigeran striker is definitely the talisman and I'm relying on him to score goals for fun for me.


Li Long is going to have a big part to play out on the left hand side. He's got good vision and I'm hoping he can get a lot of assists and chip in with a few goals as well.

Next Post: End of Season Update
Good luck in China. John Mary is really a beast. I know him from RL, he played in the same league as I did.
@Rocco17 Thank you bud! Wow that's awesome, looking forward to seeing what he can do, once he comes back from his injury!




Not much to report here but just to say that I have finished my next coaching qualification. Somehow I was able to persuade Juventud de Las Piedras to fund this before I left and they accepted. I have now got my Continental C License and I'm hoping that the board at Meizhou Kejia will allow me to start my Continental B License in the near future.



Tonnes of good news to share with you all. The board messaged me and told me that first of all, they plan to build a new stadium in order to relocate back to their hometown. They did stress that this would be a long process and not to expect anything anytime soon as it's a slow process understandably. The second bit of good news is that they agreed to improve the Youth Facilities. This should mean that we improve them to Great Facilities. I also asked them to find me a Senior Affiliate and they agreed to, but in the end, found no one suitable so the search goes on...





We decided to go on a pre-season tour of Japan in order to gain match fitness and hopefully win some matches whilst doing so. We played a total of 8 games whilst out there and things didn't go well results wise and also fitness wise. We managed only 2 WINS, whilst losing 4 GAMES and drawing 2 GAMES. Fitness wise, we had a number of key injuries whilst playing which disappoints me greatly as I can't seem to get any players in because of a stupid registration rule. Some of these injuries are:

John Mary // 5-6 Months // Achilles // ST

Jian Yongchung // 2 Months // Back Stress Fracture // ST



Song Libin // ST // Guangzhou // Free

Song is a young promising striker, who most probably will be my main striker now to cover for the injuries to the 2 above him in the pecking order. Let's see what the youngster can do.

Chen Shuai // CB // Guizhou // £140k

We needed a CB, and Chen is a more than adequate squad player. He should nail down a starting position and hopefully can create a solid partnership at the back.

Emiliano Ancheta // RB // El Tanque Sisley // £23.5k

Emiliano is a quality right back. I have admired him for a while whilst managing in Uraguay and have brought him over to China with me. I'm hoping he can bomb on down the wing and provide a lot of assists.

Jiang Yongchun // ST // Tianjin // £160k

Jiang is a quality striker. Unfortunately, he has got injured and won't be back for 2 months so thats frustrating. Can't wait to see him in the starting line up though.

Next Post: Mid-Season 2024
Wow, so unlucky with Mary. Looking forward to the next update though.
@Rocco17, didn't even get the chance to see him play as you'll find out why in a minute...




I've had a terrible time in charge of Meizhou Kejia. Things have not gone to plan and after only 14 games in charge, my time at the club has been brought to an end by the board. I was summoned to the boardroom to discuss the future of the club, and things went downhill quickly. I asked for more time, but they wouldn't accept this and sacked me with immediate effect. Our form can been seen below.




As you can see, we actually started off with alright form and not losing in 5 games, but it quickly went downhill after that. A torrid run of form throughout the middle of the first half of the season was enough to get the board on my back, and even a 5-0 thrashing couldn't save me. It was quick and not at all pleasurable at Meizhou Kejia.


This dreadful form left us in 11th position in the league table, which isn't that bad considering the form, however considering we were favourites for the league you can kind of see where the board were coming from when they weren't happy. Nevermind, it's onto the next one.

Next Post: Where next?

Ouch! Unlucky but, as you say, guess the situation wasn't good given the expectations.
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b | FM19a | FM19b | FM19c
FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
Ouch on that short rein in China as you struggled there. Maybe going across to the other side of the world was a bad idea.
Difficult to meet expectations when your best players are out injured for the majority of the season! Unlucky mate, the excellent work you did in Uruguay will surely still make you a strong candidate for most managerial positions.
@HawkAussie, I definitely struggled in China. I'll be back though to conquer that annoying and frustrating league.

@r96Skinner, the situation definitely wasn't what the board wanted and they were right to get rid. Love that gif. Perfectly sums my time up.

@jameo_94, I agree, but I don't like excuses. Of course, he would have helped in the goalscoring department but the depth of the squad wasn't there. I've landed on my feet I think.


My longest spell out of management is finally over, and I've got myself back a job where hopefully a trophy will come sooner rather than later. I've moved over to Malaysia, and have taken control of one of the top teams in the Malaysian Premier League (the second division in Malaysia). Johor DT II are the reserve team of the Super League team Johor DT. I actually applied for that job first but didn't get the job unfortunately but they thought I was right for the reserves job! Anyway, they can't get promoted but they can win the league as they have done for the past 2 seasons so I am here to make it 3 in a row.


Club Overview


Johor DT II are a professional Malaysian team playing in the Malaysian Premier Division. Their nickname is the The Southern Tigers. I'm not sure when they were founded as it doesn't say but they've won only 2 trophies in their history. The Malaysian Premier Division over the past 2 years.

The average ticket price for a game is £2 so really cheap, let's hope I can give them good value for this. The club has no fierce rivals or even local rivals so no derby days for us this year.

The team play their home games at the Perbadanan Pasir Gudang which holds a capacity of 15,000 which is all seated!
Training Facilities: Below Average
Youth Facilities: Adequate


The Squad


We don't have players for every position and that's going to be the first thing I address. I need to get a spine of the team together and quickly. We do have quality in the team and I'm hoping they can shine through early doors to help the incoming lads settle.

Amierul Hakimi Awang is the main man at the club. The experienced goalkeeper is the leader from the back and will be key for me to regain the title.


Nik Azli Nik Alias is going to have a big part to play out on the left-hand side. Let's hope for lots of assists and lots of goals.

Next Post: End of Season Update
Really unlucky at Meizhou, but it's difficult to play when your best players are out, and we know how 'good' are HG players in China, which you probably had to play with.

Good luck in Malaysia!
@Rocco17, Yeah the registration rules made it really difficult, but I'll be better prepared next time round in China. For now, I've got a job to do in Malaysia. Thanks for reading!


Life seems to be good in Malaysia. It's a lot better than in China anyway. Johor DT II is definitely one of the better teams in the league and I'm happy to be here. The board refused my request to start on my next coaching qualification because of the financial situation, so I can't complain too much. I pretty much had to bring in a whole new team of staff as we only had one member of staff there when I joined. I've brought in additions to the squad to add to the depth and hopefully, they will do the job.



Our form has been awesome in the league and I'm over the moon with how we are performing. We're scoring lots of goals and not conceding too many. It helps having a goalscorer in the team who will constantly score in most games. Muhd Nazrul Kamaruzaman is that guy for me and he's proving to be a great striker for the team. We've had a slight blip in form at the end of the first half of the season where we haven't found a win in 2 weeks but I'm not too disappointed with that considering who we were playing. Melaka are going to be right up there this season so a draw isn't overly bad.


After the first 11 games, we sit in 3rd position. I'd love to be a bit higher up (1st), but I'll take it. We're only 4 points off top spot so it's still an achievable target. 7 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 2 LOSSES is definitely not something I'm going to complain about at the halfway point.



The FA Cup was really fun to manage in until we were ultimately knocked out by higher ranked opponents due to a late goal in the 2nd leg. The first round we eased past UKM, and were rewarded with a tie against Super League side Kelanten. We managed to grab a deserved victory against these to march into the 3rd round where we faced a 2 legged tie against Terrengganu. We deserved to come out on top over the two ties but a late goal killed us off and that was that in the FA Cup.


1. Muhd Nazrul Kamaruzaman - 8
2. Nik Azli Nik Alias - 3
3. Shakar Din - 2

1. Evan Wenceslaus - 4
2. Muhd Nazrul Kamaruzaman - 2
3. Sandip Roy, Roslan Tengku Ahmad, Rahul Singh, Zuhfadhil Rosli, Nik Azli Nik Alias, Abdul Sesay - 1

1. Evan Wenceslaus - 7.26
2. A. Shivan Pillay - 7.03
3. Roslan Tengku Ahmad - 7.02

Next Post: End of Season 2025

Another season is done and dusted. It's in the books and what a season it's been. I've focused on the league this season as I don't believe a 2nd Division team has the quality to win any of the major cups. It's paid off though as we've won the league title! It's the 3rd title in 3 years for Johor DT II. That's some form and some achievement. It's a real shame we can't go up a league due to our parent team already playing there. It would be so interesting.



We went unbeaten in our final 11 games of the league season! I'm really impressed with what the lads pulled out of their locker. I made a few more loan signings, utilising my parent club's talent in their youth ranks. It was enough to make the difference. 7 WINS and 4 DRAWS. That's a total of 25 points earned this half. The best win was perhaps on the last day where we secured a 3-1 victory against title rivals Melaka. It was a special way to end the season and what a way to win my first trophy in Malaysia.


WE WIN THE LEAGUE! CHAMPIONS OF MALAYSIAN PREMIER LEAGUE! We managed to win the league by 2 points from Negeri Sembilan. They pushed us all the way but their form towards the end of the season faltered and it left the door open for us to sneak in and win the league on the last day of the season. The 48 points is a new Malaysian record too which is mighty impressive.





I told you that I had prioritised the league campaign and you can clearly see that here. We didn't record a win in this competition which is a group stage then a knockout competition. We managed 4 LOSSES and 2 DRAWS. Not exactly the form we wanted here but I don't mind as I wanted the league.


1. Muhd Nazrul Kamaruzaman - 10
2. Nik Azli Nik Alias - 8
3. Muhd Fauzi Abdul Kadar - 5

1. Muhd Nazrul Kamaruzaman - 8
2. Evan Wenceslaus - 5
3. Khairul Nizam Hamzah, Roslan Tengku Ahmad, Nik Azli Nik Alias - 3

1. Evan Wenceslaus - 7.16
2. Roslan Tengku Ahmad - 7.00
3. Kamran Tamang - 6.97

I'm not sure what to do here as I can't go anywhere with this team. They can't get promoted due to the parent team in the league above! Success in the cups isn't really likely so I may decide to leave and take my trophy with me.

Next Post: What's Next?



I resigned my post pretty much straight after the season had finished. I couldn't take them any further considering they couldn't get promoted due to tot he parent team Johor DT being in the Super League already. So what's the best thing to do...YES, go and get that Johor DT job! The job came up after about 3 weeks of waiting for a role to come up. I applied immediately and they wanted me as their manager. This is a great chance of ticking off Malaysia pretty quickly as they are by far the best team in Malaysian Football.


Club Overview


Johor DT are a professional Malaysian team playing in the Malaysian Super League. Their nickname is the The Southern Tigers. They were founded in 2012 and in that time have won 9 MALAYSIAN SUPER LEAGUES, 4 MALAYSIAN CUPS, 4 MALAYSIAN FA CUPS, 5 MALAYSIAN CHARITY SHIELDS, 1 ASIAN CONFEDERATIONS CUP and 1 MALAYSIAN PREMIER LEAGUE. That's some history for a club that's only 15 years old. Time to continue the success.

The average ticket price for a game is £3 which is a real bargain for the champions. The club has no fierce rivals or even local rivals so no derby days for us this year.

The team play their home games at the Tan Sri Dato Haji Hassan Yunus Stadium which is a 30,000 seater stadium in the city centre, which is by far the biggest stadium I've managed at.
Training Facilities: Below Average
Youth Facilities: Adequate


The Squad


It's a pretty big squad and I'm not a fan of having too many players at my disposal so the first job will be to thin out the squad and get rid of the ones we don't need. I may bring in some more quality if I feel like I really need to but success is already here so why change it?

Vasilis Lytras has the most talent at the club. He's a leader at the back and brings experience to this position. The Australian has impressive mental attributes which means he should be a natural captain for me.


Rosli Jusoh is one talented youngster. He's got all the attributes to make it big on the continent and his ability in the middle of the park will be key to my success here.

Next Post: Mid Season Update


Pre-Season is over and the league campaign is about to start. I've made some additions to the squad, mainly for the youth team but I've bought in a couple of first-team players as well. We also had the fun of the Charity Shield mixed in with the friendlies. Another chance to add to my trophy haul.



4 friendlies played against Tampines, Johor DT II, Warriors FC and SAFSA. Our form in these was 3 WINS and 1 DRAW. Funnily enough, the draw came against my old employers and former club Johor DT II. Maybe I felt like I owed them something for abandoning ship. From what I saw from the lads, I realised we need to be able to keep more clean sheets in order to challenge for the title again. This is the one area we need to improve on.



The first challenge of the season was the Malaysian Charity Shield. We had been drawn against Pahang and were made clear favourites for this season-opening competition. We outperformed them in every area of the pitch and ran out comfortable 3-0 winners. Goals from Mohd Syamer Kutty Abba, Mohammad Singh and Mohd Faizal Awang was enough to win us the trophy. One more ticked off from Malaysia.



Kamran Tamang // CM // Johor DT II // Free
Kamran is a youngster that I had at my old employers. He has 5-star potential and I couldn't miss the chance to bring him to the big time. He's got everything and I can't wait to see what he can do in a few games this season.

Xavier Mitra // CB // Kedah // £48k
Xavier is back up for my CB positions. He will rotate in and out this season. He's strong and I'm confident he will play well for me.

Pang Li // ML // Free Transfer
I've bought him in for the future. He has very impressive physical traits but needs to improve on his technical and his mental attributes. One for the future.

Takaya Okamoto // GK // Niigita Unicorns // £85k
Takaya has been brought in to be the Number One. He's younger and better than my current keeper so will slot straight into the starting position.

Next Post: Mid Season Update
Great season, congrats on the silverware! Hopefully you retain the league title this year.
Finally caught up on this following your time in South America and what a few years you’ve had by all accounts! Great to see your work with the reserves get you the first team job and some of those signings look like they’ll do a good job for you! Keep it up mate!
@Rocco17, Thanks bud! More silverware is definitely the aim and we've got a great chance to add a lot this season!

@AdamRK, thanks for taking the time to catch up! Couldn't write a better story could you. Reserves to First Team Manager. Love it!


We're half way through the season. I'm loving my time in Malaysia (mainly because we're winning games). The new signings have settled in well and things are looking good so far. We've entered 3 competitions already in the first half of the season and have been knocked out of one. One annoying this is that the club won't allow me to continue my coaching qualfication because they want me at training. ANNOYING!



I know our form looks really good and positive but to be honest I'm disappointed. I honestly thought that I would be winning each and every game comfortably, but that's not the case. The league is a lot more competetive than I first thought. It does make it more exciting though. So far through 11 games we've gained: 8 WINS, 0 DRAWS and 3 LOSSES. A grand total of 24 points! Is this good enough top spot though?


It's not good enough for top spot as Kelantan lead the way by a single point. We've got the quality to overtake them and make that position our own but we have to stop losing close games. It's a momentum killer and that needs to stop. It looks like it's going to be between us and them for the champions spot so let the battle continue.



My first taste of management in the Asian Champions League and it was short lived. We didn't make it to the group stages as we were knocked out in the Playoff Round. A very good win in the Preliminary round set us up nicely in the play off against Shanggang who are flying in the Chinese Super League so we were up against it. Maybe next year we will be more successful.



Things are looking good in the FA Cup. We've flown into the Semi-Finals where we will face a 2 legged tie against Felda United which I expect us to win and progress quite easily. We've knocked out some quality teams in Selangor and Melaka along the way so we've not had it easy on our route. We've only conceded 2 goals as well which bodes way going forward.


1. Roslan Mohd Rodzi - 7
2. Mohd Faizal Awang - 6
3. Rosli Jusoh, Amitava Singh - 5

1. Mohd Syamer Kutty Abba - 7
2. Mohd Firdaus Abdul Aziz - 6
3. Amitava Singh, Roslan Mohd Rodzi - 5

1. Mohd Syamer Kutty Abba - 7.38
2. Amitava Singh, Rosli Jusoh - 7.19
3. Matthew Davies, Roslan Mohd Rodzi - 7.16

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Decent. I believe you'll win the title at the end. Unlucky to get Shanggang in ACL, good team. Good luck until the end of the season!
I miss a few days and in that time you've left Uruguary to head to China and been sacked from there and had two jobs in Malaysia! Good work ticking off another trophy tho
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