The best wonderkids in Football Manager 2016 are those with a random potential ability of -9 (or -9.5). This random potential means they have the potential to be as good as the best players in the world (e.g. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo).

However because there potential is random, it changes everytime you start a new career and there's no way to tell if they are going to become as good as Messi or merely as good as the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Oscar, Coutinho or Douglas Costa.

Still that's not a bad list of names to be compared to, so what you can be guaranteed is that these players have the potential to be world class, the only question is, just how good are they going to get?

PA is measured out of 200 and defines how good a player can become within the game. Players with -9.5 potential have a PA random between 160-190 while players with a PA of -9 have a random potential between 150-180. There are only 3 players with a random potential of -9.5 and these players have the chance to be a cut above the rest in the list. They are:

Anthony Martial
Youri Tielemans
Martin Odegaard

The rest all have PA's of -9 (random between 150-180), or a fixed PA within that same range.


Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Raheem Sterling 25 M/AM (RL) £150k £72m £108m 29-06-2020
Bernardo Silva 25 M/AM (RC) £14k £69m £78m 29-06-2020
Joshua Kimmich 25 D/WB (R), DM, M (C) £21k £54m £68m 29-06-2020
Aymeric Laporte 26 D (C) £46k £61m £69m 29-06-2019
Paulo Dybala 26 AM (RC), ST (C) £72k £55m £62m 29-06-2020
Leroy Sané 24 AM (RL) £33k £59m £92m 29-06-2019
Serge Gnabry 25 M/AM (RL), ST (C) £20k £57m £65m 29-06-2018
Mateo Kovacic 26 DM, M/AM (C) £85k £59m £66m 29-06-2021
Marquinhos 26 D (C), DM £35k £49m £75m 29-06-2019
Bruno Fernandes 25 M/AM (C) £13k £63m £102m 29-06-2018
Marco Verratti 27 DM, M (C) £66k £49m £75m 29-06-2020
José Giménez 25 D (C) £38k £48m £44m 29-06-2018
Leon Goretzka 25 DM, M/AM (C) £25k £48m £65m 29-06-2018
Fabinho 26 D (RC), DM, M (C) £19k £55m £75m 29-06-2019
Saúl 25 DM, M (RC) £38k £37m £34m 29-06-2016
Jack Grealish 24 M/AM (RLC) £15k £54m £57m 29-06-2018
Gianluigi Donnarumma 21 GK £180 £22m £72m 29-06-2019
Anthony Martial 24 AM (L), ST (C) £110k £51m £103m 29-06-2019
Rodrigo Bentancur 23 DM, M (C) £2k £32m £29m 29-06-2018
Martin Ødegaard 21 M (RC), AM (C) £34k £34m £76m 29-06-2021
Ángel Correa 25 M (R), AM (RLC), ST (C) £21k £33m £28m 29-06-2019
Kingsley Coman 24 M/AM (RL) £19k £35m £36m 29-06-2017
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 26 M (RC), AM (RLC) £55k £39m £35m 29-06-2018
Julian Brandt 24 M/AM (RLC) £11k £33m £47m 29-06-2019
José Gayà 25 D/WB/M (L) £45k £28m £35m 29-06-2020
Memphis Depay 26 AM (LC), ST (C) £120k £24m £27m 29-06-2019
Yannick Carrasco 26 M/AM (RL) £49k £29m £39m 29-06-2020
Kurt Zouma 25 D (RC) £40k £34m £30m 29-06-2019
Lucas Ocampos 26 M/AM (RL) £20k £29m £31m 29-06-2020
Rúben Neves 23 DM, M (C) £6k £36m £74m 29-06-2017
Niklas Süle 24 D (C) £14k £31m £32m 29-06-2019
Samuel Umtiti 26 D (C) £28k £24m £22m 29-06-2019
Youri Tielemans 23 M/AM (C) £20k £34m £82m 29-06-2020
John Stones 26 D (C) £30k £31m £21m 29-06-2019
Marco Asensio 24 AM (RLC) £12k £35m £43m 29-06-2016
Lucas Hernández 24 D (LC) £7k £24m £83m 29-06-2018
Thomas Lemar 24 M (L), AM (RLC) £13k £22m £68m 29-06-2020
Eric Dier 26 D (C), DM, M (C) £36k £31m £30m 29-06-2020
Emre Can 26 D (C), DM, M (C) £45k £24m £38m 29-06-2019
Hirving Lozano 24 AM (RL), ST (C) £8k £20m £40m 29-06-2017
Paco Alcácer 26 ST (C) £36k £24m £35m 29-06-2020
Dele Alli 24 M (C), AM (LC), ST (C) £20k £28m £54m 29-06-2021
Alessio Romagnoli 25 D (C) £48k £17m £22m 29-06-2020
Gonçalo Guedes 23 M (RL), AM (RLC), ST (C) £4k £24m £81m 29-06-2021
Adnan Januzaj 25 M/AM (RL) £60k £21m £21m 29-06-2018
Hakan Çalhanoğlu 26 M/AM (LC) £38k £18m £19m 29-06-2019
Ross Barkley 26 M/AM (C) £40k £32m £22m 29-06-2018
Julian Draxler 26 M/AM (RLC) £82k £17m £9m 29-06-2020
Domenico Berardi 25 AM (RLC), ST (C) £27k £16m £12m 29-06-2019
Héctor Bellerín 25 D/WB (R) £45k £27m £32m 29-06-2020
Pierre-Emile Højbjerg 24 DM, M/AM (C) £27k £29m £32m 29-06-2016
Sergi Darder 26 DM, M (C) £13k £18m £16m 29-06-2020
Óliver 25 M/AM (LC) £14k £19m £18m 29-06-2018
Federico Bernardeschi 26 WB (RL), M (R), AM (RL) £19k £15m £8m 29-06-2019
Alex Meret 23 GK £4k £10m £9m 29-06-2018
Jonathan Tah 24 D (C) £16k £14m £19m 29-06-2020
Malcom 23 AM (RLC) £18k £10m £40m 29-06-2020
Luke Shaw 25 D/WB (L) £110k £26m £23m 29-06-2019
Bryan Cristante 25 DM, M (C) £16k £12m £9m 29-06-2016
Matthias Ginter 26 D (RC) £27k £10m £11m 29-06-2019
Renato Sanches 22 DM, M (C), AM (RC) £2k £16m £34m 29-06-2021
Denis Suárez 26 M/AM (LC) £14k £19m £22m 29-06-2019
Cristian Pavón 24 M (L), AM (RL) £2k £4m £9m 31-12-2017
Elseid Hysaj 26 D (RL), WB (R) £14k £7m £6m 29-06-2020
Daniele Rugani 25 D (C) £20k £6m £4m 29-06-2020
Gabriel Barbosa 23 AM (R), ST (C) £12k £8m £37m 29-09-2019
Will Hughes 25 DM, M/AM (RC) £12k £16m £10m 29-06-2018
Luciano Vietto 26 AM (RLC), ST (C) £45k £4m £12m 29-06-2020
Jonathan Calleri 26 ST (C) £9k £7m £4m 29-06-2016
Gérson 23 M (RC), AM (RLC) £4k £6m £17m 10-11-2019
Bartłomiej Drągowski 22 GK £790 £6m £18m 29-06-2019
Kelechi Iheanacho 23 AM (C), ST (C) £10k £22m £64m 29-06-2019
Keita Baldé 25 AM (RLC), ST (C) £12k £10m £10m 29-06-2018
Breel Embolo 23 M (R), AM (RC), ST (C) £5k £7m £21m 29-06-2019
Danilo Cataldi 25 DM, M/AM (C) £11k £7m £6m 29-06-2020
Matheus Pereira 24 M (RL), AM (RLC) £1k £19m £22m 29-06-2020
Jonathan Bamba 24 AM (RL), ST (C) £3k £8m £8m 29-06-2016
Sofiane Boufal 26 AM (RLC) £15k £7m £16m 29-06-2019
Danilo 24 DM, M (C) £3k £5m £5m 29-06-2016
Thiago Maia 23 DM £1k £6m £15m 29-06-2019
Riechedly Bazoer 23 D (C), DM, M (C) £6k £5m £12m 29-06-2020
Tin Jedvaj 24 D (RC), WB (R) £14k £4m £3m 29-06-2020
Jorge 24 D/WB/M (L) £4k £3m £6m 31-12-2019
Maximilian Meyer 24 M (LC), AM (C) £48k £6m £4m 29-06-2018
Iuri Medeiros 26 AM (RLC) £1k £2m £3m 29-06-2016
Predrag Rajkovic 24 GK £8k £4m £4m 30-05-2020
Andrija Zivkovic 24 M (RL), AM (RLC) £1k £4m £13m 29-06-2016
Nabil Bentaleb 25 DM, M (C) £40k £3m £3m 29-06-2020
Kenedy 24 WB/M (L), AM (RL) £25k £10m £4m 29-06-2020
Jesús Vallejo 23 D (C) £7k £5m £25m 29-06-2016
Levin Öztunali 24 M (RC), AM (R) £5k £3m £4m 29-06-2016
Emanuel Mammana 24 D (C) £4k £3m £2m 29-06-2017
Andrés Cubas 24 DM, M (C) £3k £4m £8m 31-12-2018
Bruma 25 M/AM (RL) £18k £3m £2m 29-06-2016
Ante Coric 23 M/AM (C) £1k £3m £4m 14-06-2020
Fran Villalba 22 M/AM (RLC) £1k £5m £9m 29-06-2016
Ivan Cavaleiro 26 AM (RL) £22k £13m £9m 29-06-2020
Saido Berahino 26 AM (RC), ST (C) £25k £2m £2m 29-06-2017
Ezequiel Ponce 23 ST (C) £27k £3m £3m 29-06-2020
Edoardo Goldaniga 26 D (C) £6k £3m £1m 29-06-2019
Lazar Markovic 26 AM (RL), ST (C) £75k £757k £984k 29-06-2016
Maximiliano Romero 21 ST (C) £20 £4m £10m 31-12-2020
Paul Nardi 26 GK £6k £2m £2m 29-06-2019
Felix Passlack 22 D/WB/M/AM (R) £60 £2m £7m 29-06-2017
José Mauri 24 DM, M (C) £19k £0 £0 29-06-2019
Ricardo Kishna 25 M (RL), AM (RLC) £29k £2m £5m 29-06-2019
Sergi Samper 19 DM £9k £5m £14m 29-06-2017
Simone Scuffet 24 GK £7k £1m £2m 29-06-2016
Assane Gnoukouri 18 DM £2k £1m £4m 29-06-2020
Che Nunnely 21 M (R), AM (RL) £70 £2m £4m 29-06-2019
Salih Uçan 26 M/AM (C) £24k £2m £2m 29-06-2016
Lincoln 21 M (C), AM (LC) £680 £639k £460k 06-12-2017
Donis Avdijaj 23 AM (RLC), ST (C) £8k £1m £3m 14-06-2016
Sergio Díaz 22 AM (C), ST (C) £30 £855k £3m 31-12-2017
Arianit Ferati 22 M (RL), AM (RLC) £3k £45k £614k 29-06-2020
Abdelhak Nouri 17 AM RLC £1k £143k £390k 29-06-2020
Kuki Zalazar 22 M (R), AM (RC), ST (C) £2k £726k £3m 29-06-2019
Matheus Pereira 22 M/AM (RLC) £510 £250k £3m 15-03-2017
Abdou Diakhaté 21 DM, M (C) £180 £209k £612k 29-06-2019
Anthony Maisonnial 22 GK £730 £30k £200k 29-06-2018
Rui Pedro 22 ST (C) £40 £86k £273k 29-06-2018
Bilal Ould-Chikh 22 M/AM (RLC) £10k £192k £371k 29-06-2020
John Arango 22 M/AM (C) £10 £56k £519k 31-12-2017
Wallyson 26 DM, M (C) £1k £22k £19k 29-06-2016
Based Jorge
7 years ago
9 months ago
Does Maxi Romero have a future agreed transfer to Arsenal in the game, as he does in real life?
8 years ago
2 weeks ago
Does Maxi Romero have a future agreed transfer to Arsenal in the game, as he does in real life?

nope ;[

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