12 years ago
17 hours ago
I made a 2 group phase Champions League/Europa League, which I've been carrying over for a few years now and for the most part I've had no problems since I got it fully working. However I'm having way more problems with this year's editor than I expected, even though I copy and pasted this file over from 2016 which worked perfectly fine:

- Leicester, even though they should appear at the group stage, are appearing in both the 3rd qualifying round and the group stage, regardless of whether they win or lose, while Tottenham didn't even appear in the 3rd qualifying round at all
- Man Utd are appearing in both the Champions League and Europa League competitions, though the seeding is untouched from 2016
- Liverpool and Chelsea are appearing in the Champions League
- Having squad selection issues and can't add squad registration
- Having trouble getting a 3rd placed team in the Champions League to drop into the 2nd group phase of the Europa League

Can anybody at all help me with this?

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