SS' Kits

We have thousands of individual FM Kit Packs, when you download these packs your copy of Football Manager will be updated with all the latest kits. Not only that but you'll have our famous SS Kits, which we think are the best Football Manager Kits around.

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  • 2024.05 - Released on 02 Jan 2024
SS' Kits
NEW Submission System

A new submission system for the SS Kits has been released. Please see this forum topic.

I have gathered all the SS nations kits up until now and put them in one folder. Thanks to karamel and bibo31200 for all their hard work, which I have only gathered in one ZIP-file and updated the XML-file. Please, let me know if something is wrong or missing.

1. Extract folder to Documents/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 20##/graphics/kits/put in here!

( If there is no graphics folder there, create "graphics" )

2. Reload skin in the game settings

3. 'CLEAR CACHE then RELOAD SKIN AS ALWAYS after download to folders.
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11 hours ago
Thank you very much.

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