Jörn Neiss
4 months ago
2 months ago
Roda jc a club with a rich history (beating AC Milan in 2002) fell from grace beginning in 2014 when the club got relegated for the first time in their history
after one season missing out on top flight football they returned and played 3 seasons in the eredivisie in the season 17/18 they got relegated again and this time their luck ran out because the problems the club would face that summer would decide the future of the club because of money issues they looked for a new owner over the summer Mauricio garcia de la Vega was introduced as the new owner after 2 weeks he hadn't invested any money and was looking the sell the stadium name to a german company the fans wanted him out so on 28 september 2019 the fans kicked him out of the stadium in the break in the match against de Graafschap he never returned in the beginning of 2020 3 new owners were introduced people from the region a new manager was appointed and a new director of football can the new manager @Jörn Neiss bring Roda JC where the club belongs?
8 years ago
3 months ago
Massive fan here, very interested in this one!

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