This database adjusts the CA & PA of staff in the game. Get more realistic abilities for staff and hire the best Managers, Assistant Managers, Coaches, DOF's, Physios etc.

Hi 👋, I generally feel like some of the managers, assistant managers, coaches, DoFs, etc, are poorly rated in this version of the game. An example is, managers like Zidane, Nagelsmann, and DOF's like Campos are not given a proper rating. I have made some adjustments to the current and potential abilities of most staff to give the game a more realistic feel. These are also based on how the game reflects and rates the progress of the staff, I did not make up these ratings out of thin air.


- CA Adjustments
- PA Adjustments
- Staff movements


Place the file in:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data

Please pay attention to the files you have in /editor data/ some may influence the general experience!

NB This is a "work in progress" and any feedback about bugs and improvements is highly appreciated!

You can join our Discord community here for more game improvements and database mods.



You can pair this file with the following to increase the realism of the game

FM21 Realistic Player CA&PA by Cypher
FM21 Improved Regen CA&PA by Cypher
Ultimate Realistic Regen Facepack (Platinum Pack) by Cypher

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