A revamp of the Premier League to include 24 teams with an end of season relegation playoff. Also includes a revamp of the League Cup and transfer window.



The Premier League has been revamped to include 24 teams, matching up with the EFL. The team finishing bottom will be automatically relegated, while the teams finishing 20-23 will enter an end of season relegation playoff - 2 one-off games at Wembley, with the 2 losing teams being relegated.

The regular league season now kicks off in the last week of July at the earliest and should normally close within the last week of May, or the first couple of days in June at the latest before the relegation playoffs are drawn.

Also included is a revamp of the League Cup, which now has an extra round added to the competition to accommodate the extra 4 teams

Round 1: 48 teams - Leagues 1 and 2
Round 2: 48 teams - 24 winners from Round 1 + 24 Championship teams
Round 3: 32 teams - 24 winners from Round 2 + 8 lowest-placed Premier League teams
Round 4: 32 teams - 16 winners from Round 3 + 16 highest-placed Premier League teams
Round 5: 16 teams

NOTE: There are 2 files included in this download that feature Transfer-360, with one file containing 3 subs from 7 (+1 extra time sub) and the other containing 5 subs from 12 (+3 stoppages +1 extra time sub). There are also 2 alternative files with the default transfer windows in place.

Finally, the transfer window has also seen a revamp which now allows teams from 34 nations across Europe to operate for 360 days out of the calendar year, with the window opening on June 1st and closing on May 26th. This file is compatible with all of the other Transfer-360 files (with the exception of England as this file has its own nation rules already in place).

The other 33 Transfer-360 files can be found here:







- All files updated for compatibility with the 4.0 patch
- 2 alternate files added with the default transfer windows in place



Extract the editor files to:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data

This has been tested up to June 2030 and ran without any issues. If any arise in your game just be sure to let me know and I'll try and get it fixed.

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