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I've been playing FM since it was called Championship Manager, back in 1992... So I'm getting a bit old. If you, like me, miss the good old days of football with crunching tackles, shitty pitches, propper hardmen and black coloured football boots, you need to check out @Warringtini's at @TheFMRetroGroup #FM21 RETRO REGEN MOD. It starts in 1990/91 and here's the kicker... Instead of random regens as you play through the seasons, REAL players will generate at the clubs they started their careees at. This is absolute fantastic!

Playable Leagues: France (Ligue 1) England (Premier) Italy (Serie A) Spain (Primera) Germany (Bundesliga)


Download the 1990/91 retro regen database save game file (.FM):

Follow the database creator for the latest updates:


Youtuber @WorkTheSpace also gave the mod a try and he's upload his savegame 15 years in the future and 30 years in the future. That way you can sneak peak how the mod works. Maybe a little "spoilery", but good fun.


15 Years in the future:

30 Years in the future:



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