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17 years ago
2 hours ago

Right now it's not possible to add new people to the Football Manager Database using our Submission Process. The plan is to make this possible.


It would be nice to be able to add the following types of people:


  • Underage Wonderkids
  • Lower League Players/Staff
  • Players/Staff missing due to licensing issues (e.g. we could add all of Japan)


It's going to be important to keep this as simple as possible otherwise it will never actually get released if we try and make it too complicated and feature rich.


For that reason it will not be possible to edit a players attributes, instead you will only be able to choose a role and a position and the game will automatically generate attributes.


Todo List

In order for this to happen the following changes need to be made.


  • Add a new form for creating people with the following fields (as well as existing fields)
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Second Nation
    • Third Nation
    • Hair Colour
    • Skin Tone
    • Height
    • Right Foot
    • Left Foot
    • CA
    • PA (random from -0 to -10)
    • Role
    • Positions (one field for each position)


Issues that need resolving

The following potential issues will need investigating and this feature will not be released unless they can be resolved:


  • We will need to create ID's for each person which are unique. At present the highest ID assigned to any person is 2002051140 I will try and see if we can start at 3000000000 so there's no chance of a clash.
  • If a person is added in a future version of the game it would be good to change the generated ID to the real one from FM. We need to make sure this won't mess up various parts of the site if the ID changes (the site is coded in a way that assumes ID's never change).
  • If a person existed in a previous version of the game and has been re-added (which often happens with retired people) then we should use the old ID. This will require some smart moderation and possibly the ability to edit the Unique ID in cases where mistakes are made.
  • It would be good to be able to add player faces for these people, but we don't want to pollute the cut out faces megapack with fake IDs. We need to decide whether these created people are going to included in the graphic sections of the site as well.
  • We need to decide who can create people, it may be best left to moderators only, especially at first.


Feature Status In Progress

I plan on adding this feature, but most of the difficulty is caused by the fact that the Data Update and the Graphics sections of the site use the same database and I don't want to pollute the graphics areas with lots of created people. This is mostly a technical issue for me that nobody else is able to help with unfortunately.

Tommy Hughes
11 years ago
50 minutes ago

Wonderful idea, been hoping for a feature like this in the data update for a long time. 🙂

17 years ago
2 hours ago

I made a start on this but it's getting pretty messy and might take a little while longer.


I wanted to keep created people  separate from the rest of the real DB so it didn't interfere with all the graphics etc.


But if we want to associate them with real clubs they need to be linked in some way and that's where it got a little complicated.

16 years ago
1 week ago

Under age, what age will be possible to add?

Game will only accept players becoming 15 after start date of the game.

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