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11 years ago
1 month ago

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.


It's time for my first serious save in FM22 beta and my first story in a very very long time.

I was thinking about which club to pick, in the end I was deciding between Atletico and Spurs.

Finally I decided for Spurs because I love the Premier League, I've had a soft spot for this club

for a long time and their trophy(less) situation pumped me up with motivation.



Story Format

I'll be posting 3 updates per season:


1) End of the summer transfer window

Pre-season, transfers, start of the season


2) End of the winter transfer window

First half of the season results, transfers, upcoming fixtures


3) End of the season






Tottenham's trophy cabinet. Very commonly mentioned, usually is a laughing stock. The

last time they won a trophy was League Cup in 2008 under Juande Ramos. We'll do everything

we can to end that trophyless nightmare. It's not gonna be easy, but guess what, in football nothing is.




It's not been great for Spurs in recent years. Since Pochettino (my favourite coach btw) left, it's

just getting worse and worse. Since that 2nd place literally every season was worse than the one before.





This is the first team I've got. It's good to be honest, I like it a lot. There's some things

to sort out/improve, but in general it's a good squad. The Harry Kane situation is still unknown though.





It's not brilliant, but it's okay. Of course our transfer window depends a lot on a Kane situation.





The board expectations for the Premier League is very high to be honest. It will definitely be very

tough to compete with the super teams like United, Liverpool, City and Chelsea for the top 4 position.

Expectations for the other competitions seem quite realistic, I think we should win the Conference League.


At the end I'd just like to share my ‘coaching policy’ with you.

As everywhere I've managed I'll try to give chances to as many youngsters from our academy as possible

and build team with as many home-grown (England) players as possible. And also the Brexit will ‘help’ me with that.



Thanks for reading. Hopefully you're gonna like my story. See you at the end of the summer transfer window.

11 years ago
1 month ago

2021/22 - UPDATE #1

September 1, 2021


It's time for the first update of the first season. Pre-season has been done, transfers

too, also our first four games of the season has already been played. Let's start.






I'll only show you the transfers I've made. We loaned Sanchez to Real with an obligation to buy for €10m.

I didn't count on him as I wanted better options so I decided to move him on. Sessegnon is a quite a big

talent but I don't think he'd ever fit my system. He's not good enough defensively while not good enough

offensively to play as a winger for me.




We needed a back-up striker so we went for Mariano Diaz who was transfer listed by Real for only €1.6m.

We've got Scarlett, but I want him to play regularly, so we loaned him out to Derby. I also wanted a left-footed

right winger so we signed one of our own - Marcus Edwards. We also got back 50% of his transfer fee as it was

agreed when he was sold to Guimaraes from Spurs a couple of years ago. Third new player is Niakhate, who will

be used as a rotation player. Big reason we signed him is because I wanted a left-footed centre-back.





We played 6 games. A lot of players got chances, we also included some youngsters in these games. The results are not

really the most important at this stage but we looked quite well most of the times.





We started a season with a great performance against Chelsea. We dominated, created chances and took them well

so I was delighted. Mariano made his debut as Kane got a minor injury 2 days before the game and played brilliantly.


Aston Villa game. A nightmare. If we'd scored 5 goals, that wouldn't be enough. We splashed so many chances it hurts

while they scored from two counter-attacks. Our defending really has to improve.


We also played two UEFA Conference League qualifying matches and managed to qualify for the group stage.

Both games started poor, but then put things in right place. Again, defensively, absolutely shocking.





I have nothing much to say here. We'll mostly use the players that doesn't play a lot in the

Premier League and still, anything less than a comfortable first place will be a huge disappointment.





This is how we've started the season. We want to control games, creating as many chances as possible

through possession. After a lost ball, we want to press them to regain the possession as soon as possible.


That's the idea, but of course, we'll see how it works through games and see what we can improve or change.






9 years ago
1 hour ago

Good start, Villa aside. Best of luck!

Intrigued to see how Marcus Edwards gets on, one goal already is positive. Mariano looks a smart signing, too!

11 years ago
1 month ago

Thanks mate! Yeah that Villa game wasn't really good, like we're still finding ourselves.

Edwards started very well, hope he continues this way. And Mariano for €1.5m looks like an absolute bargain so far.

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