11 years ago
1 year ago

I'd love to do a save in a kind of alternate universe where the Welsh leagues merge with the English leagues, but since that sounds like an absolute nightmare to make a database for I was wondering if there was a way of just swapping either a team or maybe a full league's worth of teams into the English pyramid instead.

My one concern is that if I just moved the team I want to play as it'd be hard to sign players because I'd be so far distance wise from the rest of the teams in the English division I'd moved the team to, and I'm unsure if the players from nearby Welsh league teams might be confused in-game because as far as the database would be concerned I'd be in a different country to them. Would this be a problem? Because if so the only way around it would surely be to move several Welsh teams in order to have more nearby teams.

My other question if I end up just switching teams between leagues somehow is how do you accurately gauge what level a team would be at? So for argument's sake let's say I'm swapping Bala Town over into the English leagues - which league would they be good enough for? Do I just look at club reputation, or would I have to compare average player CA with other teams in the league in order to judge whether or not they'd fit?

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