The Cypriot leagues down to the third division (G' Katigoria)


Real league format and rules

Correct squad selection and registration rules


Cyta Championship : 12 teams, 14 teams starting from 2022-23 season


B' Katigoria : 16 teams , 14 teams starting from 2022-23 season


G' Katigoria : 14 teams the whole time


STOK Elite Division: Inactive only for promotion/relegation


Youth Championship A' Katigoria: 14 teams, 4 relegations

Youth Championship B' Katigoria: 14 teams, 4 promotions, 2 relegations

Youth Championship G' Katigoria: 14 teams, 2 promotions, no relegation


*December update

Fixed Coca-Cola squad registration bug

2 years ago
1 year ago

Is it possible to activate STOK Division?



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