3D Kits

3D Kits are special kits designed to make the match engine look even better, with the players wearing customised and improved kits on the pitch.
  • 700 Downloadable Packs
3D Kits


3D Kits for all 16 teams in Allsvenskan 2021 compatible with FM20, FM21, and FM22.

Also included Editor Data to adjust to match 3D kits. This helps the game pick better kits to face each other, as well as making the number and name on the shirt be the correct colour. The Editor Data only has an effect when a save is started with the Editor Data selected, and the 3D kits will work fine without the Editor Data. The Editor Data is a bonus.

  • Extract the directory Sweden - Allsvenskan - 2021 into Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 202#/graphics
    If there is no graphics directory, create it
  • Extract the FM2# - Sweden - Allsvenskan 2021 - Kit Colours.fmf Into Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 202#/editor data
    • Make sure the Editor Data is enabled when starting a career


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Awesome quality! Very appreciated @nullDozzer!

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Huge thanks, what a legend!

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