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Attached is a save game saved dated 1st November 2022, it's the day before squads need to be decided for the Qatar World Cup.


It does not reflect real life results since July 2021 so the teams in the World Cup may not be entirely the same as in real life, check the screenshots to see the groups.


Just install in:


(1) Download fmf file and move to Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2022 / games

(2) Start FM and click “Load Game” and choose “sortitoutsi FM22 Qatar World Cup Save”


Berktuğ Özcan
2 years ago
5 months ago
13 years ago
21 minutes ago

@Footygamer  do you want the correct groups/fixtures?


Ive put a quick file together if you want it


NB Known issue cant select 5 from 15 subs in FM22 editor so Ive got 5 from 12 [max 3 stoppages] 

KO times seem to default rather than pick what I set up

squads are up to 26 so AI may still pick 23 only




13 years ago
21 minutes ago

also noted bit buggy fixture order change once WC starts, very odd indeed as above image shows they are exactly right when comp is set up, but changes when it starts🤔


groups are correct though, I havent got time to do any testing on it but your welcome to it if you want


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