The Jimbo Skin is an evolved version of the default FM22 Skin. Inspired by the Kojuro Skin.


The creation of the Jimbo Skin was born out of the fact that I couldn't find a Skin that I really like. So I started tweaking a skin that I liked (the Kojuro Skin), first for personal use, adding more features that I liked over time.
But being a Twitch streamer, people were interested in my hacked skin. So I decided to make it available to everyone. But before that, I had to redo a Skin from scratch, to offer a clean version of my Skin. Thanks to FM Base22 from michaeltmurrayuk, I was able to do it neatly.


The Home page (95% zoom is recommended) is modular at the level of the last 3 columns (vertically)
The Tactics page, with the pie chart of ease at the station included, with an animation that displays the player's head then the back of his jersey
The Player page, with a lot of information available (see the corresponding image for more details)
The Club page, with a lot of useful information (see the corresponding image for more details)
Instant result button included (the one before the match)
And also available in the Skin, the percentage for physical condition and form, as well as jadedness (To find out if your player can go through matches, physically and mentally)


Workshop Link :


Those who inspired me for the creation of this Skin. Thanks to them for their work:
- Kojuro Skin
- FME skin by Zealand
- AlexMorak FM22 Skin
- FLAYUS skin 22
- Flut Skin
- Instant Result Skin by bluestillidie00
- michaeltmurrayuk for FM22 Base Skin

15 years ago
3 months ago

Really nice skin.

Is it possible to make the skin-pic part smaller? 

8 years ago
6 months ago
By SaibotNilsson 14 December 2021 - 17:50 PM UTC 

Really nice skin.

Is it possible to make the skin-pic part smaller? 

skin-pic ?


3 years ago
8 months ago

va bene per risoluzione bassa?








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