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Can all Premium member users having issues with slow download speeds use this thread to post your issues


NB State clearly what file the issue is with and post an image or full details of the exact server you used so the site Admin can address any issues quickly


You need to also state what browser you are using and if you are also using any Download Accelerator/Apps to manage Downloads.


Tips to try to resolve the issue
1.Try a different browser 

2.Try using incognito mode or similar options for your browser- as sometimes this resolves throttling issues

3.Try a Download Manager I use a free one 

4.Try Downloading a different file from here

5.Try a download from another site

6.Run a Speed test


If still getting issues post in this thread and state what you have tried to resolve the issue users need to tag the site Admin into your posts and do so correctly eg @Footygamer if it isnt showing up in blue like this you haven't tagged him correctly😉

Please be aware the site Admin is based in Australia and so be patient until he replies as he is the only person who can assist with the issue if it is server related



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