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17 years ago
1 day ago

We've just added a new section to the site allowing you to easily upload and track the results you get with downloaded tactics


Whenever you download a tactic you'll now be notified (on Saturday mornings) to login and share the results you got with that tactic.


It's super easy all you have to do is tell us who you managed, how many games you won, drew and lost and how many goals and conceded. Our online tool will then work out your win percentage and points, goals for and goals against per game and add your results to our tactic testing table , where others can see it and use it to help choosing a tactic.


I hope people will use this feature and contribute to our database of human tactic tests.


If you love tactics and would like to get more involved we have a number of new projects in the pipeline that really need help and support from enthusiastic fans of FM, just send me a PM

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