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AFC Ajax Amsterdam - Cave With Diamond's

Season 2021-2022


In this topic below you will be able to follow my career as a multiple Dutch champion.
The career will be based on the latest and final version of the game base, marked with the number 22.4.
The game is also based on the latest expansion from Riddler (Michael Itner) with all available leagues in the world, also marked with the final number 22.4.
In the game I will try to use the second squad and the U-18 nursery, which is rich in great players, at the same time trying to introduce them to the first team, outplay and, if possible, sell them profitably.
I will also try to buy interesting, young players for the club, but not spending large amounts of money on such players.


Immediately after taking power in the club, I decided to complete the training, scouting and medical staff of the first team, the Jong Ajax and U-18 teams.

This is the first team's training staff for the 21-22 season.
Joined the staff are Silvino Louro and Emiliano Alvarez as goalkeeping coaches, Anthony Colbert as a strength coach and club icon and legend Dennis Bergkamp, Raul Jose and Roberto Baronio as first team coaches.

This is what the Ajax medical staff looks like for the 2021-2022 season.

Gianluca Scolaro and Maurizio Delfini joined the medical staff.

This is how the team of scouting and transfers in the 2021-2022 season looks like.
Marcel Brands has joined the club as the Sports Director, with a past in Everton or PSV.

Another big legend and icon to come to the club and take the reins as U-18 team manager is Marco Van Basten and John Heitinga as manager Jong Ajax.

We also played a few sparring and control matches before the season.
Very good form of Gravenberch, Blind, Tadić, Brobbey and Antony and Timber.
However, a few things are worrying:
- Every first half of the game we go like a storm, we dominate the opponent, pressing on his half and score a few goals, while in the second half a completely different team appears, which is most often dominated by the opponent and gives him the game.
- I am also a bit worried about the not equal form of my team's goalkeepers, that is Stekelenburg and Onana.

The first team from Jong Ajax and U-18 has been joined by the most distinguished players who will be given a chance to play and they are:
- Liam Van Gelderen
- Youri Regeer
- Olivier Aertsen
- Stanis Idumbo Muzambo
- Gabriël Misehouy
- Ar'jany Martha
- Amourricho van Axel Dongen
- David Kalokoh

I also strengthened the left side of the defense, they get for € 7.5m from Julián Aude's from Lanus who can also play as a swing.


This is also what my original tactic looks like, which I have successfully played in my other careers Ślask Wroclaw and Newcastle United and the basic 11.

This topic will be updated, so I invite you to comment and like this topic, and if you have any questions about this career, go ahead - ask, I will try to answer you as much as possible.


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Here is some new information about my Ajax career.
The preparations for the 21-22 season themselves went smoothly and without major problems.
The most important assumptions of these preparations were teamwork and practicing several variants of the game when it comes to the stages of the game in defense and in attack.
After the preparations, it was the turn of the league and European Cups.
We had no equal in the league itself, we turned out to be the best team in terms of points scored, goals scored, goals lost.
The league's best player was Dusan Tadić, who scored 25 goals and 16 assists, Bryan Brobbey became the top scorer with 27 goals and Sebastian Haller scored 26, which resulted in a transfer to Manchester City.

If we are talking about cups, in the Champions League we left the group in 2nd place, which meant that in the next round we met Liverpool FC, who showed us the school of football, beating us 5: 1 on aggregate.
When it comes to attack, there were no problems with that, as the first half of the game was constantly pushing and pressing the opponent to make a mistake, so in the second half a completely different team appeared on the pitch, such as football DrJeckyll and Mr Hyde - getting lost, unable to to suppress the opponent to the end, only giving the opponent the opportunity to show off, I can safely say there were 80% of games this season.
I do not know what it was caused by, whether it was a mental or performance deficiency that the players fell after 45 minutes, at least it irritates me a lot.
I will have to sit down on it and maybe remodel a little in the staff and put more emphasis on strength training, but I will also have to hire a very good trainer with a high mentality factor.

Season 22-23, which is around the corner, I decided that it will be a little different - many players will leave, basically all 11 players except Blind, Gravenberch, Tadić can leave the club if a satisfactory offer appears.
After the season, Ajax leaves Onana and Stekelenburg, who will provide Newcastle with a free transfer.
Antony has a strong interest in Chelsea and Real Madrid, and Haller has City propositions as you read at the beginning.
As I announced, the gifted from the second squad and the U-18s will get a chance and that's how Missehouy benefited the most.
Time for a break before the 22-23 season, thoughtful transfer moves (€ 55 million for transfers to the club) and another defense of the championship in the Netherlands.


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