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3 years ago
3 weeks ago

Ok, first off, I am aware that there is something in the FAQ's about bypassing the verification, but if I do that, any changes that I have made regarding colours don't show. For example, a teams home and away kits will just be black, despite the editor saying otherwise.


Anyway, I have expanded a database (Canada) to go all the way down to college leagues. All competitions have been tested in the editor for 10 years and no errors show. However, when it comes to verification, if I select “all”, verification fails on the first tier saying there is an error with a tier 6 cup competition. This happens for the top 5 tiers. If I choose to verify the tiers individually, I am able to verify tiers 5,6 and 7. Tier 8 however, gives the same error, but with a different competition (a tier 7 cup). Is there anything I can do to get this file verified properly?

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