1. Added swedish lower divisions. Now playable to tier 7 (added div 3, 4 and 5 as playable). Tiers 8 to 10 added as non active feeder divisions.
    That means ALL teams who participated in any form of swedish league fixtures in 2021 is added to the game.

  2. Swedish Cup is tweaked, now in knock-out format and all playable teams from tier 7 to tier 1 participate.

  3. Added “DM”, the regional football districts own championships that is being held each season.

    Creators: mustikka, raca14 and Sebban - we are on Steam if you rather would subscribe to the file and we are working on a database with all the tiers playable.
Kalle Kutt
3 years ago
2 weeks ago

For some reason I am struggling with opening the file into FME. It doesn't load at all, in the end.

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