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The release date for Football Manager 2023 has been announced and it's roughly the same as last year at November 8th (last year it was November 9th).


Like last year we expect there to be a BETA. 2 weeks earlier will be October 25th, but last year the BETA came out even earlier than 2 weeks before full release on October 21st, so fingers crossed that happens again.


SI have released a teaser trailer although it doesn't show anything about the game other than the release date.


Oh except…


FM23 will have licenses for European Competitions

Licenses for European competitions such as Champions League and Europa League feature throughout the trailer suggesting SI have the licenses for these this year. 


That's all we know so far.



The video includes the following facts about FM22:

  • 402,285,224 matches were played
  • 1,160,407 games finished 9-0
  • 12,157,768 cups were lifted
  • 76,576 people won the Bundesliga
  • 927,013 unbeaten seasons were achieved
  • And finally Haaland was the top goal scorer in FM22

Those numbers don't actually seem that crazy, for example that's 33 matches per trophy, Sir Alex Ferguson won one every 39 games for Man Utd and Pep Guardiola won one every 24 games (as of May 2021). Although presumably that means not many people are languishing in mid table in their saves.


Kane being in the top scorers list despite starting the game aged 28 suggests not many people are getting past 3 or 4 seasons (and probably playing in England alot!).


900,000 unbeaten seasons seems absurd with only 12 million cup wins. You'd assume that if they they went unbeaten they'd win at least 3 or 4 trophies, amounting to 25-30% of the total cups won. Or maybe it only refers to leagues, we'll probably never find out.


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The FM23 beta is releasing today – it should be live in the next few hours.

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