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This database contains:


QNB Stars League
Qatargas League
Emir of Qatar Cup
Ooredoo Cup
Sheikh Jassim Cup
Qatar Crown Prince Cup
Qatari FA Cup
Reserve League
Qatar U19 League


Added prize money, TV Rights money, foreign players rules, there is no relegation from Qatargas League like in real life.


Emir of Qatar Cup - main cup for all teams


Ooredoo Cup - cup for teams in QNB Stars League


Sheikh Jassim Cup - super cup between winners of QNB Stars League and Emir of Qatar Cup


Qatar Crown Prince Cup - cup for 1-4 teams in QNB Stars League


Qatari FA Cup - cup for 5-12 teams from QNB Stars League and all teams from Qatargas League


Qatar U19 League - format based on reality, all playable teams have team there + added ASPIRE Academy into the league


Everything was tested, I simulated 6 years and everything works perfectly.
If you like the database you can look into my workshop for some other nations or giving it a like.


You can find it on steam here:

Whole collection of realistic database you can find here:

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