14 years ago
12 hours ago

Like me, if any of you are are suffering from save game errors, this is worth checking. With FM23 I was getting a regular error message saying the game could not be saved. Being the beta version I make a save after every match but it was still annoying to lose any progress, so I decided to investigate. With every new edition of FM I select my save folder from the preferences. which I put on the same drive as the game itself. In previous editions of FM, games and matches were saved automatically to my chosen folder but for some reason FM23 was saving game and match files exclusively to the user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023 folder on the Windows drive, instead of transferring them to my folder on the selected drive. This seemed to cause a communication issue, as when I cut and pasted the game and match folders to my preferred folder, the problem was solved.

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