Hi, everybody. My name is Ignacio, or falsobohemio in Twitter. I apologise for my English, I am from Argentina. I made this megapack with a lot of love, and hard-work. Rules in most of cases are not 100% real, and it is on purpose. First, there are a lot of great creators of content with realism megapacks that are INCREDIBLES. That´s why I did it my own way with my rules and some things that are the ones that I want to play. I hope you enjoy my work!


What it is included?

Argentina (format that I would like): This is basically the way I see the Argentinean structure. Massive relegations that suddenly trigger a 20-team first division, a 20-team B Nacional and the creation of a 22-team second national division. At the same time, the Argentino A and the B Metropolitana remain as fourth categories with 20 ideal teams in each one. Argentino B is divided into 5 regions and Argentino C into almost 15. Super regionalization and a vibrant format with a group stage first and then a league proper. Compatible with all Argentina (5 divisions): Format that eliminates the metropolitan and Interior division. First Division of 20 teams, a second of 20 and then four geographic federal divisions, to move on to 8 regional divisions and as a last category the provincial divisions. At the same time, 5 regions of Argentina have regional cups that give quotas to the Sudamericana.


Intercontinental Cup: cup played between the champion of the Libertadores and the champion of the Champions League in a round-robin game as it was played in the 70's.


Club World Cup with playoff: Now the Club World Cup consists of two parts, in July the runners-up of the most important titles at continental level together with the champions of the second and third order cups play a tournament to see which two teams will join the six continental champions in the Club World Cup to be played in December. Both tournaments are held in the Americas.



Bolivia (3 divisions). Three divisions of Bolivian soccer to test the effects of altitude on the game. Long tournament in first division


Chile (5 divisions).  Five Chilean divisions with all playable teams in the game.


Colombia (4 divisions). Fixed the player registration fix, four divisions of Colombian soccer where there are no more quadrangular formats and those weird things, 38 dates and then some more.


Ecuador (3 divisions). Long tournament format to fully enjoy Ecuadorian soccer, nowadays the third in quality in South America.


Brazil (5 divisions). 5 divisions of Brazilian soccer with a mega-tournament like Serie E that gives places to Serie D, there are state tournaments.


Paraguay (4 divisions). Increases the number of teams in the Paraguayan first division to 20. 4 divisions, long tournament and all more professional.


Peru (3 divisions). Long tournament format and Copa Peru with all playable teams.


Uruguay (4 divisions). Unified the Interior system together with Montevideo in 4 divisions with quotas in Libertadores for the champion of the Uruguay Cup and for the champion of the National Cup (for teams that are NOT from Montevideo). No more Opening, Closing or Intermediate, only long tournament of 38 dates.


Venezuela (3 divisions). 3 divisions to fully enjoy Venezuelan soccer and give it the glory it never had.



Albania (4 divisions). Almost real format 

Germany (16 divisions). Almost 2000 playable German clubs, with a playable DFB Pokal for absolutely everyone, . Patch madness to play in extreme mud.

Germany (8 divisions): using the real Bundesliga base, activate deep promotion and all divisions of German soccer.

Andorra (2 divisions). Almost real format. 

France (9 divisions). 

Armenia (2 divisions): almost real format. 

Austria (9 divisions). With the real base, we make playable all the promotion with a simplified system so you can play even with Heidi of 9. 

Azerbaijan (2 divisions). Almost real format 

Belgium (6 divisions). New format for Belgian soccer. 

Spain (7 divisions). Simplified but makes all 1228 Spanish DB teams playable. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina (3 divisions). 3 divisions of regionalized Bosnian soccer. 

Bulgaria (4 divisions). Activate Bulgarian deep promotion with 4 divisions. 

Cyprus (3 divisions). As real as possible 

Crimea (1 division). Yes, Crimean soccer exists 

Croatia (5 divisions). We activate the Croatian deep rise with 5 playable divisions. 

Denmark (6 divisions). Six Danish divisions with the Nuuk B67 (Greenland) included in the pack. 

Scotland (7 divisions). You can even play with the Loch Ness Monster F.C. in this Scottish patch. 

Slovakia (3 divisions) 

Slovenia (4 divisions) 

Estonia (3 divisions). Real format 

Finland (5 divisions).  

Wales (5 divisions) 

Georgia (5 divisions) 

Gibraltar (1 division)  

Greece (7 divisions). The Greek promotion as you have never seen it before, with 2100 playable teams in the D.B from all Greek islands and cities. 

Hungary (4 divisions). Activate the magyar deep promotion. 

Ireland (7 divisions). All playable Irish teams in DB.
Northern Ireland (10 divisions). Is there anything more amateur and FM than playing in the 8th division of Northern Ireland? 

Iceland (5 divisions). All Icelandic promotion in the patch. 

Faroe Islands (4 divisions). 

Netherlands (9 divisions). All the Dutch mud in the patch, where the names of the divisions I'm having a hard time putting in. 

Kazakhstan (2 divisions) 

Kosovo (3 divisions) 

Latvia (3 divisions) 

Liechtenstein (1 division). I made a new Liechtensteinian patch where the principality now has its own league, the continental classification is not tested, but it should not crash with the Swiss structures. If you test it, let me know 

Lithuania (2 divisions) 

Luxembourg (3 divisions) 

North Macedonia (4 divisions) 

Malta (4 divisions). Includes the island of Gozo and its pyramid. 

Moldova (3 divisions). The Moldovan promotion has one of the weirdest formats of the patches and the worst thing is that it is based on the real one. 

Montenegro (2 divisions) 

Norway (6 divisions) 

Portugal (7 divisions). 1200 playable Portuguese teams, in 7 divisions, to get from a Lisbon dump to beat Porto at Dragao.  

Poland (5 divisions) 

Czech Republic (5 divisions) 

Romania (5 divisions) 

Russia (5 divisions). ALL RUSSIAN PROMOTION 

San Marino (1 division) 

Serbia (5 divisions) 

Sweden (8 divisions) 

Switzerland (6 divisions) 

Ukraine (7 divisions)


Afghanistan (2 divisions). Fictitious format 

Saudi Arabia (4 divisions): almost real format to enjoy the petrodollars. 

Australia (6 divisions): dissolution of the A-League, 20 teams, no drafts, no weird stuff and a deep promotion for Kangaroo soccer.  

Bangladesh (2 divisions). Almost real format 

Bahrain (2 divisions). Almost real format 

Brunei (3 divisions). Fictitious because the real one is a closed league. 

Bhutan (3 divisions). Fictitious 

Cambodia (3 divisions). Fictitious 

China (4 divisions). Activate the Chinese deep rise with this structure. 

North Korea (3 divisions). I tried to make it real but what a lack of information there is. 

South Korea (5 divisions). 5 South Korean divisions, university and school championships. 

United Arab Emirates (4 divisions). Fictitious format 

Philippines (2 divisions). Fictitious 

India (4 divisions). We eliminate the existence of the I League and put all the Indian teams together in a single pyramid. 

Indonesia (4 divisions) 

Iraq (2 divisions). Two Iraqi divisions and in addition the Kurdistan league and cup are played. 

Northern Mariana Islands (3 divisions). 

Japan (8 divisions). All Japanese soccer playable in the game, with university and school championships included, ideal to play for hours and hours. 

Jordan (3 divisions) 

Kyrgyzstan (3 divisions) 

Kuwait (2 divisions) 

Laos (3 divisions) 

Lebanon (3 divisions) 

Macao (3 divisions) 

Malaysia (4 divisions). Activate the Malaysian promotion 

Maldives (3 divisions) 

Mongolia (2 divisions) 

Myanmar (3 divisions) 

Pakistan (2 divisions) 

Palestine (3 divisions). They are two patches, in one the West Bank league is separated from the Gaza league, in the other one everything is unified. 

Qatar (2 divisions) 

Singapore (5 divisions) 

Syria (3 divisions) 

Sri Lanka (2 divisions) 

Thailand (5 divisions) 

Taiwan (3 divisions) 

Tajikistan (2 divisions) 

East Timor (2 divisions) 

Turkmenistan (3 divisions) 

Uzbekistan (3 divisions) 

Vietnam (4 divisions) 

Yemen (2 divisions) 



Angola (2 divisions). Regionalized 

Algeria (4 divisions): fictitious format. 

Benin (1 division). From Benin I have to say that it is one of my first favorite divisions with 44 teams !!!!! 

Botswana (2 divisions). Fictiitiois Faso (4 divisions).

Burundi (2 divisions). Fictitious 

Cape Verde (1 division). Another great format with 11 island championships leading to a national championship. 

Cameroon (2 divisions). 

Chad (2 divisions). 

Comoros (1 division). 3 island championships leading to a triangular final. 

Congo (2 divisions) 

Ivory Coast (2 divisions) 

Egypt (4 divisions). Fictitious format 

Eritrea (1 division) 

Ethiopia (2 divisions). Fictitious 

Gabon (1 division) 

Gambia (3 divisions) 

Ghana (2 divisions) 

Guinea (2 divisions) 

Guinea Bissau (2 divisions) 

Equatorial Guinea (1 division). Two parallel championships: island and continental with qualification to a general league to determine the champion. 

Kenya (2 divisions) 

Lesotho (2 divisions) 

Liberia (3 divisions) 

Libya (1 division) 

Madagascar (2 divisions) 

Malawi (2 divisions)
Mali (1 division)
Morocco (4 divisions)
Mauritania (2 divisions)
Mauritius (2 divisions)
Mayotte (2 divisions)
Mozambique (2 divisions)
Namibia (2 divisions)
Niger (2 divisions)
Nigeria (4 divisions)
D.R.Congo (3 divisions)
Central African Republic (2 divisions)
Reunion (2 divisions)
Rwanda (2 divisions)
Sao Tome and Principe (1 division). 1 championship per island with national final
Senegal (3 divisions)
Seychelles (2 divisions)
Sierra Leone (2 divisions)
Somalia (2 divisions)
Swaziland (2 divisions)
Sudan (1 division)
South Africa (4 divisions)
South Sudan (1 division)
Tanzania (2 divisions)
Togo (2 divisions)
Tunisia (2 divisions). Group format
Uganda (1 division)
Zambia (2 divisions)
Zanzibar (1 division)
Zimbabwe (2 divisions) 



Anguilla (1 division): ideal to appear in AlterFootball and manage Aedan Scifio
Antigua and Barbuda (3 divisions): real format
Aruba (2 divisions): fictitious format.
Bahamas (2 divisions). Real format
Barbados (3 divisions). Almost real
United States (7 divisions). New MLS format, without drafts, with promotion and relegation, no salary cap or weird stuff. 
Mexico (9 divisions). Promotions and relegations return to Mexican soccer with 9 playable divisions. 
Belize (1 division). Real format with opening and closing
Bermuda (2 divisions). Almost real format
Bonaire (1 division)
Costa Rica (2 divisions). With opening and closing
Cuba (1 division). Opening and closing
Curaçao (3 divisions)
Dominica (1 division)
El Salvador (2 divisions). Opening and closing.
Grenada (2 divisions)
Guadeloupe (2 divisions)
Guatemala (2 divisions). Almost real format
French Guiana (1 division)
Guyana (1 division)
Haiti (2 divisions)
Honduras (3 divisions). Near-real format
Cayman Islands (2 divisions)
Turks and Caicos Islands (1 division). With opening and closing
British Virgin Islands (1 division).
U.S. Virgin Islands (1 division)
Jamaica (4 divisions). More than 100 Jamaican clubs to choose from as many as you want.
Martinique (2 divisions)
Montserrat (1 division)
Panama (2 divisions)
Puerto Rico (3 divisions)
Dominican Republic (2 divisions - not communicated)
St. Barthelemy (1 division)
St. Kitts and Nevis (2 divisions)
St. Martin (1 division)
St. Vincent and the Grenadines (3 divisions)
St. Lucia (2 divisions)
Sint Maarten (1 division)
Suriname (4 divisions)
Trinidad and Tobago (3 divisions) 



New Zealand (3 divisions). Format as realistic as possible, regionalized, without foreign quota to play with Waiheke United.
Fiji (1 division)
Cook Islands (1 division)
Solomon Islands (5 divisions). Fictitious format with unified island
Kiribati (1 division). Don't fuck with me, nobody is going to use this one.
Micronesia (1 division). Pohnpei and Yap unified.
New Caledonia (3 divisions)
Papua New Guinea (2 divisions)
Samoa (1 division)
American Samoa (1 division)
Tahiti (2 divisions)
Tuvalu (1 division)
Vanuatu (2 divisions). First division of 80 teams replicating something similar to the real structure.

I want to thank you all for the support for my edits, it's crazy that this came out in only 4 days. Now I'm going to take some time to play, test and upload my games and in a few days I will upload the cup pack and the regionalized pack. Thank you all very much and I hope you enjoy it.

17 years ago
13 minutes ago
Ciaran Lynch 2
1 year ago
1 year ago

How do i put this into my game were abouts does it go to work

10 years ago
9 months ago
By Ciaran Lynch 2 17 November 2022 - 18:46 PM UTC 

How do i put this into my game were abouts does it go to work


Inside editor data

Yuto Nagatomo
3 years ago
2 months ago
By Footygamer 17 November 2022 - 13:00 PM UTC 

Awesome work!

Hey mate can you check your pm please i asked you something about sharing a pack


Dino Kestic
11 years ago
6 months ago

Just paste into “editor data” folder? Or some folder inside editor data ?

2 years ago
48 minutes ago

Any English lower leagues?

14 years ago
1 month ago

HI Ignacio. Thank for your hardworks. Can you make Serie E in Italy Division? 

9 years ago
1 year ago



I have a problem with Spain, there should be 7 teams qualified for the European leagues, but it's showing that only 3 teams will quaily (check images)…
Is there any problem in the database or is it normal and after the end of the season it'll be fixed?


Thanks for respond

3 years ago
7 months ago

hi I have put the Japanese league there but I cannot see any Japanese players and also I cant see “ stadium and facility ” in club overview 

Jhon AF
4 years ago
2 hours ago
By icedgate 25 November 2022 - 21:24 PM UTC 

hi I have put the Japanese league there but I cannot see any Japanese players and also I cant see “ stadium and facility ” in club overview 


I am also interested in the Japanese league but it still works out for me

1 year ago
2 weeks ago

Hi Ignacio - I've done a video on this megapack for the SortitoutSI youtube channel.

Great work!


robmoore_396 2
17 years ago
1 week ago

Excellent work

13 years ago
3 months ago

in denmark you dont get invited to the cup for some reason..? Cup is working fine, but chosen team to manage do not get to participate in it

2 years ago
2 months ago

league indonesia not working 😢


10 years ago
4 months ago

Excellent! Congratz for Russia work, but just tell me does the Russian clubs participate to UEFA Competition even if banned by SI? 

2 years ago
2 months ago
2 years ago
6 months ago

for iceland, all main teams don't have youth teams(u19), main team and corresponding u19 team get wrong relationships. can u fix it anyway


1 year ago
1 year ago

Why doesn't it work on mac


1 year ago
1 year ago

i can't open fm23 now


1 year ago
1 year ago

there is fmf behind it 


6 years ago
2 hours ago
11 months ago
1 week ago

Got the same problem with Spain, that only 3 teams qualify for the european leagues and not 7 as usually. Does anyone have a solution?

13 years ago
1 week ago

i think martinique is wrong. 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss? never heard about that before.

Johnny Heinonen
4 years ago
3 days ago

Hey man thanks for all the work you have done! 
Swedish leagues wasnt able to pick, is it not compatible with my own edited files maybe? Also a lot of teams where in the wrong division level (pretty important) so I tried to move around some teams, tested the rules and still it didnt work.


Any ideas? 

Samkelo Vilakazi
1 year ago
2 months ago

Hi, when I load the nations in the Database I use the "football manager 2023" database Which is the default. After doing so I can't Quick Start or Use Advanced Setup. Basically I cannot play. How do I fix it. I can't use the Updated Database either because it talks about verifications and testing and I Don't know how to do all that

13 years ago
1 week ago

So Martinique (or any other player from there) isn't considered as EU, as the Coupe de France says it should. Basically means I have no team available for Coupe de France…

6 years ago
3 weeks ago

Where is Belarus?

7 years ago
10 hours ago

Is this compatable with the 23.4 update?

9 years ago
2 hours ago

Do you have the version that plays the leagues in the USA without changing the rules?

13 years ago
1 week ago

Thank you very much for this. Will you make it also for the latest (23.4) update, or is there any available version for latest update?

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