Finnish kits made with FM Kit Creator. Includes both SS and 3D version.

Kits from Finnish Premier League, 1. Division, 2. Division and also some 3. or lower divisions.

All kits should be from summer (season) 2022.


Some away kits are missing, because there are no photos available.


Still WIP.


12.12.22 kit pack updated.


Added a few teams like Åbo IFK (from Turku), Kultsu (from Joutseno) and RPS Lions (from Ruokolahti).


!!! If there are some problems, they can be caused by kits made for a mod (not in official FM). Remove that folder - Mod Teams' Kits.


Still WIP.


07.01.23 updated.


A few more kits from Savo - Elo, KJK, AC Barca,…

With team LuPo you have to add a home kit for it (with Editor), or it won't show up. Or wait SI to do something or a MOD…


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Thanks a lot .

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