I've replicated the IRL format down to kick-off times and stadia as best as possible. If you spot anything that looks off let me know.


South Africa almost always host the COSAFA Cup here, rotating between different cities. Also includes:

  • CECAFA Cup
  • Indian Ocean Island Games, African Games, and Francophone Games
  • WAFU Nations Cup
  • COSAFA U-20 Cup and CECAFA U-20 Cup



TMC megapack (Please rate on Steam if you are enjoying the databases - or not!) 


For int'l jobs to be available, load (at least) all international players from southern and Eastern Africa (and Maldives and Sudan), and for the WAFU 'B' teams you can consider adding players from top clubs or higher in west Africa.


This covers everything in Africa except the NAFU and UNIFFAC U-20 Cups, but those are played as part of AFCON U20 qualifying IRL (the game uses a different format). Might rebuild that after the last official update once I see what SI does with it (if anything).

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