Hi everyone, today i'm sharing with you my very first custom update for FM23. My main objective with that update was to keep “perfect” competition formats for the World Cup and continental championships, get back the Confederations Cup and get rid of both Nations Leagues. I then realized what i was aiming for was basically getting the international competitions as what they were ~15 years ago.



  • Confederations Cup (hold every 4 years, the year before WC)
  • Asian Challenge Cup (+qualifiers - hold every 2 years)
  • Caribbean Cup (hold every 2 years, used as Gold Cup qualifiers)
  • UNCAF Nations Cup (hold every 2 years, used as Gold Cup qualifiers)



  • World Cup : 32-teams format (13 from Europe, 5 from Africa, 4.5 from Asia, 3.5 from North America, 4.5 from South America, 0.5 from Oceania, 1 extra spot for the host nation. Qualifiers formats based on either 2010 or 2014 WC qualifiers)
    • Europe qualifiers : 10 groups - winners qualified for WC, 6 best runners-up in play-offs for the 3 remaining spots
    • Africa qualifiers : a single preliminary play-off round, then 10 groups of 4. Group winners go to play-offs to get one of the 5 spots
    • Asia qualifiers : 2 preliminary play-off rounds, then 2 groups rounds. winners and runners-up of each group in the last round go to World Cup, both 3rd in a play-off to get a spot in intercontinental play-offs.
    • South America qualifiers : 10-teams league. Top 4 qualified for the WC, 5th team in intercontinental play-off
    • North America qualifiers : 2 preliminary play-offs, then groups round. Winners and runners-up go to the final round : a league where top 3 is send to WC while 4th team is send to intercontinental play-offs.
    • Oceania qualifiers : 4-teams league involving semi-finalists of the last OFC Nations Cup. Winner to intercontinental play-off.
    • Intercontinental play-offs : 2 spots - #4 North America vs. #5 South America and #5 Asia vs. #1 Oceania
  • European Championship : 16-Teams format. Qualifiers are either Euro 2004 format (1 host) or Euro 2008 format (2 hosts)
  • African Cup of Nations : 16-Teams format. Hold every two years on odd year. Winners and runners-up + best 3rd of qualifying groups qualified
  • Asian Cup : 16-Teams format. Title holder and winner + runner-up of last Challenge Cup automatically qualify. 24 best remaining teams in qualifiers for the 12 remaining posts in seven 4-teams groups.
  • Copa America : 12-teams in a 3-groups format. 2 best CONCACAF teams (excluding USA and Canada) get an invitation.
  • Gold Cup : 12-teams in a 3-groups format. USA, Canada and Mexico automatically qualified. Caribbean Cup Top 4 and UNCAF Nations Cup Top 5 also qualified. Either hold in june just before Copa America, or in july just after Confederations Cup.



  • UEFA Nations League
  • CONCACAF Nations League
  • AFC Solidarity Cup (basically replaced by Challenge Cup)
  • Clubs World Cup (conflicting with Confederations Cup)


All other competitions (African Nations Championship, regional asian cups, Pacific Games…) remain the same.



  • Unfortunately, i cannot found a way to get the Confederations Cup held in the next WC host nation. For now, it is randomly hold in an involving country. If anyone knows how to do it in the editor, i would be very thankful !
  • First plan for the asian qualifiers was to qualify the 2 last winners of the Challenge Cup, instead of winner and runner-up of the last one. Having some struggle with the editor, i had to change it. Still hoping to make it work in a future version.
  • Would also like to bring back the Clubs World Cup (in his 7-teams format, hold in january or february to avoid conflict with Confederations Cup)
  • You may encounter teams like Northern Mariana Islands, La RĂ©union or Martinique in the preliminary round of Asia/Africa/North America WC qualifiers, when the WC host is from those continents. They are there just to fill the empty spot.
  • You'll encounter a longer loading on the 26th january on WC years when the next European Championship got 2 hosts. It takes about 5 minutes on my old laptop, don't worry your game hasn't crash !
  • Any feedback (bugs, suggestions…) is welcomed !


Also available on Steam Workshop : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2931621419


Edit 12/02/2023 : Fix 2022 World Cup not happening. Now it does.


Edit 02/03/2023 : Fix Euro qualifiers dates. Gold Cup ÂĽ finales should have less huge scores (i.e. Mexico or USA winning by 7+ goals against a group stage 3rd)

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are you planning to make files based on 24 or 16 team world cups?

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By bosco8179 16 February 2023 - 05:45 AM UTC 


are you planning to make files based on 24 or 16 team world cups?


Hi mate. Sorry, not planning on this.

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