cro-update v2.0

Croatian Lower Leagues

Full Pyramid, 9 tiers 

spacer.png is the biggest Football Manager Fansite from Croatia. The main product of our community is an update for Croatian Lower Leagues - known as cro-update. We (or they) have been doing this for too long (almost 20 years). First cro-update has been released even before I (as a current admin) joined the community.


What's in the update?

✔ 674 new clubs, 609 new cities/villages, 506 new stadiums, 123 new competitions

✔ Complete Football Pyramid (9 tiers)

✔ County Cup Competitions

✔ Main cup with national cup coefficient system

✔ Changes coming from 2024/25 season included

✔ Working with 23.3.0 database



Before downloading the cro-update add-on, we want to remind you that this add-on is owned by the Cro-Manager community and the creator of the add-on. Therefore, we ask you not to copy the add-on and upload it to other services. You are free to share the existing download link and/or the link to this article on the Cro-Manager website.


More information

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If you like our work, consider supporting us financially. cro-update isn’t the only add-on we’ve created, and we have plans for even more in the future. That’s why we’ve opened a Patreon for anyone who wants to support us. The best of Cro-Manager is yet to come.

15 years ago
1 day ago

tested for few season…???

Kalle Kutt
4 years ago
2 weeks ago

Tried to validate the rules so I could use it for the latest update, but, I can't validate Peta nogometna liga. I had no issues with the other 8 though.

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