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This week we’ve finally launched V1 of Football Manager TV (FMTV). FMTV is designed to make it easier to find Football Manager content on Youtube. On the FMTV app you can find content organised by key topics such as player recommendations and wonderkids, installation tutorials, experiments, tactic tests and more.


On top of that it’s super easy to discover and follow people’s careers. On the careers section of FMTV you can quickly see a list of video series from Youtube tagged by which team, league and nation they’re managing in.


I’ve got big hopes for FMTV, the amount of great FM content on Youtube has exploded in recent years, but it’s sometimes hard to find. You’ve probably missed some awesome guides to setting up free kicks, mentoring your players or making money because they’re lost within the sea of Let’s Play Careers. The idea behind FMTV is to make it easier to find this content by filtering out the noise by helpfully categorising every video and organising them all within a super simple interface.


That takes alot of work though, there are tons of videos every single day. That’s why we’ve made it really quick and easy for creators themselves to tag their videos and make them easier to discover. If you’re an FM creator you can click here to add your channel and then after each video is published it takes 5 seconds to quickly assign it to the relevant topics.


If you’re not a creator but just love watching Football Manager content on YouTube you might be interested in helping out as a moderator. It takes just a few minutes each day to approve and tag any new videos, if you think you could help out, please get in touch and apply for a moderator role at sortitoutsi.


This is just V1 and it’s definitely not perfect. I’m keen to add more features and make the UI easier to navigate. If you have suggestions on how it can be improved please leave a comment, i’d be all ears.


Thanks for taking the time to read about FMTV, now please go and check it out and check back everyday to watch it evolve.



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3 months ago

This is fantastic. It's very easy to navigate.

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