Here's a complete list of all the league expansions that are available for Football Manager 2023. The latest version is 23.4. These files let you make more leagues playable in FM23.


I need help keeping this list up to date, if you would like to help please help and if you appreciate my work, here is the link


This is a Multi Nation of Megapacks


Below is a list of megapacks containing expansions for multiple leagues and nations.


52 nations with realistic rules and structure




Australia (Division 2)

China (Division 3)

Hong Kong (Division 4)

India (Division 4)

Indonesia (Division 4)

Malaysia (Division 3)

Singapore (Division 4)

South Korea (Division 4)




South Africa (Division 4)




Austria (Division 6)

Belarus (Division 4)

Belgium (Division 6)

Bulgaria (Division 3)

Croatia (Division 3)

Czech Republic (Division 4)

Denmark (Division 5)

England (Division 12)

Finland (Division 3)

France (Division 5)

Germany (Division 4)

Greece (Division 3)

Holland (Division 5)

Hungary (Division 3)

Iceland (Division 3)

Ireland (Division 4)

Israel (Division 2)

Italy (Division 4)

Latvia (Division 3)

Northern Ireland (Division 4)

Norway (Division 5)

Poland (Division 4)

Portugal (Division 5)

Romania (Division 3)

Scotland (Division 5)

Serbia (Division 3)

Slovakia (Division 3)

Slovenia (Division 3)

Spain (Division 5)

Sweden (Division 5)

Switzerland (Division 5)

Turkey (Division 5)

Ukraine (Division 3)

Wales (Division 3)

North America


Canada (Division 2)

Mexico (Division 4) 

USA (Division 4)


South America

Argentina (Division 4)

Brazil (Division 4)

Chile (Division 4)

Colombia (Division 3)

Peru (Division 2)

Uruguay (Division 3)


To add Leagues Megapack By Ayush on FM23

Extract the contents of the .zip archive.

Move the .fmf files to:

documents/sports interactive/football manager 2023/editor data

Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

Open FM23 and start a new career. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the databases is selected.

I will soon start adding new leagues and transfer updates for the 23-24 season. So please if you appreciate my work make sure to donate at

Bielsa is a Legend
10 years ago
20 minutes ago

Interesting that this pack appears at the end of the season, is it all your own work?


asking for others……

10 years ago
8 hours ago

@Ayushman Good work. Where the editor allows, are the rules "realistic" or "real"? For example, in Mexico and the USA, are there promotions/relegations or not?

Elijah Akinsola
3 years ago
1 month ago

Hey man good work… can we get Nigerian league too?

Rotenda Tshivhula
3 years ago
3 months ago

does it work with other databases like the realism pack by dave?


Robin sunny
1 year ago
11 months ago

Broo,india is not loading.


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