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I put this together a few months ago and did a lot of research into the league including chatting to the chairman and players to get more accurate info. The database is far more accurate than the wiki page for the league (found here - and was lots of fun to put together

I've shot for realism but FM23 isn't really designed for “7 versus 11 in a playing field in front of 15 people" so I've had to make compromises. I haven't tested with any other databases so just use it in vanilla FM23 with the latest update.


I've added a zip with small and normal versions of the two club crests.

Tommy Hughes
10 years ago
4 hours ago

A league of only two teams? Very interesting. I'm already imagining what the pre-season board meeting might be like…

“This year we want to stay clear of relegation (there's no relegation) and be competitive in our challenge for the league championship. But second place would not be a disaster either. Good luck, we believe in you!” 🙂

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