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Risby Bundes
2 weeks ago
1 week ago

   I started career as Armenian manager Artem Trenertyan in fc Wehem. In first transfer window i tried to sell some players, especially wingers. cause in our team they all was weak for our level. I take some defenders for free too.

September matches

Our calendar was pretty easy in September. because of that we lost only once. 

After that we have really good streak for October and after couple matches in November we were on 1 place in the league. Our Australian striker Iredale was on fire , he scored nearly in all these matches.

After World cup  we started our unbeaten record streak, that could be ended in match versus Ingolstadt , when we comeback from 0:2 to 2:2 draw. 

We ended this streak only in April versus Verl. So, after that we became champions 

Didn’t think that it would be so fast, but for me its nothing, Wehrn is the only thing that really important  

And this is league table, Iredale wasn’t best goalscorer, but Kade, our midfielder, became best assistant. 

An this is Bundesliga 2 table 


That’s all for now, i wish this will have update in future 

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