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The Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup was played this year as the Lusail Super Cup between Al-Hilal and Zamalek to warm up the World Cup final stadium.


The Arab Club Champions Cup is also revived as the 2023 King Salman Cup, and continues next season in the same format.


The GCC Champions League hasn't been scheduled since cancelled editions in 2016 and 2017 - now that Qatar and its neighbours are on friendly(-ish) terms again, this revives the competition next year.


The African Football League is the proposed Super League, this starts it in October as planned.


This compliments my created leagues in Qatar, Saudi, and UAE. The GCC CL excludes active teams in the AFC and CAF tournaments and functions as a tertiary trophy in the vein of the Europa and Conference Leagues. Overlapping matchweeks with the ACL mean fixture pile-up is minimized.

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