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FM24 has been announced!


I know what you want to know most is… When is FM24 going to be released?


FM24 Release Date: November 6th

FM24 will be released on November 6th and if you pre order you'll get early access to a BETA version around October 23rd, although this date is liable to change.


FM24 Features

What new features does FM24 have? We're still waiting on details but here's “highlights” announced so far.


Smarter Transfers, Squad Building and Finance

Waiting for news on this one but I imagine the changes will be minor and not noticeable by the average player.


Introducing intermediaries & Offloading Players

Sounds like features around talking to players and having players talk to each other as well as the dynamics of telling a player he isn't wanted anymore.


Probably going to be a minor feature with the odd annoyance


Individual player targets & interaction logic

It's not clear if “player targets” refers to the ambitions of a player, or targeting a player to buy. Since it's coupled with interaction logic I would guess that means how logical players are about their own ambitions.


If it's improving interaction logic this should probably be considered more of a “bug fix” than a feature, but a necessary improvement nonetheless.


Truer Football Motion, Match Authenticity & Positional Play

“Truer” is lovely marketing speak which simply translates to being better than before. How much better? No one can say for sure. Given they're moving to Unity Engine soon i'd be shocked if much effort went into the old engine.


Set Pieces Refresh & Coaches Debut

Why isn't this the headline feature? The fact that it's an aside coupled with the coaches debut (What on earth is that talking about?) makes me think it's not going to be quite the revamp everyone is hoping for. But you never know.


FM24 Trailer

FM24 Screenshots

FM24 Minimum Specs

What are the minimum specs for running FM24?


FM24 Windows Requirements

Operating Systems (64-bit or 32-bit):

  • Windows 7 Support removed for FM24
  • Windows 8.1 Support removed for FM24
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11



  • Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64 X2



  •  4 GB RAM


Graphics Cards:

  • Intel GMA X4500
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
  • AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
  • 256MB VRAM
  • DirectX Version 11 or higher


Hard Drive Space:

  • 7 GB available space



  • 1024x768. Performance scales with higher-end systems.


FM24 MAC Requirements

Operating Systems (64-bit only):

  • macOS 11 or newer



  • Apple M1 or Intel Core M



  • 4 GB RAM


Graphics Cards:

  • Apple M1
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
  • 256MB VRAM and Metal


Hard Drive Space:

  • 7 GB available space
16 years ago
3 minutes ago

The fact that it's an aside coupled with the coaches debut (What on earth is that talking about?)


I would imagine it refers to them adding Set Piece Coaches into the game like some teams have (in the PL certainly)

Someone to help improve your Free Kick/Corner stats presumably

18 years ago
2 days ago

Ah that makes sense, I did not make that connection.


I was thinking of news items where coaches get their debut 😅


The fact that it's not called “New Set Piece Creator” and instead “New Dedicated Set Piece Coaches” is really dissapointing.

13 years ago
3 months ago

Game Pass day 1 is great! I will still buy it (have all of them on Steam starting with 2011), but later when it's on sale!

10 years ago
7 months ago

Given these features can't see myself moving off FM22 this year. Was hoping for some changes around tactics and training instead of what seems like general QoL updates.

16 years ago
5 months ago

To me the set piece revamp coupled w/ coach debut means they are adding dedicated set-piece coaches into the game.  Probably adding a set-piece designer as well…..one of the most asked for features for the past several years.  

But, as has been mentioned….might not be quite that ambitious, given how it is being marketed.  Will have to wait and see.


2 years ago
1 month ago

You sound completely underwhelmed. Which may be the right approach 😆

12 years ago
4 months ago

Will we be able to buy it from sortitoutsi?

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