No Work Permit's for new signings.



As far as my tests have gone, this is working for all nations EXCEPT:

  • Bosnia
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

There may be a couple of other nations that also do not work however they did not show up in tests. (around 2k of an 100k database came up as needing a work permit but all of the players I could see were from the above nations)


If you see any other nations it is not working for please shout but I know for some people this will be good enough instead of waiting longer for another one.



How to install:

  1. Download the file
  2. Put the downloaded file into \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\editor data (if the folder editor data doesn't exist, create it)
  3. Make sure to select the file when starting a new game
14 years ago
6 days ago

hi mate can you guide me on how to make a no work permit patch



10 years ago
5 days ago

I viewed this file in the editor and it looks like the issue is that those countries are still showing an EU start date of 1 July 2030.

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