This is a lighter FM22 version of the FM24 database:
FM24 Full Version


Main changes in FM22 version:

  • Promotions and relegations (for Serbia only)
  • level 3 Srpske lige (Vojvodina, Beograd, Istok, Zapad)
  • level 4 Zone (Vojvodina, Beograd, Istok, Zapad)
  • U19 level 2 Prve omladinske lige (Vojvodina, Beograd, Istok, Zapad)
  • Regional cups (Kup FS Vojvodine, Kup FS Beograda, Kup FSRIS, Kup FSRZS)
  • Awards
  • Finances
  • Merged Proleter into RFK Novi Sad
  • Created missing clubs and stadiums

-It is compatible with transfer updates, since I did not touch transfers.
-Not compatible with updates that change Serbia or add competitions and clubs with the same IDs
-If you use other promotion / relegation updates, make sure they don't edit Serbia, or remove those edits yourself for compatibility.

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